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Description of Anastasia Date App – Meet New People, Match & Chat

💋 Welcome to the world of AnastasiaDate…

Discover the clear benefits of AnastasiaDate’s luxury dating app – the most attractive singles online, precision matchmaking, supreme video chat, and the highest response rate ever. Over 40 million singles trust us to deliver a fulfilling experience in online dating. We’d love to find a perfect match for you too!

AnastasiaDate dating-app will take your heart to exciting new places. We believe love knows no boundaries when it comes to connecting singles. That’s why our popular and progressive singles app will send you on a journey you’ll never forget.

Install the chat app free and date to the fullest:


Be a part of our broad and inclusive online dating community. Our dating site has a wide reach among singles aged 18-65+. Everyone’s welcome to join our single app!


Our immaculate algorithm connects like-minded matches based on their preferences, hobbies, interests, and other filters. We focus on bringing compatible single people together. Put it to the test today and make new friends!


AnastasiaDate meet people app helps everyone pour lots of love into their profile and make a great first impression on their probable dates. Detailed profiles and quality photos are a compelling way to discover someone special and make friends. Get captivated!


The crowning glory of AnastasiaDate single app is the strength and variety of the serious dating features we offer. All users can get in touch using live dating chat, photo swap, video dating, phone calls, and more. It’s so effective!


⭐️ Join FREE to see profiles of men and women dating and add your own.

⭐️ Try advanced search filters to meet new friends and better matches.

⭐️ View detailed profiles and top-quality photos of people seeking for a virtual date.

⭐️ Receive messages direct to your Inbox and start a lot of chats.

⭐️ Build your contacts and review your invites.


⭐️ Chat online and make connections.

⭐️ Swap photos and know someone better to chat and date.

⭐️ Read and reply to messages in your Inbox - and find a date.

⭐️ Instant Video Calls: see for yourself and meet singles.

⭐️ Let’s Mingle: message many matches at once in our online dating app.

⭐️ View private photos & videos - meet people online.


It’s inevitable that such long-established top dating apps like AnastasiaDate chatting app has a high trust rating. We protect you on every level whether it’s safe virtual dating, verified profiles, fraud prevention or our 24/7 customer-focused team.


With over 25 years of experience in dating-apps, we know perfectly how to spark something special. It’s an honor to bring new matches together and help them find love. Let’s face it – life is too short to be wasted on the wrong people. Stay positive!

Privacy policy: www.anastasiadate.com/privacy-policy.html

Terms & conditions: www.anastasiadate.com/terms-and-conditions.html

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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:3.21.4 Publish Date:2021-09-06 Developer:DMM SOLUTIONS INC.

User Reviews


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Rudolf Botha 2016-01-06

Absolutely fantastic guys,so many beautiful models to choose from. Thanks again,I\'m spoiled for choice😛😜😝😋😗😙😘😍
James Hade 2018-10-27

This a fake Money grabbing site. I tried three times to meet with three different ladies at three different times. Everytime they would cancel a week before I was scheduled to meet them. I have also noticed they can\'t remember what you have talked about or what they should know about you. Don\'t waste your time here. Found some of the ladies on Instagram and have messaged them, they would respond I don\'t know you. Fake.
mr.justin potts 2016-01-25

Everything costs money and I mean a lot of money, honestly. Just a way to make a quick buck off American men that r looking for the right girl. So unless u have a lot of Cash to blow on nothing steer clear!
Philip Kontos 2016-09-04

Good app all else fake only chat It is what it is the app is OK there are still bugs that they need to work on but the rest is all bull crap girls are fake all they want to do is keep you in chat to collect point I have paid. very close attention to this all the girls have the same scripts same words you will see copies of it. .9/3/16 went to see one girl seems like everyone is in the scam anywhere she wants to go seems like prices are 3 and 4 times up I ran out of money eyes had to leave in 3 days sad but they are hustlers even the taxi.
A Google user 2018-08-15

This app is the biggest rip-off. There is no way to keep in contact with any woman you meet online other then paying a ridiculous amounts of money. Half of the profiles are fake and it charges you by the \"minute\" to chat with them (probably fake woman), upload pictures, write letters. You can\'t even give them your phone number. On top of that and DMM solutions charges you a monthly fee along with all the other fees. I want my money back
JHS 2016-05-12

App is okay It\'s hard to view profiles without hitting the incessant payment wall. As to the profiles, I have virtually nothing in mine except a picture and many of the 22 year old girls find this middle aged guy interesting and compatible....hmmm. And customer service, and the method of contacting them: HORRIBLE.
Jim Hall 2016-05-03

Not fake women They are real, at least some of them are. How sincere they are is a different question. I have met 2 in Ukraine, one as a friend after she left the site, the other I tried dating. She had excuses for everything and I flew there only to see her for 3 hours. Not worth the money and they make the site suck more every day. Try Elena\'s Models instead IMHO... I also had one lady tell me she didn\'t write her own letters. Some may be legit, but good luck finding them.....
Sinothi Mthembu 2020-11-10

This site is so great!! Beautiful ladies and they are so welcoming! The only problem is,l cannot purchase the credits successfully most of the time! It always unsuccessful even right now,l want to renew,but it has been unsuccessful since last Sunday (3/5/2020). Please help,l want to install your anastasia app
A Google user 2015-01-30

Fake women. Be sure to read this!!!!! It\'s pretty obvious that all the women here are programmed machines. Notice how they all have professional pictures and re-used names. None of them have casual pictures, all look like they\'re photoshoots. The girls all have the same name Svetlana, Alexandra, Viktoria, Olga, over and over again... No one waste your money here, not even if you are some desperate 50-year-old virgin loser - you are better off buying a prostitute. Mark my comment as helpful guys, so that everyone can see that this is a scam!
Robert Trull 2016-07-14

It\'s real I am not sure why all the bashing by some. I met my wife on this website years ago and still happily married. I can tell you it takes more work and heartache than you can possibly imagine. It will take a lot of traveling and money so don\'t be surprised. You may go through 50 to 1000 before you find her or she finds you.