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Description of Animal Adventure Downhill Rush

Winter is coming, snow is everywhere! It brings that same Christmas mood. So let's start the beautiful journey with the new runner game.

Join Animal Adventure Downhill Rush and become a part of the new winter runner game.

Grab your sleds and snow slide along the winter horizons. Discover the new places, rush through the cities, villages, snowy mountains, frozen rivers, avoid the running bears and car drivers. Collect gifts and a lot of various items like the rush bonuses, energy sparks, bombs and so on. Unlock new sledges, new animals (fox, rabbit, wolf and a lot of more), new sledge details, new various levels, new cups with the specific leaderboards. Set up new worldwide records, unlock various achievements and have a lot of fun!

Game Features:

Beautiful low poly designed arcade. Everyone who like the low poly graphics must have to try that funny winter game!

Dynamic gameplay with the different obstacles (such as rocks, snowballs, car drivers, running bears, ice traps, barrels and even the running trains!). It makes the gameplay more dynamic, interesting and adds a lot of fun :)

5 different types of game with the unique goals and tasks. Starting from the simple "get to the finish line" and ending something like "avoid the dangerous ice traps which can hit you".

Beautiful music along the whole game. There are 15 incredible sound tracks. Headphones recommended!

A lot of different sledges available to select. Unlock the various types and colors, make the sled look incredible.

A lot of different animals such as Fox, Wolf, Deer, Tiger, Boar, Cougar, Rabbit and of course, there is a Corgi! I hope you like Corgi :)

Easy to learn, difficult to master. Just use 'left' and 'right' buttons to control the sledge. It moves like a car and feels like a racing game, but looks and plays quite unique!

Sled customization. Set up on your sled the various details such as rockets, impulse gun and so on. So that you can explode the dangerous object and save your life!

Unique levels (not like in the most endless runners). There is a big amount of the various levels you have to complete. Snowy mountains, different cities, villages, frozen rivers, industrial zones and a lot of more.

Separate endless mode (for those who likes the time killers). Per that endless mode you can set up the various records, look who is the best in the leaderboards and try to be on the first position!

It's not an average runner, it's quite more! Even it feels like a racing game and you ride a car through the snow and ice but instead of car you ride the sledge like in Christmas time!

If you like runners or maybe endless runners, the racing games, any king of winter games (snowboard, ski), dynamic arcades, snowy and interesting adventures, car driving (yes, it plays a quite similar!), low poly designed graphics, slide down through the snowy landscapes, Christmas mood and even snow, sledges, games with the animals (fox, wolf, rabbit and many other forest ones) then you definitely have to try it out!

Feel free to start the beautiful journey. Grab your sleds and snow slide through the snowy mountains, landscapes and various slopes!

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:1.31 Publish Date:2022-05-28 Developer:Feelnside Games

User Reviews


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υн/σн ! 2020-03-22

Everything about this game is fantastic!! The graphics are jaw dropping, and the music is so soothing. I love the little details you see when you\'re sledding to the finish, like the airplanes and the people! I will admit the camera can be a little weird sometimes, like when you\'re turning to go a different direction the camera doesn\'t really follow you and it kinda messes me up. Other than that, this is one of my favorite games, totally recommend!! (:
Syphrus 2020-05-06

This is by far one of the best offline games on the platform it has good graphics and a very responsive admin and I dont understand why people complain about ads? Cant you just disconnect your device from your wifi or turn off your data? I mean can you guys understand that this game is offline and it has amazing graphics of course they need money for their game they put alot of effort onto it thats why they put ads. As for the admin keep up the good work and I hope you can update this game. ;)
FALLEN RAVEN 2020-02-14

One of the best Skating games I have ever played.The game so easy and smooth,it makes me lost in the icy shards.The animals and sound are excellent.I think adding new events for extra gifts will help the game a lot.Waitung for that and in the end really loved the game.
Jeter Canda 2021-01-24

Actually this game needs a recognition and awards because it\'s very beautiful and romantic I love the gameplay grapics and controll. And the place is very beautiful . This game deserves more attention and downloadeds.kudos
Rishabh Sharma 2019-02-05

Wow!!What an amazing game,very nice concept and beautiful graphics and music...Only thing missing is that it doesn\'t \'Exit\'..I hve to force close the app...Need to add Exit option after pressing back button.Other than that its a good game.
Sasi Kumar 2020-04-26

Game is good animations and effects are also best. There is levels and new maps. It has endless mode also. I really like the music it feels like healing. The amount for buying levels is increases gradually I don\'t like that because to get money we must play the levels again and again. So that reason I play some levels only.
Patrox 2019-01-27

Very nice graphics. Extremely nice game play. I would Recommend that for everyone <3
Champ 504 2020-12-07

This game is AMAZING!! But the main issue is that when I turn to a certain direction, it doesn\'t move that fast. What I mean is that the sensitivity is low. So please make it more fast to turn. Overall, this game is great, has nice cartoony but 3d graphics, and I don\'t see that much of glitches. I definitely recommend 🎮🎮🎮🦌🦌🦌
Aadit Singal 2019-02-20

The game is awesome and a bit classic which makes it good in itself! Nyc Imagination and controls are superb! Hey one more thing, Are there any promocodes for Google Play Store which I can avail from this game?
Spicy Patata 2021-01-23

Everything is perfect abt this game, the graphics, the soundtrack, the fair pricing and ITS EVEN OFFLINE!! like??? It\'s the best game I\'ve played in my entire life, you can just vibe with this game at 3 am on endless mode, this game isn\'t big for storage and its just amazing. Im definitely buying something in this game, the creator deserves it