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Description of Anger of stick 5 : zombie

Stickman action Game - Anger of Stick 5 : zombie


A strange group of enemies appeared in the city and have been using innocent people as experimental tools.

Lots of people have turned into Zombie so that Hero and his friends should save the people and remove the enemies.

[RPG's growth elements]

• The level up system through experiences (EXP).

• Please Invite 6 kinds of reliable fellows.

• You can request help up to 3 players.

• Buy weapons and upgrade them to strong weapons.

[Game Features]

• You can enjoy both Single mode and Jombie mode.

• A variety of movements and realistic actions have been adapted

• Use helicopters and machine guns strategically.

• Buy powerful robots and unleash powerful firepower.

• Realistic effects on characters’ movement and objects are updated.

• It only occupies 30MB to install in your mobile.

• Enjoy its marvelous effects on your old mobile.

※ Data will be initialized when you replace the phone's terminal or delete the game.



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Support Information:

For additional support, please contact:

E-mail : help@cowon.co.kr


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More Information Of Anger of stick 5 : zombie

lable: Action - Games Current Version:1.1.69 Publish Date:2022-01-13 Developer:COWON

User Reviews


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Mr Superboy2775 2019-04-17

this is so cool! its so fun that u can have friends and fight the enemies! and if ur srolling down the comments to see how this game is then play it! ofc if u like fighting games. i like the way they fight too! soo good
Velma Johns 2019-07-11

Wow,this game is a thief!!!First of all,I went to the purchase system to check on the money prices because i was planning to buy some grenades,but all of a sudden,as i came out of the purchase system,I realised all my money was gone!!!Like,are you even serious?I could\'ve bought a flame gun with all that money,but now i am very broke and poor.Please do not download!!!
Marvin Lasseur 2020-12-02

This game has alot of potential it needs more content maybe a story. Could you add some new moves? The action is good it would be nice if there are new weapons, also some more melee options when carrying a gun or sword. Please get rid of that drone it\'s really annoying when it flies over, and its also too loud.
Pandagamer052 2020-08-11

This game is my favorite! I hope you keep making more stickman fighting games. But, I would like the game more if you added more melee weapons, \'cause I really like using the melee weapons. Anyway, this is the best game I have ever played in my entire life! Also, please add A BUNCH more weapons. I recommend adding bats, swords, RPGs, C4s, and whips. But you can add other stuff, too. Add more game modes as well, like multiplayer, co-op, and versus. Add more combos, too. Add this stuff, plz! Thx😉
Pandy West 2019-08-09

This game is my favorite game of all time! This game is very amazing because this game uses no internet and you go all around a bunch of levels throughout the world beating up criminals i like to call them, but you can save citizens too by bringing them to a helipad! and incase you want to play the walking dead but you\'ll have to delete all your games, this is the right game for you because there is actually zombie mode wich means all of the criminals have turned into zombies! download now for f-
Master Mind 2019-09-11

Very best game i am proud of you.................................................................. And thank you................................ For showing this game..........!.... ................................................................................... Buy it from your mouth to be the only person that you can get in the right to say what is the most beautiful and you will find the right way and a great way for your family to be able to get your business back from your friends in the
Savita Chaudhary 2019-06-21

I have given just two stars because there is a bug in the game which you must fix and that is if I am firing on the enemy with my gun and if I suddenly paused the game then it keeps firing and when I resumed the game I don\'t have any bullet left and also if the enemy is shooting me and I paused the game then he will keep me shooting and after resuming the game it will show that I have died and the opponents bullets have fallen in the ground. Fix this as soon as possible.
John-Baptistuta Oyekanmi 2021-01-06

This game is awesome but it can be better, if you can pick up enemies\' ammunition and buy ammo in the pause menu and it would be nice if you add fall damage, throwing enemies off roofs should count as a kill and if friends could also help destroy boxes and lamps for coins and more melee weapons would be nice and rocket launchers in the battle bot, that are omni-directional . Thank you😉 and keep up the good work.6
Monique Steed 2019-01-12

I would be using another application and for some reason this game opens itself up and spams my phone with advertisements. Keep in mind I keep this game closed out. However, nothing prevents this game from randomly opening and spamming my phone, so I am now uninstalling the game. Very disappointed.
faye farley 2020-11-27

This game is an awesome fighting game with amazing graphics and also if you buy some game money you can get a free hulk transformation! isn\'t that awesome wouldn\'t you want your character to be at least close to the same size as hulk and all you have to do is pay 99 cents for whichever one you want well I didn\'t get to do it yet but I\'m pretty sure it\'s going to be awesome when I will!