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Amazon Kids+: Kids Shows, Games, More



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Description of Amazon Kids+: Kids Shows, Games, More

Amazon Kids+ is an all-in-one app for entertainment, fun and educational content. Your children will have unlimited access to over 10,000 kids movies, TV shows, books and games tailored for children 3 – 12 years old.


- Subscribe and get the first month free

- Cancel anytime with no hassle

- Kids get access to thousands of kid-friendly content for a low price - after your free trial, subscriptions start at just $2.99 per month for Amazon Prime Members, $4.99 for non-Prime Members.

Amazon Kids+ delivers fun and educational content for your kids. Educational videos can help your children learn their ABCs, 123s and more. Learn Spanish and explore different languages through kid-friendly videos with your favorite characters like Dora and Diego. Foster their love of reading with thousands of children’s books, audio books, stories and series. Pinch and zoom to enlarge the picture book font, making it easier for kids to read.

Your children can enjoy entertainment from trusted brands like Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS Kids, Amazon Originals, Sesame Street, National Geographic and more, all hand-picked by our team.

Kids can have fun on the go with games that will take them on adventures through sports games, animal games and more.

Parental controls ensure a safe environment where you can learn more about the content that your child likes, as well as establish boundaries by age, with no ads. Easily search for favorite characters, superheroes and more with our search feature. An Amazon Kids+ subscription allows up to four kids to enjoy unlimited access to their favorite content across multiple devices, including compatible Fire, Android, Chromebook, iOS, Kindle, Echo and Fire TV devices.

Kids Entertainment:

- Popular characters from movies, TV shows & videos for kids

- Disney: Frozen, Moana, Star Wars & Toy Story

- PBS Kids: Sesame Street, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood & Wild Kratts

- Nick Jr: Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi & Dora the Explorer

- Marvel: Spiderman, The Avengers & Captain America

Educational Books & Series:

- Thousands of kid-loved books, movies, and tv shows

- Adventure with your favorite characters & superheroes

- Amazon Originals: Pete the Cat, Stinky and Dirty, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

- Browse by theme: classic literature, award winners, fairy tales, music, superheroes & more

- Your children can discover their favorite books by name, character, title, author, episode & more

Fun Games for Kids:

- Kids can enjoy a selection of fun & educational games on the go

- Play educational reading games, animal games & classic children’s games

- Play with your favorite kids’ TV show & movie characters

Parent Dashboard:

- Set daily time limits & bedtimes to control screen time

- Block access to entertainment content until after educational goals are met

- Review your children’s activity over the past 90 days. See recently viewed books, TV shows & kids’ movies

- Set language preferences for each child’s content in the app - English, Spanish or both

Child Profiles:

- Create up to four personalized child profiles, each with their own avatar

- Switch quickly & easily between each profile

- Set age filters for each child, so kids only see age-appropriate content


• Download the app now and start your 1 month free trial!

• You can manage or cancel your subscription from the settings menu in Amazon Kids+ on your device, through Amazon Parent Dashboard, or by contacting Amazon Customer Service.

• If you’ve already subscribed to Amazon Kids+, you can download the app and sign in with your Amazon account credentials.

Endless fun for kids. No grown-up stuff. Amazon Kids+ was built from the ground up for kids to have a fun and educational environment to enjoy.

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User Reviews


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Andrea Bredesen 2020-12-12

They get your money one way or another... In the old app, I could manage the kids time from my phone. I could add & remove content, plus see what they were watching. With this new app, I\'m to subscribe to the $7/month option to do that on my phone. No thanks... WAIT! It gets better... the kid\'s fire has advertisements, somehow if they click on the unlimited option on their tablet, it\'s getting approved and bills to my card anyway! Keep watch to your changes and your Amazon subscriptions
Brian A 2020-11-13

Horrible Parent experience. My kids don\'t use this on my phone. I use this to manage their screen time on their Kindles. The app opens to a Kid profile and makes me put a password in to go to the Parent Dashboard. I want a setting to let me go straight to the Parent dashboard only. I shouldn\'t have to out in my password, or at lest it should offer fingerprint option to make it easy for me. It also overprompts for my OTP option. Please fix this.
Lacey Rohrer 2020-09-11

They released a new version end of August and it is just aweful. We use a samsung tablet and had no issues for years, now we cannot disable games access, it is much less user friendly interface for kiddo, as well as limit use for allowing outside apps (where before was simple add content and showed all avalible apps, now it only shows name brand apps ie netflix). Spent 2 hours on the phone with support which was trying to tell me how to navagate using the OLD interface. keeping for echo only.
Joanne Bottenberg 2020-10-16

