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Description of Amazfit Bip / Lite WatchFaces

!!! Doesn't work with AMAZFIT BIP U !!!

The best collection of watchfaces for "Amazfit Bip / Lite"

* Watchfaces for "Amazfit Bip / Lite" translated into 25 languages

* Manage your favourite watchfaces

* Rate your watchfaces

* Sort by : Last added, rating, most downloaded of all time, most downloaded of the month, most downloaded of the week

* Powerful filter function to find your watchface

"Amazfit Bip / Lite" is the perfect application to find the watchfaces of your dreams.

1) From settings, select the application to synchronise and the installation method.

2) Select the language, search or use the filter function and you will find your watchface for "Amazfit Bip / Lite".

3) Download and install the watchface safely with MiFit or AmazFit.

Your "Amazfit Bip / Lite" will have a different look every day.

Before writing a negative review, read the instructions carefully! In case of problems, send an email to strike76@gmail.com

Using the application is very easy!

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More Information Of Amazfit Bip / Lite WatchFaces

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:8.0 Publish Date:2021-11-06 Developer:0C7 Software

User Reviews


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Matt Pranger 2019-03-11

Quite a large selection for watch faces. Good app that allows you to filter which features you want on your watch face such as the AM/PM time. Has very good integration into the Mifit app where the watch face is installed onto your amazfit bib watch. The only thing I would like to see is have the location remembered. Ads are reasonable and are not excessive. Thanks for putting this together.
Ravi Mishra 2020-09-05

Superb app. Lots and lots of watch faces. Important thing- If you are using bip lite, you have to select a watchface to replace. And you can open mi fit/amazfit app to choose the face. Sometimes when you go to mi fit app, it won\'t show you the updated face, but when you select and sync with your watch it will be the replaced face. So don\'t worry if it doesn\'t reflect in watch app.
CG Teh 2021-01-03

Of late sleep tracking has been inaccurate. Sometimes not tracking at all. Sometimes it thinks that you have woken up when you get up to pee in middle of night. Don\'t use to do that! Maybe due to recent update. Nothing wrong with my Amazfit Bip bcos Notify & Fitness App read data correctly from watch. I have to use sleep and wake-up time from there to edit Amazfit for correct sleep monitoring. Please rectify and stop blaming the watch.😠
dbn1116 2019-02-10

Mostly childish design watch faces suitable for 6 year olds. Temp only displayed in Celsius, no Fahrenheit.
Eduardo Motta 2019-12-23

Messed up my Mi Fit app. Now it won\'t show any watch faces; not even the ones that were already in the app. Whenever I select Watch Face Settings in Mi Fit, it only displays \"unexpected error us-100002\".
Prasad A.V.S. 2020-08-05

Huge choice of watchfaces, which are updated every month?... It\'s crazy!!! 😅. Excellent filters to choose stuff like 12 hr format, color, battery etc... Decide exactly what you want on the watch face. Superb. I recently wrote to Paolo and asked a doubt.... And he replied at once and helped me out. This app is a must have if you use amazfit. If you wear a watch, you look at it several times a day. This app lets you choose the perfect appearance. 7 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 from me!
Aditya Kumar 2020-09-15

Hi. Since I got Android 11 yesterday this app is not working on my pixel. While trying to download the watch face it says, \"Unable to complete operation! Please try again\". Can someone help please. (Edit: do I need to have notify & fitness app for this to work? I didn\'t have this earlier. Please do let me know)
Eddie Cutwright 2019-04-25

Can not get it to pair up with my Samsung Galaxy 7 phone, it\'s getting frustrating. Will try a couple more times, if no success will return for a refund.
Kurt Jon Ulmer 2020-05-24

First, the clear tutorial - No need to experiment blindly. Menu & selection screens obvious and easy. Took me ~5 minutes to find exactly the sort of simple face I was after. Of course that didn\'t keep me from scrolling through watchfaces for 20 minutes more... Brilliant. Thanks! (I\'m in NZ on mobile data. No trouble downloading. Bip.)
loomy2 2020-02-27

Excellent App offering a huge range of watchfaces for every taste and eye ,allowing anybody to change /update their favourite watch face whenever they want . An easy to use App that cannot be faulted and I highly recommend people try it! After a comment by the Developer on why I did not give a review score of 5 and given the fact that I have now used the App more extensively...he makes a valid point and I must admit I should have scored this App 5 out of 5 originally and have now edited my score to give it full marks. It is a great App that everybody should use!