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Description of Animal Restaurant

This heartwarming management simulation game all starts with a stray cat in the forest.

You're the owner of Animal Restaurant. Will you take in this clumsy, dirty kitty and let him work at your restaurant?

You can learn all kinds of recipes,

like taiyaki, strawberry pancakes, shaved ice, and spaghetti!

There's even pizza and avocado sandwich!

Mix and match all styles of furniture.

We've got European-style dessert tables, Japanese-style fences, and Mediterranean-style ovens!

You can also have an Alice in Wonderland-style garden tea party!

Hire cute feline staff,

including a ragdoll cat, a tabby cat, and a big orange cat!

You've also got to get on good terms with an eccentric chef!

As long as you work hard, you'll always have a steady stream of customers.

Will you chat with this diverse crowd of customers?

Will you listen to their thoughts, or argue with them?

Learn about the customers' stories through chats and letters. You can even participate and change their lives.

Hear about secrets, gossip and tear-jerking experiences.

All of this and more can be found at Animal Restaurant—a simple yet cozy and cute restaurant that's all yours!

Come open a restaurant and start your story!

Kind reminder:

It needs WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions due to video Ads.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/animalrestaurantEN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AML_Restaurant

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/animal_restaurant

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More Information Of Animal Restaurant

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:8.4 Publish Date:2021-11-24 Developer:DH-Publisher

User Reviews


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I’m_dяeamingシ 2021-01-14

Absolutely adorable and it if very useful to pass time. The atmosphere and places are overly nice and comfy. Honestly as someone might think this is boring, it actually isn\'t. You can make up goals to get something and try to open new places at a time and purchasing different facilities. And the little button on the top left with a chef is actually pretty useful. When u don\'t know what to do the chef gives you things to make a goal for. Thanks for reading, great app.
Gracie Vigil 2021-02-16

It\'s a very good game. It may seem like it was made for kids, but adults can play it too! You buy certain things with cod 🎣 (cod is money in the game💲💵) and that\'s how you receive a greater star rating! Stars are kinda the main thing in this game, because without a certain about; you can\'t get certain things that you will, 100% need to follow through in the game. Follow me on Animal Restaurant! [Gracie Vigil]. Or Facebook! (Same name) and we can play together. Have a great day.
K Lane 2021-02-05

This is the loveliest mobile game. It\'s casual enough that you can slowly build up points on the system and not feel rushed to watch ads or pay to advance in the game. I still do watch ads, but it feels like my choice instead being forced on me. And the illustrations! So adorable! I can put this game down for a couple days, but I always come back to check on my little restaurant.
se 2021-02-11

in terms of mobile phone game, this game is perfect. - cute design, inspiring - chill - minimal ads (most of the ads you see are the ones you choose to watch) - takes up not too much of your storage - perfect for those times you are waiting for something or need to relax. keep in mind i have gotten this game less than 24 hours ago. something id like to see is perhaps customisable characters, the restaurant is owned by cats but it\'d be nice to be able to choose other animals to be at the start
Natalie_is_big_dead 2021-01-31

I got this game because if I completed stuff it would give rewards on another app. Honestly, I love it. Even after given the rewards, I will still be using this app. There are a few things that could be changed. I think the promotion button should be bigger. Its so small that I sometimes miss it and hit the other button next to it. The swiping is also very sensitive. I will just be clicking cod or customers, and it registers as me swiping.
Nara 2021-01-08

I absolutely LOVE this game!! Best part is that watching ads is optional, which is really nice. It does take a while to earn cod and stars, but after a while, you\'ll have built up a pretty neat restaurant! The controls are pretty smooth, everything works as it should. Gameplay can sometime become repetitve, but if you just play a bit every day, it stays pretty interesting. The graphics are not anything special, but the animation is adorable. I definitely recomend!
Minnie Groot 2020-12-28

I could make a long speech about every individual thing of this game, but to keep it short; everything about this game is PERFECT. The art style, the idea, the achievments everything. There is no reason not to give this 5 stars. Plus the fact that you will only get ads if you want to increases the rating above 5. If only i could give 6 stars...
Courtney Kim 2021-02-19

I love this game. It\'s very cute and I recently unlocked all of the rooms. I love how unique every employee and customer is. As well as the equipment I put in my restaurant and the dishes I can make. The tapping mechanism feel like a lot of tapping for one customer, so I just watch ads for 15 at once or let the game run and come back at the end of the day, etc. But this game deserves 5 stars.
David Sanchez 2021-02-21

This game is amazing! Ads and purchases are completely optional, you can earn the same things without buying or watching ads (oviously with some time). Another thing I like is that it has a lil alarm that tells you when you\'ve been on for over an hour, and to remember to rest. This doesnt \"punish\" you or anything, you just push a button and it goes away. The art style is really cute and friendly. This game can be played everywhere, from waiting for someone or just vibing in your room. 10/10!
Astri A 2021-02-04

Very cute artwork, weird personalities of characters but somehow resembles real life LOL. You can definitely learn basic management skills here. Yes, some features requires you to see ads but I don\'t really mind it since you can progress to higher levels with no necessity to pay. My only concern is that it\'s very hard to obtain Letters this past few months. Overall this game is fun and relaxing.