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Description of ALTLAS: Trails, Maps & Hike

Explore, record, and share your activities, use the most accurate altimeter and tracking information with the Altimeter - Activity tracker. Find hiking trails, record your activities with the GPS, Import/export GPX trails.

Download the ultimate activity tool today!

ALT-LAS Can be used as a Bike computer use it on your bike, bicycle, scooter, and more!

By using the app you can get:

1. Elevation finder and activity tracker.

2. The app has a unique database of many trails around the world that was recorded by the users so you get the best hiking trails.

3. The app finds your altitude, peak points, barometric pressure, speed, and more!

4. The app alerts you against altitude limitations and is suitable for a variety of activities such as Walking, Trekking, Flights, Cycling, Skiing, biking, and more.

Have you ever searched for "walks near me?" or find elevation? now you can get it immediately with ALT-LAS.

Help build a community that shares routes and places around the world.

Measuring altitude modes:

1. GPS mode: the application measures the altitude using the GPS and performs a unique correction to provide an accurate altitude.

Note, the altitude readings may be inaccurate when the GPS signal is weak.

2. Barometer sensor (a device with a barometer sensor): the application can work with the device’s barometer sensor that is auto-calibrated with the environment.

In this mode, the application can work inside buildings without GPS.


- Altimeter to get your current altitude.

- Track activities

- Track your elevation

- Discover and share tracks

- Elevation map

- Compass with lock bearing

- Steps & Calories calculator

- Share live location (Subscription only)

- Real-time altitude graph

- Altitude limit alerts

- Save landmarks

- Barometric pressure

- Import/export GPX files

- Climbing information

- The Altimeter can work offline (flight mode)

- Get indoor/outdoors altitude

- Periodic altitude voice notification

- Different map types: Topographic, Open Street Map, hike & bike, and Satellite (Premium only).

- Sensor info (Supported devices only) such as Barometer, Temperature, Light, and Humidity.

- Dark mode

Planning and Navigation tools:

- Measure route and vertical distance

- Routing: get fastest route between any location to another.

- Get coordinates on the map

- Estimate time of arrival

- Circular boundary


For any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us:

Check the Telegram channel where you can ask questions, ideas, request features, share your activities, and more: https://t.me/ALTLASAPP

Customer support:




Download the app now and get started!

The use of this app or any of its content is at your own risk.

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lable: Maps & Navigation - Apps Current Version:3.1.6 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Erol1Apps

User Reviews


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Saibal Ray 2020-07-05

This app is useful when going on treks on high altitudes. There is both a free and a pro version. The free version is perfectly usable. I have not tried out the app much. Indoors, it shows the elevation as 8m above mean sea level, which is accurate. The app uses GPS to find out the elevation the user is at and so is much more accurate than watches which use atmospheric pressure readings to deduce the altitude. The next time I go to the mountains or hop on a plane, I will try out the app and validate its accuracy in a more defined manner. The app also has compass support and can save way points across a trail which can later be used to backtrack your path. Overall, a very good app. If it works as described in field conditions. I am going to purchase the pro version to support the developer.
Richard Straub 2021-01-06

Altitude seems very accurate and consistent. Compass and direction indicator seem to be a little off though most Compass apps don\'t seem to work well on my phone. It would be nice to have a sizable and transparent wiget to show the current Altitude.
Todd Erickson 2020-07-12

My house is 110 feet ASL and that\'s exactly what this app shows as well. Most other altimeters show me at 12 feet ASL. 110 feet is what the US Geologic Service shows for my house too, so this app is on spec.
Umesh Kumar Rai 2020-10-12

Initially I was unable to see altitude properly as the value of altitude was partially hidden by speedometer. Update : It\'s now resolved and I am happy with it. Thanks for the following up until the issue was resolved. Thanks once again.
Andrey Laz 2020-04-19

I just used altimeter alarm app for my day hike. App was very accurate and easy to use. Nice to see a chart 👍. Compass is a plus. Will definitely use again
Aviv 2019-07-01

Incredibly useful for hiking! Practical and intuitive design. It does exactly what it\'s supposed to do, efficiently.
Barjees Abid 2020-03-23

User friendly app with accuracy of measurement... The only feature missing is the terrain,hybrid,and other kind of map types.....
Tim Tamburrino 2020-09-16

Far better than most, if it did offline maps through OSM, rather than using data to load maps from google it would get more stara, it runs withib 1 foot of corrext to fukky corrext, other \'axxurate gps altimeters run up to 600 feet wrong, this is good just needs slight improvements like the maps. Nice that they added the keep screen on...adds 1 star!
Bon Oong 2020-09-16

Does a fair bit of travelling to high and low land hence it help to determine the level.
Larry Versaw 2020-12-28

(Based on 15+ hiking trips this past summer.) Gives fairly accurate reading on first opening the app. But after I switch to use another app and then come back to this app, it sometimes updates, but usually does not. It has been off as much as 900 feet, and stuck at the same reading for several minutes while I\'m climbing or descending rapidly. So... very misleading at times. I finally found another Altimeter app that is simpler to understand and updates correctly.