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Description of AP News

Bringing you breaking news from the Associated Press and hundreds of trusted local sources, AP News is your trusted source for real-time news coverage anytime and anywhere in both English and Spanish.

AP News . Where the news gets its news.

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lable: News & Magazines - Apps Current Version:5.18.1 Publish Date:2021-09-01 Developer:The Associated Press

User Reviews


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William Ryan 2019-10-05

The advertisements on this app are all consuming. Constantly popping up to half screen size every minute or two. They take over the screen, making it difficult to read articles while continuously having to close out ads just to have them pop right back up. Used it daily for a few weeks but then gave up on it. Sad because I believe it\'s one of the better news sources.
Justin Hickey 2020-07-02

The news it provides is wonderful, but the constant moving ads (many of which now change size and cover content) are becoming more and more aggressive in frequency and distracting from content I want to focus on. This can impact absorbtion of information, and several times I have found myself having to go back and re-read a paragraph after an ad grew in size, began playing an action packed car commercial over the paragraph I was reading, and struggling to find the small x on the ad to hit.
Eli 2020-06-15

Great, except for the radio. After opening the app, the AP news radio will randomly turn itself on, even when I\'ve exited the app. Upon connecting to Bluetooth the AP news radio will start playing. This is unacceptable, and may cause me to uninstall the app. I\'d like to continue using this app, but I can\'t if it continues to hijack my phone.
Mike W 2020-07-28

Decent app for news. One thing I would like to see is a way to sort news stories by time updated. I am forced to scroll past a bunch of news stories I have already read to get to stories that are new further down on the feed. I want to just open up the app and see the new stories on top. BBC news app is my main source of news, mainly because it can sort by time updated. It\'s much more convenient
Bell Le 2020-06-23

Working app with easy to read interface. Comes with hourly updated stories and different topics of interest in copy/text. The AP is a not-for-profit collection of news sources from across the US and the agency itself is based out of New York. All the content produced has been used in numerous other news related media, and has made large contributions to our right to know. As of this writing, I feel AP News as a source is important to consider and its app as a platform should be a must for news
Joy Steinhart 2019-10-06

Too many intrusive ads. There\'s an annoying banner on the bottom of the page you\'re reading that\'s super distracting. Either its flashing at you, numbers are changing to catch your eye, or the banner enlarges to block what you want to read (you can minimize it but it gets big again within a minute). It\'s really annoying. I don\'t have a problem with having ads, but I will not stand for intrusive ones. Offer a premium app without ads or a subscription instead and I will start reading AP again.
Kirby Dague 2020-10-21

Nearly half the content is promotional garbage labeled with tiny text that\'s easy to miss. I don\'t mind ads, but ads in a news app disguised as news are completely unacceptable. Uninstalling.
Robert Anthony Watts 2019-10-19

One of the top wire news services... Yet it seems to me that fewer journalists\' reports from around the world are posting, as if to provide space for the advertising... The app has changed a lot over the past year, not necessarily for the better. Perhaps The Associated Press would do well to remember its roots as an organization, as one of the best wire services on the planet. [I wrote the previous, eons ago!] Now, I assert The AP is still one of the top two wire services on Earth, with Reuters!!
Stephen Hughes 2019-07-17

Used to be great, now ads are swamping it. There are normal ads, which are annoying, but easy to ignore. But there are also more despicable ads made to look like news stories. Yes, they\'re labeled as ads, but sneakily, just to cover their butts, in a way that you won\'t see that it\'s an ad until after they\'ve got the ad into your brain already. I used to recommend this app to people whenever we talked about where we got our news. Now I don\'t. AP--I would buy a pro version without the garbage.
Dustin Matheny 2020-06-25

I\'ll have notifications and once clicked it opens the app to the last story I had open and never moves to the story I clicked in the notification panel. I\'ve let it sit over 10 minutes on several occasions and it just sits there. Then if I back out of the story to the main page then often I can\'t find the story in that list. However if I go to the website I can find it just fine. On another note recent articles are starting to lean left. AP used to be pretty center.