Very slow to open app. Once it opens, it takes several more pushes of buttons to open the parent dashboard. There is only one option to pause all devices under a child\'s profile. Which includes the ability to tell alexia to turn off the lights in the child\'s room. We use the dashboard for the Echo kids edition mostly. I\'d like the ability to control features of a device. Such as stop audible on Alexa. But keep the music for lulling the kiddo to sleep. And allow them to ask what time it is.
J R 2020-08-27

This app is ridiculous. Only curated content that Amazon generates is available. If there is a specific title you would like to add to device it takes you thru a loop that never actually let\'s you add or read the title. I search the title on Amazon & it says \"free\" with free time unlimited. Click read on free time & it takes me to a page that says thanks for subscribing to freetime unlimited & gives instruction for managing profiles. It came \"free\" on our kids Kindles but I will not pay for it
Ashley Chelonis 2020-09-01

Needs better content management! They add things that aren\'t at all appropriate despite an age filter. It makes little sense and I really wish I could let my son use this without painful (physically and mentally) HOURS of removing content whenever he\'s suddenly watching things that we\'d never watch. PLEASE make it easier for us to regulate their content options from your millions of options!
Tia Flom 2021-01-29

The old app was much better, my kid could watch youtube kids and play the games I put on for her. We loved it! But today we could no longer use it and it had us dl this. This is terrible, took something good that I have used for years and now its unusable. I would normally wait for bugs and kinks to be worked out, but I have an upset kid now and Amazon is a billion dollar company, they should be doing better for this service we pay for.
Karina Steren 2020-07-13

It\'s a great concept but I won\'t be keeping the subscription if I\'m not able to remove content from the app. I was hoping for an app where my kiddo could have access to audiobooks, ebooks, and music we got through Amazon exclusively for him. I don\'t like that the videos from Disney, Nickelodeon, Billy, etc cannot be turned off...I could understand those features missing in a free service, but this isn\'t free so I shouldn\'t be forced to have my kid watching what I consider garbage.
Nima M 2021-01-07

I was excited to finally give my kids (8 & 6) identical tablets with \"parental\" control feature. Well, let\'s say it hasn\'t been a sailing experience thus far. When I saw the subscription promo for Amazon Kids+ that advertised all the key points I was after (screen time, app management, parental control etc) I said let\'s give it a try. I first tried the new subscription on my S20 phone, saw the basic interface (that seemed fine to me as I was looking for a minimalistic content) and liked it, so I said it is time to try it on the tablet. Then I installed it on the soon to be designated for kids tablet (LG G Pad). That\'s when everything started to go south. First thing, first, the parental control was extremely limited, or non-existent to a level that I started to investigate other options. (ie doesn\'t take control of the tablet, and all apps and sites are still open to kids). I settled on Google\'s family link where it gives pretty much all remote management features one would ask for. So, I got that all setup, and limited all apps, screen time, etc and all was good. So, back to Amazon Kids+ now - with the limited apps that I allowed on the tablet using Family Link (to like 10 apps) with Amazon Kids+ being one of them, we started experimenting with the kids on it. Most games just crash the app back to the Launcher when they are started. Every so often, a crashed app will work but then while in the app, it crashes. So as it stands right now, it is pretty useless for entertainment. Haven\'t yet fully tried the other features (like books and movies, etc) but so far, the experience has been underwhelming. I then decided to go buy a Amazon Fire HD 8 and after setting it up, as other reviewers have mentioned, it has a different App (Amazon Kids, without Plus) and that is a whole different beast. Despite the fact that it seems to work much better, it gives Kids way too many options. I don\'t want to allow them to download all the games that it has available on it. I have figured out a way that I can disable them (berried in the parent interface, and has to be done one by one, a very tedious where there are hundreds of them), and on top of that, I can\'t setup Family Link on Fire HD tablet (Google vs Amazon), so parental control still on the Native Amazon Tablet is far inferior to that of Google\'s native, so at this point, the Fire HD 8 is also a no go. So, right now, the whole experience is underwhelming. I have two sets of tablets, none of which does what I want it to do - which is a seamless parental control. For the kind of money Amazon is asking for, I would recommend implementing a more meaningful parent and children user experience.
Michael De 2021-02-01

Large selection of kids books but the quality of books isn\'t great. No way to save favorites which is an essential feature of such an app with an enormous library of content. App design and performance is also pretty bad. Trying to exit a book often results in changing the page and the app does not remember the page I was on. Epic! has a much better app.