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Animal Village-Forest Farm & Pet Merge! Zoo Games APK

Animal Village-Forest Farm & Pet Merge! Zoo Games



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Description of Animal Village-Forest Farm & Pet Merge! Zoo Games

This animal game will spirit you away! The magical village is a mess and these cute animals need your help!

You're the only hope left! Evil creatures made a mess in the wonder zoo. Clear the mess and decorate the wild landscapes. Rebuild the glade, collect resources in the Forest Farm and enjoy village life.

What a mess those evil creatures have made in the Forest Farm! Remove all the debris from the merge farm! The worm is hungry, the sparrow has nowhere to live, the hares want to have a baby... Take care of them all and save the fairy-tale forest.

Welcome to cute-animal game with a fairy-tale atmosphere.

What do you have to do in the “Animal Village Farm - Zoo Games”? Build dwellings for the forest pets, feed and play with them. Merge new species of birds and beasts!

Forest Farm features:

🐛 A variety of forest pets and birds live at the animal farm.

🐦 Addictive gameplay with a deep ecosystem.

🐰 Play the farm game offline for free.

🦝 Wild landscapes and numerous decorations: create your own wonder zoo!

🦌 Enjoy village life in the cute-animal game.

🐉 Even the evil critters are cute!

The Gnome has to build a real animal farm. The Forest Farm is home to hares, birds, raccoons, deers and many other creatures. Build dwellings, grow food and take care of the pets on the merge farm. Every cute animal needs your constant care and attention.

“Animal Village Farm - Zoo Games” is not that hard to play, because the hardy gnomes will help you. You just need to relax, enjoy village life and take in the wonders of our Forest Animal Farm games. The Wonderful Zoo Game Begins!

Manage your village life and merge animals in the forest farm game.


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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.1.35 Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:HeroCraft Labs

User Reviews


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Czar Tastrophe 2019-04-01

this game is very refreshing, i told my cousins about it and they liked it too so they installed it on their phones. 5 star worthy stress-relieving game💖
Zyra Tadulan 2019-04-18

love it,,what i really love about is its free,we can play offline,nice graphics,great concept and it didnt take to too long to upgrade,production,build like waiting for hours in order to complete task, we can enjoyed playing,,thank you for that💓💓💓
A Google user 2018-12-13

No story line, doesn\'t make sense
Tony Smith 2020-10-15

This farm is really nice and theres some stuff about animal evolution too. At first, i thought it was game for children, because of the graphic, but it actually takes some skill to keep track of all animals. I like everythink about it. And its cool that you cant only cut down tress, but also change the water landscape. I started whith a small zoo in forest and now made a whole city! Also, i think there not enough dwarves. Now im waiting my first deer. Wish me luck!!!
Esther Fleming 2020-12-08

Unfortunatly, this game always comes up with \'animal village has stopped\' which is very annoying. I read the reveiws about it and it sounded like a good game, and i tried to download it again but it kept coming up with the same thing. I only think this is not working because of how old my phone is. Hope everyone else gets better chances than me!
Kiwi 2020-12-02

The evil critters spawn so much by the time I have enough slingshot there are like 10 when I get rid of them more spawn and honestly it\'s rlly making me unable to play the game,
Kritesh Prasad 2019-07-08

I love it but I want the evil animals to be wiped out off the game.I had 9 zeppelin keys and now I have only 3.I want all my keys that I had
Shannon Olma-Campbell 2020-03-31

Absolutely love this game, but like most people have said, we need more workers. I have had this game before where you can buy extra workers for coins/gems and I was incredibly happy with it. If you wish to make money, cheap one time payments are the way to go. However I refuse to pay £15 per month for a game. Aside from that this is a great game, but with only one worker it becomes incredibly harder to progress in later levels. I suggest more free workers to raise that 3.9 star rating. Thanks!
Solar Horse 2016-01-15

To many unexpected pop ups. Still popping up in the middle of play with out warning. I love the game and have been playing it for a while. But in the last two weeks there have been these ads just popping up with no notice interrupting the game. I get the need for adds but that\'s what the chest were for and not you will be playing it pops up and you mess up on the game because you click the add with out meaning to. Then it loads the game all over.
angelia randolph 2019-12-22

I had this game on my old phone (loved it) where you could buy extra helpers with gems but now you want 14.99 A WEEK!!!! ARE YOU CRAZY? Don\'t waste your time on this game, it\'s turned money hungry. I don\'t mind buying gems but I\'ll never pay a weekly fee for a game. You have lost your mind?