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A package of events featuring ancient China are waiting for you to experience: taking imperial examinations, being officials, holding wedding, going hunting and catching crickets, asking for fortune sticks, and farming etc.

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lable: Word - Games Current Version:1.4.31 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Wingjoy Games

User Reviews


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Fabián Cisneros 2021-02-18

This game is coal waiting to become diamond. It has so, much potential filled with many many things and paths to take, and that should make it stand out from the rest but; it doesn\'t tell us what we *can* do. When a player tries to figure out something, do what he wants to acomplish or try new things, he will most certainly go through several lives, wasting hours and hours between ads, and when he finally gets it, all that waste of time; wont match the acomplishment. Give us a manual, or a wiki.
Alison Soprovich 2020-10-07

Fun but frustrating. Overall a nice game with nice graphics. I like the mini games like the hunting and cricket catching. Unfortunately, the translation needs a lot of work. I couldn\'t play the betting games because I had no idea how the rules worked, the exams are hard because I don\'t know the language, and some of the choices you make in your career don\'t make sense the way they are translated. Still worthwhile though, and I\'ve wasted plenty of time living my life as an old Chinese man 😂
Embyrsong 2020-10-22

Ok, I dont normally leave reviews but I feel its necessary with this game. In terms of gameplay, its like an ancient chinese version of bitlife and its actually cute and enjoyable to play. The english translation needs major updating. But like everyone else, the writing is cut off whenever we look at medicines and whatnot for the doctor job. Incredibly annoying when trying to progress. So for now I\'ll give it 3 stars until that is fixed. And potentially add more interactions and things to do.
《tumble weed》 2021-01-31

PLEASE PLEASE ADD WAY MORE I LOVE THE GAME. And please fix the english text for some parts, sometimes it\'s confusing. EDIT; Just paid the $4.99 makes the game more enjoyable. But please add more things to do because after a really long time it gets a bit repetitive(no hate I\'m still playing and enjoy it). Can\'t wait to see what this game brings in the future. (also love how different the characters look pls add more) Edit: Jan 30th 2021, please add more!!
Joey :3 2020-07-29

Seems promising, please translate it to English so it would be a international game instead.
WhenPigsInvade 2020-09-23

Game is a bit slow at times, especially the 3d portions. The worst part about this game must be the exams. The puzzle is so hard, even as someone who can read chinese, the letters are twisted in such a way its hard to distinguish the different parts. The crossword also does not function at all. Tapping on the letters does nothing and ypu also have to come up with them in less than 30 seconds, which is not enough time considering it could be anything.
Baum 2020-10-25

The game is fun, the mini games are cool, some stories are quite funny but there are some problems. The major one is the English translation, sometimes barely understandable and some text boxes are cut off, especially in the prescription minigame. There aren\'t enough options in relationships, you can barely do anything to really build a relationship if it\'s not good to begin with. And finally I feel like you don\'t have much control over some important things, like people you befriend.
Jasmine Gutierrez 2021-01-10

Love the new updates its much easier for me to do the tests now to. The only problem im having is when i plant things sometimes when i go to harvest the plants up and disapear i have lost a lot of gold due to this problem and would like for this problem to be fixed. Also i would like for there to be a way for the characters we play to become royalty in some way. I believe this is a very addictive and fun game but theres always room for improvments.
Novi Fairuz Zuhria 2020-11-30

Game is fun but untill some time it gets quite boring. I enjoyed very much. But it needs something new in the game. I appreciated with the occupations player can choose but it\'s going to be great if the daughters can choose to come to the palace by tests or something like that to become palace lady. Would be fun. And also for sons can be guardsman from low level up to emperor guards. That would be fun too with a bit plot twists or a little bit different game environment :)
micheal ayobami 2021-02-21

Very nice game with lots of potential. The martial side could use a bit more depth, like learning the sword, spear, maybe becoming a cultivator and going on dangerous adventures. The game could also use a lot more career options, maybe a path to join the army and become distinguished, being born into nobility, royalty or samurai families would also add a lot more dynamics. All in all nice game.