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Description of Amazon Seller

Manage your Amazon business on the go with Amazon Seller! Analyze your sales, fulfill orders, find products to sell, manage offers and inventory, and quickly respond to customer questions. Capture and edit professional quality product photos and create listings right from your mobile device!

The Amazon Seller app helps you:

• Analyze your sales. Tap a bar in the sales chart to see a breakdown of sales by ASIN and tap a specific ASIN to review its sales trend.

• Fix critical issues. Quickly act on critical pricing opportunities, inventory alerts and growth opportunities from Amazon Selling Coach.

• Manage your inventory. Easily update your prices and available quantities.

• Access Sponsored Products. Monitor performance and manage existing Sponsored Products campaigns.

• Manage your orders. Get notified when your product sells. View your pending orders and confirm shipments.

• Manage your returns. Authorize or close returns, issue refunds, and modify returns settings.

• View next payment balance. See how much and when you’ll be paid by Amazon.

• Respond to messages. Numbers that appear next to Communications inform you of how many customer messages await a response. Use customizable email templates to reply even faster to common customer inquiries.

• Capture and edit professional quality product photos using the Photo Studio.

• Create new offers to existing products and create new catalog products to sell on Amazon.

• Find new products to sell. Search with visual image match, text search or scanning bar codes. Check current prices, sales rank, competing offers, estimated profitability, and customer reviews.

• Share the app with your team and have more attention on your business. User permissions set on Seller Central also apply in the app.

• Have a question about selling on Amazon? Use the app to contact Seller Support.


• An Amazon Seller account

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:7.12.1 Publish Date:2022-05-22 Developer:Amazon Mobile LLC

User Reviews


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Jenny Lynn 2020-08-24

For Samsung Galaxy Android, it still needs work. Notifications dont work, even if app is open in background. If you add a product from the app, it won\'t tell you if you already have it in your inventory, which creates duplicate product ads...I learned this the hard way. (You can end up with incorrect inventory projections and compete against yourself for buybox! Bad, bad, bad! So watch that!) The photo studio is never happy with the background of an image, even if you have the Amazon lightbox.
Matthew Rowe 2020-08-08

I take it back I hate it. They ask for so many pointless details, and give you a hard time to fill them out. Example, for listing books, two different languages need to be added, TWO! WHAT BOOKS HAVE TWO LANGUAGES! Also, instead of just typing in English two different times you have to scroll down 30 languages just to find it! This is just one of quite a few time consuming tasks you have to do for one listing. It\'s dumb, spend your time on Ebay.
Scott McLean 2020-08-17

App used to be fantastic, but is pretty much useless now. Search algorithm is way off, returns thousands of irrelevant results, or no results at all, even when entering the exact name of the item you\'re looking for. Shows the parent rank, not the child rank. Doesn\'t make sense that the app search is totally different than searching on the website page.
Realtor Mark Million 2020-10-29

Amazon, your app is more insecure than I was in high school. I already rated it 1 for the reasons below. Stop asking me every 5 mins when I hit remind later. Works minimally well. Searching for items in words is terrible. Using the back button on mobile is also terrible. More times than not, I have to search on amazon.ca to find ASIN\'S. You can do better, do it now. You are the leader in online commerce by a country mile. Act like it. Don\'t make your app a high school intern project.
Sirod Zibari 2021-02-13

It\'s incredible how Amazon has become one of the largest companies in the world with these kinds of instructions, application and horrible navigation. I have now after a couple of months and several contact with support given up to become a seller on amazon. It\'s simply not worth all the hassle. I regret giving so much private information just to be utterly disappointed. Never amazon again.
bench warmer 2020-07-04

Tried to add a new product. Neither the ISBN provided is not recognised by amazon, nor allowed to apply for exemption! I was not expecting this kind of stupidity from Amazon! And the look and feel of this app is horrible. I had to login to desktop to understand this issue! The app just doesn\'t move to the next page, no error message or notification. Really a terrible product from amazon.
Jaret Montuoro 2021-02-16

Amazon use to be a good to place to sell. Now they accept bad behavior as the normal. If you have a competitor Amazon will allow them to buy your products and claim inauthentic. No problem as we have invoices but basically a selling platform for babies in a sandbox. They also will ask for information about products that you have no responsibility of providing. They may ask you what plastic you use to produce the product when you\'re only a secondary seller from an authorized distributor.
Lance Gossard 2020-09-22

I\'m impressed! Actually functions with the user in mind. The people behind this app should be the ones designing the main website. I\'ve read some other reviews with less than favorable ratings and most of them seem to have the same theme: millennials wanting everything to be perfect and at their fingertips.
muhammed yusuf mohibi 2020-12-22

When you scan the item or its barcode, it says your allowed to sell the item; then once you send to FBA, then they start asking for invoices. And then you have to pay again and again for postage and also to return to retailer. Very bad app. Also, when you update prices, it shows update; but then, when you go to \"View offers\" it doesn\'t show the update. Very disappointed. Same with sales and money for the current months, its different from website
Trevor March 2020-07-15

It\'s very frustrating. New buyers are at the bottom of the search list. My product is the cheapest but about 50 plus items down. The same item sold 500 in a month I sold 1 and only because I ran a advertising campaign. Which cost extra. So far I\'m losing money. Update Amazon Seller will try to scree you every which way they can. Customers return items that you didn\'t sell them but you still have to eat the cost. One customer bought 8 of the same item and return 8 random items and I got screwed.