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Description of AndrOpen Office

Celebrating 5 Million Downloads!!!

AndrOpen Office is the world's first porting of OpenOffice for Android and it's powerful and complete office suite for OpenDocument format.

You can view, edit, insert and export office documents using full features of the OpenOffice.

AndrOpen Office is office suite of 5 components:

- Writer (a word processor)

- Calc (spreadsheet / worksheet)

- Impress (presentation graphics)

- Draw (drawing)

- Math (equation editor)

* AndrOpen Office is a forked project from the Apache OpenOffice project.

AndrOpen Office is not affiliated with the Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice project.

Supported File Formats

You can import and export following formats:

- Microsoft Word (DOC / DOT / RTF)

- Microsoft Excel (XLS / XLT)

- Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT / POT)

- OpenDocument (ODT / ODS / ODP / ODG / ODF)

- Portable Document Format (PDF)

- OpenOffice.org1.0 / StarOffice6.0 (SXW / SXC / SXD / SXI / SXG / SXM)

- Text (TXT / CSV)

- Adobe Photoshop (PSD)

- Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

- Windows Metafile (EMF / WMF)

- Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)

- Data Interchange Format (DIF)


- Portable Anymap Format (PBM / PGM / PPM)

- OS/2 Metafile (MET)

- Sun Raster Image (RAS)

- Mac Pict (PCT)

- X PixMap (XPM)

- StarView Metafile (SVM)

You can import following formats:

- Microsoft Word 2007 (DOCX / DOTX / DOCM)

- Microsoft Excel 2007 (XLSX / XLTX / XLSM)

- Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (PPTX / POTX / PPTM)

- AutoCAD (DXF)

- T602 Document (602)

- Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM)

- Truevision Targa (TGA)

- X Bitmap (XBM)

- Zsoft Paintbrush (PCX)

- Kodak Photo CD (PCD)

You can export following formats:

- HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

- PlaceWare (PWP)

- Macromedia Flash (SWF)



- View / edit / insert / export docs

- Export / Import PDF

- High fidelity

- Formatting paragraphs

- Support for embedded object

- Save docs to extensive file formats

- Support for password

- Internationalization

- Localization

- Support for macro

- Support for Google Drive / Dropbox / OneDrive / Box / NAS / WebDAV (Paid version only)

- Support for spell checker, hyphenator, thesaurus

- Support for printing (Android 4.4+)

Motion Event Assigns

Device's motion events (mouse, pen, finger, trackball) are assigned to mouse events of X Window System.

- Single Tap = Click Left Button

- Double Tap = Double Click Left Button

And some gestures are assigned to application actions.

- Swipe = Scroll

- Pinch In / Out = Zoom In / Out

- Long Tap = Click Right Button

And you can general mouse operations by virtual mouse pad.

Supported Languages

French / German / English (US) / Italian / Spanish / English (British) / Russian / Polish / Dutch / Japanese / Indonesian / Portuguese (Brazilian) / Turkish / Czech / Swedish / Portuguese (European) / Finnish / Hungarian / Chinese (Traditional) / Catalan / Greek / Romanian / Danish / Arabic / Slovak / Norwegian / Bulgarian / Serbian / Vietnamese / Thai / Slovenian / Korean / Chinese (Simplified) / Hebrew / Hindi / Bengali / Persian / Basque / Gaelico / Galician / Central Khmer / Lithuanian / Tamil




Bug reports

Please report bugs below e-mail address;


About Apache OpenOffice

"Apache OpenOffice" is a trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.


Special Thanks

This product includes many open source codes.

Thanks to Open Source!!!

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More Information Of AndrOpen Office

lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:4.9.2 Publish Date:2021-11-04 Developer:Akikazu Yoshikawa

User Reviews


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Lee Fontaine 2020-10-06

Sorta works. Running a registered version on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 with Android 10. Quirks make it less than optimal. I\'ve been able to work around most issues but I\'ve lost a couple of spreadsheet files. Uses the standard desktop interface which is less than optimal for a tablet/touchscreen. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab I can connect to a full size display, bluetooth keyboard, and mouse. Using it without these accessories would be difficult at best. Sadly, not ready for prime time!
Hadrea Batt 2020-07-20

Difficult to use bold, italics, and underline, must save work constantly or risk having whatever you wrote deleted when you go to check something on another app, even if you don\'t close this app, which just happened to me. Four pages gone with no way to bring it back, because I was looking up how to spell a name and when I brought the app back up from the still open list, the entire document was gone because the app \'reloaded\'.
Nebukadneza R 2020-08-03

I only used \"calc\" so far and I\'m not convinced. It works, but only if you have a mouse and keyboard connected to your android device. It is as if the developer had never tested his software on a touchscreen device. The control buttons are so terribly small and close together that the interface is unusable. Also comes with very intrusive video ads! This is not a \"free\" app
A Google user 2019-03-11

Not without glitches, but still an excellent app. It does what few other apps do. It functions as a true desktop software. it cannot be compared to any other app. I am using other editors, especially Polaris, but I consider that I cannot fully address my editing interests without this app. It does not function perfectly, but it\'s still a powerful software. I hope that they keep working on perfecting this one ... the only Open Office software that edits.
Ian Alexander 2020-07-09

If I could give more than 5 stars then I would. For a free package it is excellent. I prefer it to packages you pay for. I have had this package on my computer for years and so pleased when I saw it for phones. It\'s compatible with another package you pay for and you can Open Office documents and vice versa. It\'s very user friendly and has everything that is needed. It\'s a great package because what you can do in other packages you can do just as easily if not easier in Open Office.
Ole Eskildsen 2020-12-04

A few bugs but otherwise very good. It is based on a copy Linux Open Office. I recotmmend it. If it wasn\'t so expensive I would pay for it to avoid the irritating ads. Please continue the good work. 4 Dev 2020 Update I CAN NO LONGER RECOMMEND THIS APP! Why? Because I have now run into so many locked features, all available in FREE Linux OpenOffice, which AndrOpenOffice is copied from FREE of charge. This is an attempt to FORCE YOU TO PAY for this app. It is mostly unusable. DEINSTALLING!
Gary Latendresse 2020-06-03

I have been using AddrOffice for a long time now (not sure amount of years) and I used the desktop free Office suite without issues but, now after all this time they disabled the printing. No warning until you updated and during the COVID pandemic (and need Gov\'t papers printed). I noticed this no print on the previous version before recent update. Bet no virus this no print without upgrading to pay version would never occurred. Now will uninstall and use Docs To Go even though this one better!
Jerry Rash 2019-03-23

You earned a 5 star on this release. I was using you app on PrimeOS (Android 7.1 x86 for PC) until about 4 updates ago when it broke. Whatever you did in this release fixed it and it is working better than ever. This is a must have app for PC users of android. I will be sending private email about a few suggestions and a few development questions. Thank You for your dedicated effort on this port.
TImothy Gutleben 2020-10-28

I paid for the \"Pro\" version after it kicked me out of my file I was working on (my budget file) and now it will not open on anything because the password will not work. I open this file daily and I know the password is correct. Thanks, the free version worked fine but now Iam locked out of a year worth of financial work and a robust spreadsheet I created. I now have to start over, I just paid for loosing my data. I would like my money back.
Dan Laskowski 2019-06-27

I was considering buying this until the FREE version ERASED MY WHOLE file. Something in the FILE DROPDOWN was touched by accident and with no warning 2 hours of my work dissappeared. Also I was unable to remove a formatting window that popped up. Also WHY doesn\'t this thing automatically scroll so I CAN SEE what I\'m typing using a virtual keyboard? The virtual keyboard covers the text that I\'m editing.