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Description of Aomegle - Omegle Inspired Anonymous Chatting App

This app was created while keeping omegle in mind.

Omegle is a chatting service that lets you chat with people anonymously and randomly.

My type is also kind of omegle but instead of randomly connecting users, it lets you choose who you want to chat with.

Unlike Omegle, here you can see the gender, age , country and state of the user.

Along with all the features discussed above, here on Aomegle users have to tell what their interests are and other users can see those interests, hence they can search people of their type to chat with.

Like if you love people who code then you can search for people that live in bla-bla country and loves programming. Aww

Isn't it cool ? ❤️

To read full specifications and features of aomegle then please continue reading below.

Aomegle is a a free anonymous chatting app to chat and video call new people around the world without any registration.

With Aomegle you can Chat with your preferred gender of preferred country .

Aomegle also lets you Propose your interests to people and meet like minded strangers.

With Aomegle you can also send a video call request to the person whom you are chatting with.

Aomegle ensures that Only online users are shown to you for chatting so that you can be sure to overcome your boredom with people actively looking to do the same.

With aomegle you don't need to create any account to chat just enter you NAME and your AGE and your LIKES.

Users who are inactive are automatically set to offline. So if you have not messaged anyone in past 15 minutes or so then you will be considered offline by the application until you come back again.

You can search for people by their interests so that you can find someone of your type to chat with.

Premium Users can post their fantasy along with their interests.

Actually Fantasy is a gist that lets users define themselves more accurately in their profile.

You should be over 18 to use this app as it falls in the category of adult app and you need to make sure that you respect everyone because behind the chat a real user is sitting like you. so please be gentle.

Benefits and features of My Type :

* Chat anonymously with anyone in the world.

* Chat with girls/boys even if you are single.

* Video call boys and girls.

* Explore Fantasies & interests of people.

* Find like minded people by searching for interests posted by people.

* Send and receive photos from people

* No match making, Just start chatting instantly.

* Unlimited online chat with any boy or girl.

* Search Users to chat locally or in a foreign country.

* Disable visibility to be invisible for other users

* Everyday New and random people to chat.

* HD-Quality voice and video calls to chat with strangers

* Auto offline inactive users.

* Completely free dating app

* Gender based dating app

After downloading this app you can be sure to never get bored again.

You will always a have secret partner to chat with.

If you want had a BREAKUP or you have a DEPRESSION Then this app can help you overcome it by letting you Chat with single girls and single boys and have fun.

Find a temporary online boyfriend/girlfriend or get a permanent one..all depends on your chatting skills...

So, you can be 100% sure to have fun..

For any suggestions or problems please contact us on umaparashar@gmail.com

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More Information Of Aomegle - Omegle Inspired Anonymous Chatting App

lable: Dating - Apps Current Version:1.5.5 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:Adi Medicines & Pharmacy

User Reviews


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Franklina Baesi 2020-12-14

Whenever i reach important acknowledgement it stops. There is no button to continue
Manvendra Singh 2020-06-03

It\'s a good app for chatting purpose, you can find people around the world and chat with them , nice and easy layout 👌🏻
Randy Damas 2021-01-22

The app isnt entirely terrible, i just wish there were notifications for when someone tried to call you. Other than that, its not to bad.
Azy Bas 2021-02-18

I have already updated the app but I\'m still facing the same problem, stuck on \"getting things ready\" please refund my money
Siddhant Parashar 2020-12-08

Aomegle is the best time pass to ht with single girls
VINO MU.P 2021-02-03

Can I pay Rs.70/- for one month only? After that,I will pay for another month if I wish.But ,I dont want to pay every month subscription.Please add \"PAYTM\" mode also.The app is fantastic.But so far no reply received from any user and nobody had picked the video call.I understood that ater payment only , the app allow us to chat with users.okay.Im ready to pay if you add paytm and allow me to pay for one month only.
Mohammad Yahya ahmed 2021-01-24

Nice app..I like it💞
Suresh Kumar 2020-06-04

The thing that I liked very much about this app is that we can search users using filters like country, gender and age... So that people only find the people of their generation and category which makes chatting even more interesting 😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩
Brijendra Parashar 2021-03-11

This app is so similer to omegle. But better..
david Rossiter 2021-02-28

Really enjoyed this app and even upgraded to vip, however it has started to open up on the \"getting things ready\" screen and gets no further. Not sure if this is a temporary problem that everyone is experiencing or just me either way very frustrating.