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Description of Amazon Store Card

Manage your Amazon Store Card or Amazon Secured Card with the Amazon Store Card app.

• Review your account activity, including transaction amount and item details

• Access your billing statements

• Pay your bill

• Edit your cardholder profile

• Set up spending and payment due alerts

• View available rewards points

• View digital card for access to your account number

The Amazon Store Card and Amazon Secured Card are issued by Synchrony Bank.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:3.3.1 Publish Date:2022-06-16 Developer:Synchrony

User Reviews


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Eunice Bluster 2020-12-31

AMAZING AMAZON STORE CARD... I love this App I am a die hard dedicated Amazon shopper. They are my go to first online shopping and now I have a card with perks and bonuses for shopping... life doesn\'t get any better than this..lol 👍🙂🛍. I can make payments to my Amazon store card quick and easy, so convenient. NEW UPDATE IS GREAT!
Marcus Gray 2021-02-09

Gives minimums required, but is lacking purchase details. Would like to be able to see what was purchased without going to the full site. Also, try allowing rewards to be used to pay the balance on the card, this would be nice. The app loads fast and tells you how much is available and how much you owe. Due dates require a bit more searching, but can be found. Just simplify the transactions and I\'ll be happy. Even if it provided order numbers that would be better than just \"Amazon Marketplace\"
John Wawryniuk 2020-12-30

I am grateful to Amazon for this card. This has made my life so much better and easier. The fact that everything is easily accessible and the rewards points=dollars is awesome. You can also choose payments over time at 0% interest. The Android app makes it easy to make payments and keep track of your spending. Thanks Amazon (Jeff Bezos).
Sue Marincic 2020-10-30

Lots of overlapping. Won\'t turn to landscape mode. Hard to see information correctly. Update 10/30/20 Even after updating app the same problems still exist. An email I just received told of many changes. I have yet to see one. Pretty disappointing. Also there is no way to answer your questions as the yes and no boxes don\'t appear on my screen. Ugh!
Pedro Banana 2021-01-23

Great app, if you do not neglect payments. Cannot say as to how the card affects your overall credit, but their financing option has helped me make big purchases that I couldn\'t have made otherwise. This app/card will benefit you if 1. You are responsible 2. You are diligent and 3. You need to make a big purchase now and need help financing.
Laima Simanavichus-Oram 2020-10-01

I\'ve had this card for a while, & seems someone\'s listening of what I said below.. Thanks, fact a bit better since the last update. Put details of purchase which is annoying before. I was surprised for months Amazon\'s partnership had primitive website for their credit card, was unacceptable. Seems someone listened. 🙄finally. At least I can check my balance. I\'m a curmudgeon when it comes to any cards I have, I budget & control all my balances weekly. Better now 1 more 💫
Marta Rose 2020-12-03

App is okay in that I can make my payments. In my opinion, it just isn\'t as \"user-friendly\" as apps I use for other credit/credit card accounts. I really prefer apps that allow me to see with ease scheduled & historical payments. I also prefer having a slightly more detailed transaction description. Of course, I\'ve only been using the app for a couple months. Thus, I\'m sure they\'re are things I\'m missing. It is overall a decent app.
Laura Voight 2021-02-19

While the app is much better than having to spend hours searching through the plethora of links on the Amazon portal just to pay my bill, the app is very limited and does not seem to fully be formatted for a mobile app. The text is jumbled and overlapping each other, which makes reading your acct balance and/or paying due challenging at best. It does not give great history of payments made and rely leaves a lot to be desired. Hoping they are working on the end user experience bc it\'s not great.
The Kilelemans 2021-01-30

Sometimes it freezes or doesn\'t recognize my fingerprint. (Edited 8/4/20) the app has been doing a lot better, less freezing, but i don\'t like that when I log out, I have to enter my credentials when I log back in; that\'s the reason for fingerprint log in because I can\'t remember every password to every single account I have online. I still like this app!
Neighbor Lady Black 2020-11-01

Love it, I can get my points then open the app and pay the balance as soon as I want to. I don\'t have to wait until the statement date and risk incurring late fees. Plus it keeps all my charges in one nice easy place to find them without having a bunch of entries on my bank statement.