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Description of Alto's Adventure

Join Alto and his friends as they embark on an endless snowboarding odyssey. Journey across the beautiful alpine hills of their native wilderness, through neighbouring villages, ancient woodlands, and long-abandoned ruins.

Along the way you'll rescue runaway llamas, grind rooftops, leap over terrifying chasms and outwit the mountain elders – all while braving the ever changing elements and passage of time upon the mountain.


• Fluid, graceful and exhilarating physics-based gameplay

• Procedurally generated terrain based on real-world snowboarding

• Fully dynamic lighting and weather effects, including thunderstorms, blizzards, fog, rainbows, shooting stars, and more

• Easy to learn, difficult to master one button trick system

• Chain together combos to maximize points and speed

• Test your skills with 180 handcrafted goals

• Discover six unique snowboarders, each with their own special attributes and abilities

• Challenge your friends. Compete for best high score, best distance, and best trick combo!

• Acquire the wingsuit from Izel’s workshop for an entirely new gameplay dynamic

• Beautifully minimalist and evocative visual design

• Original music and handcrafted audio for an ambient and immersive experience (headphones recommended!)


"A piece of interactive art"


"One of the best mobile games"

– The Verge

"Alto's Adventure demands your attention"


"Best Looking Video Games of 2015"


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More Information Of Alto's Adventure

lable: Action - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-08-14 Developer:Noodlecake Studios Inc

User Reviews


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A Google user 2018-11-12

I love both this game as well as Alto\'s Odyssey. The entire feel of these games are very relaxing and the simplicity of the gameplay plays very well the soothing music, not to mention the minimalist but beautiful graphics. My only complaint about this game would be the ads, they really remove you from the experience. I know you can pay to get rid of them but I\'m super cheap so I guess that\'s partly my fault.
John P 2021-02-21

Core game is fun. Visually, the Game is very pleasing. Customization is a good incentive to continue playing. However, they seriously need to tone it down with the ads. Very intrusive and immersion-breaking. Listening to music while playing, they\'ll stop your music. Also it feels like the drops needed to complete challenges are intentionally withheld. Had the \'Catch a Llama while gliding\' challenge and saw two glides in a 5+ minute run. Then I finished the challenge; and now they\'re everywhere..
Ayusuman Paikray - 188 2021-01-20

One of the best relaxing casual games. I spend my free time playing this game. The game is with limied features but its visuals are really interesting. Another special about this game is its music sounds which are really so good and also relaxing.
Teo 2021-01-28

Best graphics I\'ve seen on a mobile game and runs smoothly. Really fun and the best part is that it doesn\'t spam you with adds after every round.
Aaron Quigley 2019-05-19

I was really hoping that this new version of the Alto game was going to fix the crappy things with the first version. Sadly, this game sucks more. If they would just get rid of the night mode and dial back on the advertisements it would be a great game. No one wants to play a game for a minute and then sit through a 30 second ad everytime they play. A lot of the ads are predatory or they aren\'t appropriate for kids. FIX THIS GAME IT COULD BE FUN!!!
Zerieth 2018-10-20

Fix the freaking blue feather! I\'m stuck on this stupid mission but it hardly ever spawns, and when it does half the time it doesnt trigger when I run into it. Ive driven straight through the thing and nothing happens.
Angela Grigoroaia 2021-01-27

The latest update has expanded the rendered image causing part of the (useful) view to be hidden behind the Pixel 3XL\'s notch. It\'s also made accidental touches next to the edge of the screen extremely easy. The game is pretty much unplayable on this phone now which is quite a pity.
A Google user 2020-02-04

Edit:2/3/2020 Game crashes when logged into google play. Had to uninstall as it nolonger works. The simplistic background, changing elements and music and natural sounds are all just breathtaking. Controls are easy and fluid. Love the fact you can challenge yourself or just chill to all of the games beauty in zen mode. Easy enough for any one to play. Fantastic stress relief and game period.
Benjamin Chen 2018-09-22

Overall the gameplay is great and the minimalistic art style is awesome. Personally I haven\'t had any problems with ads and the game runs super smooth. Only problem is that after doing every goal, I can say that beating the game is a bit tedious. However, it\'s still very fun
Matt Anderson 2019-04-10

I enjoy the hell out of this game, it is easy to learn, but hard to master. And, as I find most important for phone games, it has a surprising variety in gameplay - with different goals, which unlock characters with new abilities. And, something I never knew I wanted, a game with calming music and beautiful visuals and scenery. Unfortunately there\'s no way to \"win\" that I know of (it\'s an endless level until you die), but that\'s my only complaint & I enjoyed everything else. Worth your download.