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Description of Anatomy Learning - 3D Anatomy

A true and totally 3D app for studying human anatomy, built on an advanced interactive 3D touch interface.


★ You can rotate models to any angles and zoom in and out

★ Remove structures to reveal the anatomical structures below them.

★ 3D location quizzes to test your knowledge

★ Switch on/off different anatomy systems

★ Both male and female reproductive systems are available

★ Support Spanish, French, German, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese.


★ Bones

★ Ligaments

★ Joints

★ Muscles

★ Circulation (arteries, vein and heart)

★ Central nervous system

★ Peripheral nervous system

★ Sense organs

★ Respiratory

★ Digestive

★ Urinary

★ Reproductive ( both male and female)

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:2.1.351 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:3D Medical OU

User Reviews


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Jeannifer Loresco 2020-05-11

I saw the old version from a friend and it was great! that is why I purchased it. Unfortunately, i was so disappointed when i can only view it in landscape format. very little details about muscles. the old version shows all the attachment actions, & innervations once you click on the muscle. bring back the old version! not worth it!
Destiny Fair 2019-12-29

It was great before you updated it and locked almost everything. Now I don\'t have much use of this app. Making more than half the content unaccessible for free was a big mistake of yours. Sadly, I\'ll have to uninstall it, because it\'s basically useless at this point.
Kenn Brown 2020-12-08

I purchased this app and used it very happily. Since the latest update, it is now asking me to pay for services I already purchased. Doesn\'t lifetime access mean lifetime access to the product I bought regardless of any improvements? I was supporting you from the beginning...this seems like you are going back on your agreement. not cool at all. I will look for a different app that doesn\'t misrepresent itself for greed.
G Nkwonta 2020-10-05

Very helpful app for on the go learning for anyone taking Anatomy. Structures are labeled but you can also add labels on your own. Very smooth 3D view. Premade quizes, but you can also mark structures to make your own quizes through the app. A bit pricey, but you get what you pay for, which is a pretty good amount. Only complaint is it takes a bit of time to figure out how to do everything. A key would be more than helpful.
Sole Musitu 2020-10-21

Awesome app, complete, precise, user friendly, you have labels, questionnaires, options to add elements attached to a bone, muscle, or to remove body parts to see what\'s behind, 3D views, ... Really, it is great, I\'ve been following this app since years and the evolution has been amazing. Good for any health care professionals, students or just users. Thanks!
Billy Wiegand 2020-07-09

This app is great, totally worth the buy and it manages to work on my mediocre smartphone fine. This has helped me loads in learning anatomy for massage, but they seem to have every body system down to a T. Every other app I looked at was far more expensive, and this has as far as I can tell everything that you would need for learning anatomy for any profession. Also the quiz function is something that is particularly useful, you can always quiz yourself on the structures on screen.
Nigel GRIFFITH 2020-06-19

This app is excellent. Lvel of detail is great and helped me visualise structures in minutes, in a way I could never get with a static image. Please keep up the development. Moving through the app could be smoother. A search function would be useful. Being able to add muscles, nerves and veins, and then selectively removing the muscles, for example, would be useful (rather than having to remove all 3 structures to them re-adding). Excellent overall (I don\'t normally buy, but I did!).
Kate Robertson 2020-03-28

I spent $20 on this app. Then they update it and suddenly they want MORE money so that I can see what I already paid for???!!! I\'m so mad at this. Why would I pay more for this app? They might come out with another update in a week, and charge AGAIN to use it. It was fine before. Give me back what I paid for! I don\'t need your updates.
Romina Constante 2020-08-21

Hi.. I would like you to add some specific visual information that it doesn\'t exist there like the Lymphatich Sistem and the ureteres! I have paid for this... you should work hard to make it better. The app is not only for high school students... medical students are using this for learning, because this pandemic situation doesnt let us go to the university. Be conscious that we are preparing ourselves for saving lifes....
Hony Pierola 2019-12-08

Perfect for learning. But you actually need to pay the $9 to get full access.