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Description of Amex Business

Streamline your business expense process from virtually anywhere, anytime with the complimentary American Express® Business App.

The American Express® Business App (formerly known as Spend Manager), available with all Business Cards and Corporate Cards from American Express, helps you manage and track your Card expenses and so much more. You can add receipt images, notes, categorize transactions and create expense reports that include cash expenses. You can also use the app to find places that accept the American Express Card when you travel, view the benefits dashboard and even pay a bill. For Business Cards, you can also oversee employee spending and set alerts or limits on employee Cards.


1. Snap

Take a photo of your receipt using the American Express® Business App and match it to a transaction on your Card.

2. Attach

You can organize your expenses by attaching receipts, adding notes and categorizing your transactions.

3. Manage

Your receipt images, notes, categorizations, and transaction details will be stored together in one place, in your American Express account.

To learn more about the American Express® Business App, visit www.americanexpress.com/businessapp.

The American Express® Business App is available with American Express Business and Corporate Cards. Functionality may differ based on Card product or program. American Express is not responsible for the completeness or accuracy of receipts displayed. Receipts will be stored until the earliest of the following: (1) seven years from the end of the calendar year that the receipt was uploaded or (2) the date that your online account is closed. American Express reserves the right to delete or purge receipts for any reason in its sole discretion, with or without notice. The Amex® Business App is available on Google Play™. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

For the full terms and conditions applicable to Employee Cards Spending Limits, go to www.americanexpress.com/spendlimits/terms

All access to and use of the American Express® Business App is subject to and governed by the American Express End User License Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy Statement.

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:9.0.1 Publish Date:2022-02-11 Developer:American Express

User Reviews


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John Meyer 2020-07-02

The recent update removed the notes field from the review screen when you insert the receipt. This doubles the time it takes to add every receipt since you have to go back in to add a note. Please add this back. Adding tags to the same screen would be great.
Melinda Alley 2020-06-23

Horrible for Android--Never works, very frustrating to use especially for business. You need to increase your billable hours just to use this app, and it will still time out if you do get it to work. It does not allow special characters in descriptions, including punctuation. Completely unusable most of the time! Just updated and no better. Now I cannot login or see transactions at all let alone attach a receipt.
S. Mach 2020-02-12

This is absolutely ridiculous I\'m going try and report this app to Google. It constantly hangs up. Images don\'t upload MOST OF THE TIME. SLOW BEYOND BELIEF. CONSTANT errors when uploading receipts. Uninstall and reinstall did not help. AVOID THIS APP
Mark Warner 2020-07-13

This is a terrible app. While you can see your balances, it does not allow you to make a payment. It repeatedly states \"we are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later.\". American Express, are any of your IT people reading any of these negative reviews?
george petrentzev 2020-04-16

jan 2019.. it doesn\'t keep the receipts once uploaded, doesn\'t keep the QuickBooks rats ei. fix the fingerprint login and ill gove u 5 star july 2019.. still terrible April 15th... 3 stars.. doesn\'t keep any customers used since last login.. but works better! Keep up the improvements please!
Maggie Gordon 2018-12-20

For over a month now the app just gives an error and doesn\'t load any transactions at all. You also can\'t just take a picture to attach to a transaction later anymore. I was hoping to at least be able to snap the pic then go match on desktop later from unmatched receipts... but unfortunately the combination of these 2 problems makes the app totally worthless (and my job much harder)
Tyler Armour 2019-10-17

Easy way to track receipts for my company. Great app!! 16-Oct-19 update broke the app for whole company. \"Error loading transactions\" app unusable now.
Harley Eggert 2019-10-20

Works good to track receipts, it does cut out and make you sign in again while your doing alot of them. Other than that, no issues.
Jaime Salas 2019-04-03

Not a good one lately. 80% of the time is crashing and not allowing to upload your receipts. Now you have to save those pesky pieces of papers for later to try again. Most times you have to wait days before it works. Before was a breeze to do this but now its becoming a pain to deal with... AMEX get your act together!!!
Phil Johnson 2019-08-22

Wow, this app is terrible. I\'ve only been using it for a day and had fingerprint login turned off twice and had to reenter my password, receipt that said it uploaded but wasn\'t there later, errors loading the app, errors uploading receipts, errors adding notes, and the app hung and crashed twice. Even when it does work, it\'s painfully slow. Definitely can\'t roll out to my staff. I thought all the negative reviews couldn\'t possibly be accurate, but I was wrong...