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Description of Apglos Survey Wizard - easiest land survey app

Apglos Survey Wizard is the NR. 1 land survey app. It is EASY to use. It has MANY FEATURES, like mapping, staking out, drawing and calculation.

This app has many already integrated coordinate reference systems. It is very SIMPLE, but the results are GREAT. Start right NOW.

Apglos Survey Wizard can be connected to a GNSS receiver. In this way land surveying can be done with cm accuracy. This field data collection app works with almost any GNSS antenna.

It has been tested with the following GNSS receivers:

-Topcon Hiper VR

-Emlid Reach RS2

-Bad Elf Flex

-Trimble R8s

-Tersus GNSS David

-Tersus GNSS Oscar

-Septentrio Altus NR3

-Septentrio Altus NR2

-Sokkia GCX3

-Spectra Geospatial SP60

-Spectra Geospatial SP80

-Spectra Geospatial SP85

-KQgeo M8L

-Marxact UNI-GR1

-and many more

This land survey app is great for exporting points from the field or for field data collection. This app makes you able to land survey points, lines, arcs, polylines and areas. Besides that you can add comments and symbols to the drawing. It is ideal for land surveying of civil engineering works, mining or construction.

Apglos Survey Wizard uses layers like AutoCAD. All layes have colors, line styles and line weights. You can change them in the same way as in AutoCAD.

Also staking out or importing points into the field is included in this land survey app. Select a point on the Google map and you will see the direction and the distance to this point right away. You don't have to worry about how you hold the device where this GPS app is installed on. Apglos Survey Wizard keeps notice of this and changes the given direction. You only have to follow the arrow.

Small drafting work can also be done in this land survey app for GPS. Elements can be offsetted, extended or shortened. But also points can be added manually by filling the coordinates. Points can be connected. In this way lines, arcs, polylines and areas can be drawn. It is very easy.

Another great function is the calculation method. With Apglos Survey Wizard you can calculate areas, lengths and distances. Also height difference and element count are very popular functions.

This land survey app can also be used as a GIS app. It has full GIS functionality. Elements can be added and deleted. Also attributes can be added and changed. Also photos can be made of elements. For using the GIS functionality you don't need a GNSS receiver. Then this app works on the GPS of the device, like a telephone or a tablet.

A GNSS receiver is only necessary when you want to land survey with cm accuracy. Apglos Survey Wizard has some security built in that no values can be surveyed when there is no RTK correction. Non accurate values won't be collected. It will give you a warning. Also a warning is given when you want to stake out points. The distance will be marked red. Then you know that the distance given is not that accurate.

As you can see this is a very complete land survey app for GPS. Apglos Survey Wizard can open en save data in the following formats:









It can also save data in landxml file format.

This app can do a lot, but the main thing is that it is very easy to use. Anyone can use this land survey app.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.19i Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Apglos

User Reviews


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Daniel Russo 2020-04-28

I have no experience with survey software. I have tried other apps and they are confusing. With no experience and about 45 minutes I was able to map out a 40 acre land parcel with key points, and distances. Great app!
Ted Betz 2020-06-16

I wanted to test a simple task....type in latitude and longitude and have it take to the point for a stakeout. No way to do it. The manual is just screen descriptions. No use for real surveys. As best as I can figure out, the \"stakeout\" option takes you to points that are simply picked on a map with a finger. Very disappointing, especially since it says it\'s the best and easiest.
JUNRIX ABAD 2020-06-13

I just got a walkthrough on the app , so far I love about on its interfaces and colors , I havent try to connect on my GNSS reciever but i think I will work. But , Im confused regarding on a coins stuff. What does it mean?
LEE U CO 2020-10-11

I have downloaded buthavent try in real work...i keep looking at these screen what those icons are...
user user 2020-07-09

It requires a registration to work!!!!
Peter Rijksen 2021-01-27

Many things to learn before you can actually use this app. And that is exact what I like about it!
Peter Burke 2020-05-21

Fantastic service from a company that cares about their clients needs
Kamarul zaman 2020-06-13

Excellent even for novice

Good application for surveyor
joseph presti 2020-04-30