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Anato Trivia - Quiz on Human Anatomy



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Description of Anato Trivia - Quiz on Human Anatomy

Anato Trivia is a types quiz game of questions and answers about the anatomy of human body, Where you can test your knowledge in the different levels of difficulty.

You will be able to play different, stages and obtain a qualification upon completing them. In addition, you can get the body part corresponding to the stage won.

As you get the different parts, you will build your own human body, which will be composed of osseous and topographic system.

You can pass a funny time while you securing, discovering and learning new knowledge of human's anatomy with Anato Trivia

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More Information Of Anato Trivia - Quiz on Human Anatomy

lable: Trivia - Games Current Version:3.2.5 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Tarter Studio

User Reviews


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Janella Renner 2020-04-26

The concept of this app is good. However, I had hoped that they would provide more information when you get an answer correct or incorrect. E.g. the first unit alone, I had to google to know the sacral bone was located at the base of the spine and between the bones of the pelvis. If it\'s incorrect, I would\'ve liked to receive basic information about what I clicked, like \"incorrect, this is not ____, it\'s _____ and it\'s located _____.\" Hope you can take this into consideration, and thank you :)
Amanda Seelbach 2020-02-19

So far, I am loving this game so far. The only thing I am having issues with is maybe you should make the hearts regenerate, as well as be able to buy them and watch ads. There are still those of us out here who do not have internet at our houses because we live in the country.
Kewhi 2020-03-04

Perfect for my daughter who is learning body functions.
S4r0m 16 2019-09-13

No es tanto un juego, es un quiz de 1er semestre de anatomía. Pero está divertido.
A. Diaz 2020-02-20

Great app I\'m enjoying the experience
Brittani Doyle 2020-08-23

I love the concept of the game, but it seems more research needs to be done. I was given the question \"the radius is...\" and choices given were short, internal or external. The answer was external, though I don\'t understand what that is supposed to mean. The radius is not external to body, though it is lateral if that is what it\'s trying to say. I am also confused why I was being asked questions about the forearm in the cervical vertebrae section. It needs to be organized better.
Mali Mali 2020-04-12

Neat but some language hiccups...
Cristina Domingos 2020-04-12

Game has glitches but concept is good. Crashed and it gave me 300 negative lives so had to uninstall and start again from scratch :/
Hiram Martínez 2020-10-07

This is the best app (game) for study. When you\'re tired or bored is great
Duncan Moffat 2021-02-17

I really love this game...it builds me anatomically...haha