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Description of Anonymous Chat

Anonymous Chat to meet strangers online in complete privacy. Make new friends while chatting or playing simple games in private. Know each other better and this time actually enjoy the process.

We care who you are and not how you look. Your personality is what matters. Anonymous chat is a place where you can actually enjoy dating and have real fun.

All the features of our anonymous chat are available to you from the start. Chatting will always be free(premium features exists), but you need to keep and grow your Karma and fit properly in our community.

Karma is our in-house points measurement, much needed for any platform where you can chat with strangers.

Our stranger chat app will keep track of your Karma with intention to protect you and keep our app safe. You understand that random chat with strangers needs extra precautions.

Please, take our report and Karma system seriously - they are important part of our platform and while we understand that you have the right of anonymous chat with strangers , we ask you to understand that user behavior should be monitored.

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lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:2.63 Publish Date:2021-09-11 Developer:MyPhoneRobot

User Reviews


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Dorey Davidson 2020-08-17

A lot of creeps on here tbh. Despite me saying I\'m only looking for friends I still had men and women alike hitting me up for more than that. I know this app can\'t do anything about people lying about their age on here but it happens way too much. All I got to say is be safe. 💯
Aaliyah D 2020-08-14

The app was working fine and then it suddenly started saying \"error in server communication\" and it wouldn\'t let me send any messages. I uninstalled and reinstalled hoping that it would fix the problem but now i can\'t even log back in. There was someone that I really enjoyed talking to and now I guess i\'ll never talk to them again. Please fix this :(
Caleb Davis 2020-10-21

Pretty good app but the recent update took away the ability of the app to go into landscape mode, wish they would fix this.
noodlez 2020-04-21

From time to time, the app will not allow me to send photos to others. I have enough \'karma\' to do it, but still, no luck. My internet connection is stable, but it\'s just not working for me. I hope you can find the time to fix this issue. Otherwise, it\'s a good app to find people to have a conversation with. Though, there are, what I like to call, \'creepers\' that roam the app.
Kenneth Cole 2020-04-22

Accidently deactivated account in pocket, recreated and now can\'t chat, customer service was a joke saying too bad. And the response just shows how bad the devs are, google eliminate this app from your store
M. Malcolm 2020-08-14

Started off great!, many types of people , many different backgrounds and personalities,, the app was enjoyable and i had recomended trying it out with a few friends but the last 3 weeks now its frustrating in the most way!!! All of us are losing our patience with your server communication errors!!!!
Andy Veenstra 2020-12-28

EDIT*** Many of the bugs have been worked out, app works just fine, and the user-base seems to be active and interactive. Worked fine at first, then after a reinstall all karma (needed to do anything in-app) set to zero randomly. Not sure if it\'s a bug or an attempt for monetization.
Leo McGuire 2020-06-16

I love it so far! I mean, there\'s some bits here and there, which is expected, but they don\'t have any kinda \"Pay for this so you can message people\" or \"pay for that to get more attention\". My only complaint is the adds, but I\'ll gladly put up with it for a truly free app that I can actually use.
James Jr 2020-11-09

The worst app. I tried to login and it says I\'m connected to other account and when I tried to talk to customer service they simply asked me to buy the avatar and didn\'t try to help me or rectify the issue. And when I asked they just kept implimenting that I have to buy the stuff to use this app. Rubbish app.
Ryan Wood 2021-02-24

Going downhill fast. Was a nice app before the last string of updates. It seems women have no restrictions (a much shorter list of banned words for sure) while men now have to pay for a small chance of getting a response, and with the \"karma\" system heavily dependent on long conversations, it\'s quickly becoming a pay-to-progress app. No one\'s going to continue to pay $10 for three hours of getting ignored anyways. You\'re about to lose your entire male customer base.