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Description of Amazfit GTS WatchFaces

We bring to your attention an application for installing custom dials on Amazfit GTS. The application was created with the aim of making the watch more diverse and with the ability to change the watchfaces daily😉

Let's start with the fact that the application works on all versions of Android, starting with version 5.1 and ending with Android 12🥰

For your convenience, we made the installation of the watchfaces easy and with detailed instruction that appears after selecting the watchface and pressing the "Install" button 👆🏼

When you open the application firstly, we will ask you to allow access to the device's memory so that the watchface you downloaded from our application can easily get to your watch 💯

And then about the application menu⬇️

On the top menu, you will be able to find WatchFace Categories by topic. Absolutely all watchfaces are divided into categories, which makes it easy to find watchfaces on the desired topic 💕

And in the bottom menu is the functionality of the application❇️

You can buy a subscription and remove ads in the app 🚫You can send your favorite watchface to Favorites by clicking on the heart next to this watch face, and then view it by clicking on the heart in the bottom menu🤍 You can see the Top 50 installed watchfaces - per week, per month and during all time🔝 You can also filter the watchfaces by the necessary parameters that you want to be displayed on the watchface🔍 You can sort the watchfaces by the date they were added or by the number of installations 📶 And you can also select the watchface language 🌐 And lastly. There are some additional features under the three stripes icon in the lower left corner that you might find useful, so take a look☺️

We really hope you will enjoy using our app. We will definitely delight you with new watchfaces.

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More Information Of Amazfit GTS WatchFaces

lable: Personalization - Apps Current Version:2.18.3 Publish Date:2021-12-31 Developer:Rokitskiy.DEV

User Reviews


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J W 2020-10-16

Come on with Android 11 support. It shouldn\'t take this long for the support for a third party app. Yeah I have read the message but it\'s been on there for months now.... That\'s why android gives the developer previews so y\'all can work out the kinks... Before it\'s official launch... Btw... I am not a developer... however there are several their party apps that I am currently using on my watch... I have a Google pixel phone running Android 11.... Looks like you just don\'t know how to develop.
Chinedu Akaelu 2020-04-26

I used a different app for this but since I found your app, I have never looked back. You have such a wide variety of faces that are actually cool and useable. Great job. I wish the ads were less intrusive. But hey, it\'s a free app so I can\'t complain. Thanks so much dev.
Andrey Baste 2020-12-30

The great app. Loads of watchfaces that can be filtered by several parameters. Absolutely appreciate the option to install own watchface by uploading bin file. So funny to read lame negative comments from \"smart\" people who haven\'t managed to install a watchface. I am literally surprised these people can write without ability to read. 🤣
Mikhail K. 2020-07-08

Although UX could be better, but I do appreciate the variety of watch faces and the fact that app just does job well. Thanks for that
Karl Flaschke 2021-03-11

Latest update has brought back the easy watchface installation. So glad I don\'t need to use the Notify app anymore.
Max G. Mahaffee, Esq. 2021-03-13

Since Android 11 was installed on my phone this developer says all watch apps (allegedly) don\'t work & (boo-hoo) they try to fix this every day, but I note no updates since March 2020, until now. Nothing in 1 year, & the app DID NOT WORK! UPDATE: I don\'t care for snarky replies by developers who can\'t fix something & blame everyone else. I use VPN & the app still would not open. #SHAMEFUL #FAIL What to do? Yes, UNINSTALL!. Update #2: 5 months later, now they say fixed & want better rating. NO!
BATMAN 2020-11-18

Works great, no major issues, keep up with updates and bug fixes and I\'ll be a happy user.
AbuBekr Al Agib 2021-02-28

I downloaded the app and was amazed by the options available. Unfortunately, when I choose a face and go to Zepp I don\'t have the options indicated in the instructions. Watch face in my Zepp can only be changed from the \'Enjoy\' tab which shows none of the faces I choose from your app. Thanks -----_-------------- Does it work for Amazfit Bip?
Alan Png 2020-12-19

Crazy amount of watchface choices, and their quality is amazing! Interface is easy enough to navigate around, nothing too fancy, but gets the job done!
JATIN KUMAR 2020-11-24

I dont know how it got more than 4 rating, it doesnt work at all, when i select a watch face to set, it asks to open the old Zepp app and set from there(which has very few watch faces), so how am i supposed to set the watch face that i have selected from Amazfit app.