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Description of Anonymous Chat Rooms, Dating

Looking for popular exciting anonymous chat with strangers? Searching for the endless source of random chat rooms to chat or date online? Download this free chat & dating app and join cool chat rooms. Share your confessions anonymously in self-destructing text messages. Chat with strangers and meet new interesting people from all over the world. Chatting with fun strangers has never been easier!


Find your secret identity in our anonymous chat app. Reveal yourself to the world the way you want. Don’t hide your thoughts and confessions behind fake social masks. One of the best things while doing anonymous chat with a stranger is that nobody is watching or judging! Start a live chat online in any of the chat rooms and be sure to truly say what is on your mind!


AntiLand Chat Rooms is an amazing app for meeting new people online, because everyone is open and honest enough to be their true selves. Imagine: you’re going to a bar and there are thousands of people chatting to each other honestly. Isn’t it a great place for making friends or dating? It’s perfect! We have greater girls vs boys ratio than in any average dating apps.


Our app is most certainly a free chat app that you most certainly haven’t encountered before. Not only our chat app is extremely safe because of the advanced filters that predict and stop bullying and trolling and annoying behavior, but also there are fun role-playing games & even tips on how to flirt or start convos and successfully complete anonymous chat & texting.


Studying, working, same-old-same-old activities may make life boring. Our combination of powerful functionalities and more than 1.6 million users in the enable you to chat with random people in tons of different mobile chat rooms. Start a convo, get a smile, heart or even make someone fall for you. Who knows, maybe in the singles & stranger chat rooms you’ll find your new crush!


With the help of this anonymous chat room app you can:

☑️ make friends online from all over the world, no matter which is their race, religion or gender

☑️ anonymous chat in the chat rooms may help you find new friends based on your common interests

☑️ stay anonymous and secure thanks to our 500+ automatic filters which predict and block bullying, trolling and annoying behavior

☑️ talk to real people instead of bots - anonymous chat with real people with cool chat rooms

☑️ online chat with strangers of your age in a safe environment

☑️ play role play games like truth or dare

☑️ learn how to communicate, flirt and joke with interesting people

☑️ study and practice English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, South Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Ukrainian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese and many other languages by selecting them in your Profile Settings and matching with native speakers in thousands of group chats

☑️ meet locals nearby or foreigners globally by exploring the fun chat room app

☑️ share funny memes and lifestyle photos anonymously in the chat room app

☑️ record a 10-second cam video and send it to your contacts as a private message (video chat with strangers)

☑️ buy anything in the chat rooms app for free - just earn some karma first by chatting

Start your thrilling journey to the fun, amusing & exciting today!

📲 Download our chat online app for free!

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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:7.021 Publish Date:2021-12-27 Developer:Anti Corporation

User Reviews


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Jada Clark 2020-07-18

Too much censorship. This app filters out everything. they filter out any mention of body parts even if it\'s the term used in medicine and biology classes. It also blocks any mention of other apps. The algorithm with even block you out of a group automatically for sending messages too fast or writing messages that are too long. The chatrooms are good. The people are friendly but users shouldn\'t be pushed for chatting like normal human beings.
Yue Peng Chang 2020-09-23

Yes i can fix the rating. Dropped it to a 1/5 because the censorship and report setting ruins the entire app. I would give it a 0 but Playstore is too nice. Any word that resembles even slightly to another social media page is blocked immediately. For example: \"kick\" is an automatic message block and flags your account. So if you were to refer to anything else with the word \"kick\" in it, your entire message would be blocked. \"Fix my rating\" haha shutdown your app <3
Emily Muller 2020-01-01

If I could give this app zero stars I would. It doesn\'t update in chat rooms. It bans you from using words that are actually completely innocent, and you don\'t seem to understand that the whole concept of chat rooms is to send messages quickly. Perhaps if you added a feature that shows when the other person is typing a reply, it might be better. Worst app ever!
Phil ipp 2020-06-12

Unfortunately very disappointing app - especially the desktop webapp is also extremely bad. You can\'t feely pm people of your own choice. Restrictions of sharing other contact information are also a no-go. The \"community\" consists almost exclusively of lustful guys and a handful of girls. Group chats easily get super confusing with similar looking avatars, since no names are displays in the normal chat view. Don\'t waste your time with this.
DJ Arabi 2020-05-15

So far, i am enjoying and spending a lot of time using this app. I have been looking for a good chat room app with a lot of users, because it\'s nice to be able to drop into a room full of people and just, well... chat. They do a good job of designing the experience so as to give users a safe and non-harrassy, anonymous user experience, which is a breath of fresh air. There are a lot of well populated rooms and you can start your own rooms easily. Also, the users aren\'t bots!
Stephanie Dutcher 2020-02-20

I like that you can chat anonymously with people all around the world. I also like that there are so many groups you can join or even make your own but you can also get private messages too. I also like that after a few messages you can send pics instead of having to wait 24 he as some apps have you do. I\'d definitely make an age requirement for it though.
Kuro McNeish 2020-07-14

It\'s a good app if you\'re looking to connect to people anonymously, but I will admit in the larger groups it gets really hard keeping track of who\'s who because all you see are the avatars. The monitoring could also use a little work; I got flagged for typing \"trapped\" in a word game group 😐😐😐
Ja dFayv 2021-01-07

Using this app is great until one of the mods closed the word rooms but took no actions on the rooms where users posted nude photos. There\'s clearly a bias, right. Allowing rooms for those stuffs but not the word rooms where users/players decently play. Many users/players that I know lost their interests with the app and left because of these unjust actions...
Sarah Sarah 2020-11-12

So guys this is the first app that I\'ve found real, mature people not just mature but the reasonable people are more than the unreasonable ones lol. Its an amazing app although I just joined yesterday. I got to chat with alot of different people from parts of the world only by saying Hi in the newbie group. The experience was fun. Honestly
Matthew Glasgow 2020-12-09

The app is a LOT of bots. It also used to have a random chat option which would connect to humans. Now it only connects to idle accounts. It was 95% of how I used this app before, but now it\'s almost useless. The rooms are mostly bots. I have met a number of decent people from the random chats. Since they stopped them, I haven\'t met anybody worth talking to.