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Description of America First Mobile Banking

America First Mobile Banking

Get the most out of your America First membership with our Mobile Banking application. Add all of your accounts for a full financial view.  Make transfers, pay bills, and deposit money anywhere, anytime. Let us help you stay on top of your money.

America First Mobile Banking Features:

All Your Accounts in One Place

Add your accounts from other financial institutions to see a complete view of your finances all in one place.

Budgets & Spending

Stay on top of your money with Budgets and Spending. Transactions are automatically categorized to create detailed spending reports.  Use the auto-generation tool to effortlessly create and maintain a Budget.  

Move Money

Easily transfer money within your America First account or to another America First member. Use Zelle to send money to anyone using an email or text message.

Conveniently deposit checks

Let us do the work for you, Mobile Deposit is now equipped with auto capture that will take the best check image for you.

Pay Bills

Manage your bills with our free Bill Payment service. Schedule, cancel or change payments for your everyday expenses.  

Earn Cash Back with ABC Deals

Get cash back for many of the purchases you’re already making. Activate merchant offers and use your America First Visa® debit and credit cards when you buy and your money will be automatically deposited

Thanks for downloading Mobile Banking and being a member of America First.

Privacy Policy: https://www.americafirst.com/about/disclosures/membership-agreement.cfm#privacyPolicy

Terms and Conditions: https://www.americafirst.com/about/disclosures/mobile-banking-service-agreement.cfm

Mobile Banking users must enroll in Online Banking. Deposits are subject to verification and are not available for immediate withdrawal. See terms in app for limits/availability and other restrictions.

Some features are only available for eligible members and member accounts.

America First Mobile Banking is free to use, but messaging and data rates apply.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:8.1.2 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:America First Credit Union

User Reviews


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Kevin S. 2019-12-30

This app is decent.. Does what I need it to. Better app then it was when first released. Latest update has really made a big difference! Still needs some work but overall I WOULD recomend it to my family and friends! Keep up the hard work AFCU...
sonya dermody 2019-05-22

I used to like the app., banking WAS a breeze. The problem (especially with the incessant \"updates\"): it keeps showing double and triple charges (necessitating me to \"hide\" transactions in order for the budget calculator to correctly function), has continuous pending charges long after a merchant has been paid, and I\'m continually having to re-enter transaction categories. In the beginning it was good, now ... sub-par! Fix what was once a great app., and I\'ll happily change my negative review.
Travis Bertoch 2020-06-27

To put it simply this is a very nice, clean, convenient app to check your bank account. It keeps track of all charges on the card helps categorize your charges (entertainment, food, car etc.) It has a budgeting tool but I don\'t really use it but it can help you with that if needed. They update the app frequently for security purposes so I feel my account is more secure. Overall I am very satisfied with the app and the business itself.
Lori Brush 2021-01-28

Behind the times and very limited as to what you can actually do in the app. You\'re better off logging into the website. Compared to other bank apps this is very very basic. You can\'t even manage your cards. The look is not the most friendly either. For it being so basic they really messed up navigating through the app.
Bill Talbot 2020-08-14

I like everything except for the mobile deposit. The auto imaging just plain does not work... it\'s terrible! Please, please, please fix this!!!! I also bank with US Bank and theirs is fast and easy.
Tiffany Jex 2019-11-07

having a hard time opening the app, when I open it the screen goes black, have to login several times to get it to work. been happening for quite some time now. very annoying. Also it\'s constantly telling me my password is no longer valid, I have to wait a day or so to open it again before I can finally get in!
JP {Crazytekkie} 2020-10-28

App works great. No bugs recently. Wish more features were available instead of only making them accessible thru the website tho.
Hailey Brandenburg Whiting 2018-11-08

I hate the new update i do not use a password to get into my bank account i use my pin its the only way I can remember my pin so i will not use a password you should not force people to change from using there pin to login give them the choice to choose wether thay want to use there pin or a password
Brandon Liddiard 2019-05-22

App has been down for days. I understand updates, and problems stemming from updates... but this is ridiculous. At this point I am beginning to question the abilities of your developers and tech staff. If you messed up this bad roll back to the old version. Thinking about switching to a more reliable banking institution at this point. Every app has issues. How you respond to those issues is key. Your response is lacking.
Jessica Christensen 2021-01-19

I love this app so much. Helps me analyze my monthly spending habits and create realistic budgets based upon what I\'m actually spending. When the app gets the categorization wrong on my bills it\'s easy to fix them all at once because it gives you the option to change all bills with the same name simultaneously. I have all of my credit cards on this account so I don\'t miss a thing. Great app!