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Description of Altimeter Pro

Altimeter Pro is an advanced barometer altimeter.

It is usefull for outdoors activities like hiking, mountaineering, ski tour, mountain bike or air sports like aviation or paragliding.

The application is designed to work off-line in backcountry or remote places.

Most functionalities require a pressure sensor (barometer sensor) but the application can be used in GPS mode which can be usefull in some cases or as a backup solution.

Here are the main functionalities :

* Analog panel featuring a real aviation altimeter,

* Digital panel with many information,

* Current Altitude,

* Vertical Speed (ascending or descending rate) (*),

* Altitude Gain,

* Altitude Loss,

* Minimum and Maximum Altitude,

* QFE and QNH pressure (*),

* Live Altitude Profil,

* Track history management : Save / View / Export,

* Different calibration option : by altitude reference, by pressure, by Internet (+9.000 referenced weather stations) (*),

* 2 altitude providers : pressure sensor(*) or GPS chip (not network GPS),

* Advanced GPS with geoid adjust,

* Sensor offset adjustement (*),

* ISO Standard Temperature settings (*),

* Different units (hPa, inHg, Meter, Feet, Km, Nm, Mi, °C, °F...),

* HD Graphics,

* User interface in severals langages : English, Spanish, French, Italian, German.

* Acoustic vario : you can set climb and sink thresholds (*),

* Automatic altitude vocalization,

* Speach synthesis of altitude on touch,

* Widgets,


Once Altimeter Pro is started, forget-it ! The application do all the job for you.

Its intelligent design allows to have a minimal energy footprint on your device. You can then focus on your activity without to worry.

At the end of your activity, you can save your track.

Later you can view it or export it.

(*) These functions require a barometric sensor (pressure sensor) in your android device.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.10.0 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Stéphane Sandon

User Reviews


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Bob Pickering 2018-07-13

I originally picked this app because of the large digital display without any unnecessary animations or other silly distractions. I use it for mountaineering (where there is no cell or Wi-Fi service), and my phone doesn’t have a barometric sensor (which isn’t terribly accurate anyway). I therefore only use the GPS altimeter. It responds quickly and is accurate when I check it against known elevations on a map. If you care about battery life, be sure to exit the app (“BACK” and then tap “EXIT”) when you aren’t actually using it.
Greg McKenzie 2019-05-25

great app and well worth the price. no ads, no nonsense. I just wish it had an option to display the current pressure digitally as in the free app. it\'s hard to see on the altimeter.
George Smythe 2017-02-15

In general, a neat app. Great promise. To get the last star from me, will need a change + fix: When calibrating from the internet, if the selected airport fails for any reason to provide data, the app should AUTOMATICALLY select the nearest one that actually IS providing data. This should be totally hands off if location services are providing even a course position. It would be helpful if a display on the left side (like the calibration window on the right) showed the airport code from which the calibration was taken, in white if closest, and in yellow or orange if a closer airport could not provide a value. Extra credit: Click on the indicator (above-described left calibration indicator) to get a Google Map showing the current device location, the airport providing the calibration (blue or green marker device) and any closer one(s) that could not provide data (orange / red device).
A Google user 2018-11-24

Please add pressure units - mm Hg
Lonnie Boc 2018-10-02

It works perfectly in my ASUS ZenFone AR. I\'m impressed at how accurate it is. It picks up the minute changes even as little as a foot while hill climbing. Of course this phone has all the sensors too, i don\'t have to rely on the GPS
Kenneth Schmidt 2016-11-19

Probably my favorite app Simple, accurate, easy to calibrate. I like the fact that it does not use gps. When calibrated from an accurate barometer it reads right on. I really like the analog widget. Awesome app!
Florian Achleitner 2016-01-08

Straight forward and very useful Perfect calibration methods. Anyways, two small feature suggestions: option to display climb rate also in meters per hour, which is nice for sports, now available, thank you!. And optionally graph pressure in long intervals, which would make it a stationary weather station.
Robert Jacobs 2017-09-23

I would like it to calibrate on start up from nearest source.
A Google user 2018-08-04

Okay well the app is great. As far as being accurate. This thing is amazing it detects changes as small as a few inches. However you must understand that there are small changes in atmospheric pressure all the time especially when there\'s clouds in the sky so you have to keep up with the changes by calibrating with the local air ports. And if you are using this in your car keep the windows up and if you are using the AC or heater keep it on Recirculate. This app would have gotten 5 stars if it were not for 2 things. one the chart during tracts just seams to pick random times it definitely doesn\'t use the phone clock. The other problem is clicking on the link to the developer goes nowhere.
Wil Davis 2017-04-12

Nice, but how does one turn it \"off\"? The only way I\'ve found so far is to force stop the app (there\'s no \"exit\" button! ?????)