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Description of ANYCARD

Here in K52 we wanted to create something more than a simple magic app and we succeeded.

ANYCARD is a real magic tool, always ready and always with you. It allows you to create truly impossible effects.

A real reputation-maker.

ANYCARD allows you to bring up any card of the deck on the display of your phone, instantly and without difficulty.

Your audience will be speechless.

They can think of any card, touch it, draw it, mimic it... any card in any way and you'll be able to make it appear on the screen of your phone. As if you had real powers.

You decide how the card is chosen and how to produce it on your screen, depending on your taste and style. Use it with already existing effects or shock someone just by snapping your fingers and making the card appear on the display.

ANYCARD has been extensively tested with laymen and magicians alike and none of them was able to understand the diabolical method.

The most common question we received: "IS IT REAL MAGIC?!?"


· No voice commands.

· No visual recognition.

· Easy to perform.

· No forces.

· Any card.

· Any deck.

· Usable with no cards.

· Endless possibilities.

· Instant reset.

Times change, magic changes. This is a modern miracle, ALWAYS with you.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

- Arthur C. Clarke

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More Information Of ANYCARD

lable: Card - Games Current Version:2.0.12 Publish Date:2021-12-03 Developer:K52 s.r.l.

User Reviews


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James Tomlinson 2017-12-24

I really like this effect, I watched Chris Ramsay\'s YouTube video on it, and it only took me 2 seconds to decide that I wanted this effect. The only thing that I could request, is to have an option to skip the splash screen upon opening the app. What I mean, is for it to go directly to the black screen, skipping the purple. Edit: I just got the new update, and the option to make the cards proportional is amazing. Edit: the new update is awesome. Love the cards. Real cards. You can see the difference, which every small sublety is important. Seriously, the app keeps getting better. However, after updating, I was only able to use it once. My clock is on the fritz, and my screen goes dark. I can\'t use it at all anymore! I\'m using a LG G6. P.s. about that splash screen skip...
Dan Lewis 2018-02-28

I wasn\'t sure about the price-tag at first but it\'s just so blissfully simple and effective. Can be worked into multiple routines and tricks though I do have some ideas for improvements: Aspect ratio; cards on some screens (specially my SGS8) look incredibly stretched, would be much better if they could be made to be looking more like an actual card. Position of clock/battery symbol does not match the standard android layout and is also missing other things that could hide the app like a fake signal meter. Other than that it\'s amazing, nail the aspect ratio issue and it\'s a 5 star app for sure. Update: the aspect ratio is fixed and amazing. The signal meter would be the icing on the cake but it\'s perfectly fine the way it is. Keep up the good work!
Gary Ogden 2018-10-18

Ok great app, but why are we staring at a blank screen (with a clock in the corner), Bit of a give away to whoever you are showing it too. Why on earth do you not have the back of a card on the screen instead???? You have the option of different decks but I can\'t see the point as you on see the face of the card on reveal? Where are the backs of the cards? Oh and I can\'t download the pdf either on my phone? And what are the five colours for on top right of screen next to the pics of the decks? Also dragging the suits to put in order is a bit painstaking. There\'s more! Joker, Card Lock and Delay what do they do???? Magic mode Base,Prediction and Flash??? It was a bit naughty of Chris to do two effects on his video making out he could get the thought of card to appear on the phone. You have to know the card the spectator chooses to do this effect you cant simply ask someone to think of a card and then produce it on the phone.
Lucas O. 2017-04-27

Great magic app. So simple, but at the same time very magical. I would just enjoy a little customization at the black screen, like the t***r and b*****y signs. Nonetheless, great purchase!
Topcliffe 2017-04-27

It\'s a great app, but be warned that this won\'t work on all displays. On my LG V20 it stretches the cards vertically so they don\'t look right, which to me really takes away from the effect, especially for doing things like \"pulling\" the card from the phone. If not for that I\'d give it 5 stars, but I really wish they\'d consider offering an option to adjust the display; ideally the cards would be normal size. This would work even on smaller screens where some of it might be cut off because then it would look like an actual card was in the phone.
Lyell Watson 2017-06-19

Love it, doubted it at first but totally worth it and works when ever I need it to. Always helps as a backup incase of a mis read of a card or force gone wrong. Is there any way of putting a setting in to choose an​ image (your homescreen) as a back drop as this may sell it more effectively and give it an appearance of not being an application as such.
Phantomagic 2019-04-24

Ok Android Web View solved the problem. I still like the older version much more, the cards were bigger and sless smuchy (ace of space for example). Also the motion sensor is confusing hearts and diamonds.
PsychoticCardinal 2018-03-04

So I watche Chris Ramsay do this and he said you don\'t need to force a a card and you can basically predict a card someone is thinking of like a mind read I\'m wondering how to you do that with this...is it luck based or something how does the mind read prediction work.. Besides that question its a great trick
Josh Kelsey 2018-09-14

You have to pay £5.99 for an app which u still have to buy extras! Disappointed but good!
Henry Wallace 2017-08-06

I feel like there NEEDS to be a sensitivity setting. Sometimes when I want the card to apear it doesn\'t- AWKWARD!! And also the battery and clock at the top of the screen look super fake! Can\'t we take them away and use something more subtle? Or make it look more realistic? Litrally no phone looks like that...