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Description of Apple Knight: Action Platformer

Apple Knight is a modern action platformer with precise touch controls, fluid movement, and smooth animation. Explore vast levels filled with secrets, quests and loot. Defeat tough bosses. Fight your way through hordes of evil wizards, knights, and creatures - or activate traps to take them out from a safe distance!


- New Game Mode: Endless Adventure. Play through endless random levels and get your high score on the leaderboard.

- Customize character skins, weapons and abilities.

- Pets!

- 2 secret areas in every level.

- 6 customizable touchscreen control layouts.

- Gamepad support.

- Keyboard support on Chromebooks. Supports Samsung DeX.

- Cloud save support.

- Achievements and Leaderboards.

Made with love and care!

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More Information Of Apple Knight: Action Platformer

lable: Action - Games Current Version:2.2.7 Publish Date:2022-06-02 Developer:Limitless, LLC

User Reviews


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Matt Magliozzi 2019-12-10

Made to make you Pay $ Honestly, the first few levels are fun, but then the game difficulty shoots up so fast where its almost impossible to pass them with the gear youve unlocked so far (especially for playing on hardcore). Between the swarm of enemies, fireballs that go through walls, and just being designed to just widdle away your 3 hearts to nothing, the game does not take it easy on you for very long.
Joe W. 2019-11-12

Cant find the supposed new control schemes and the movement feels really janky, for instance: when you jump immediately after attacking, the jump is delayed by a good half a second (this also applies to air jumps); when you jump off of a moving platform that is moving in the same direction as you, you decelerate to your character\'s normal walking speed. I also dont like how the ad crates are placed as, in many locations, a significant amount of the loot from them is trapped in spike pits.
Danny Schwalen 2020-05-04

A platformer with fun gameplay and intuitive controls! Some have said this game suffers from \"developer greed\" because it has a lot of ads. However, I\'d say those people suffer from \"consumer greed.\" You can\'t expect a group to spend hundreds of hours developing a fantastic game and give it away completely free. The game is beatable (even on the hardest difficulty) without any paid skins, and you can remove the ads permanently for about $2 USD. Still much cheaper than comparable games on Steam.
L.Q. Hunter 2020-03-08

Overall I enjoyed my gaming experiences, but there are some areas that need improvements. Interacting with the ads in level is really hard. You should be able to attack the ad box and it starts playing. It only works 50% of the time. The controls aren\'t completely consistent when pressed (there\'s a delay sometimes). Clicking on interactives in the menus (follow on Twitter, watch an ad) don\'t seem to work to well. But level design, graphics, and overall enjoyment is awesome
Adel Fayad 2020-12-28

Love it! I never write reviews of mobile games but this one deserves a recommendation. Great real FREE game. No intrusive ads, fun to play and engaging! The game developers are one of the few decent people among a sea of degenerates that are most mobile game developers. The gameplay is smooth, the levels are well designed and the art is very good. The only thing that is lacking is the story but that\'s okay. I will put some money into this game for support! They deserve it.
j 2019-11-12

Solid platformer overall, difficulty ramps up rather quickly, which I find refreshing though there could be a wider variety of abilities. My only true gripe is the amount of ads, and boy there are a lot. That being said, the most basic armor you can purchase ($2.99) eliminates all the ads, I think it\'s worthwhile. That being said, don\'t knock em for the ads, they gotta make money somehow, and for the quality $2.99 is well worth it.
Jordan Frey 2019-12-27

Beautiful graphics style, fun and easy to learn controls, and a great casual game! I haven\'t played through a ton of it yet but so far I enjoy it quite a bit. It does get more challenging as you advance through levels, making new gear/weapons/abilities necessary, but I see myself having fun playing this for 10 - 20 minutes at a time with no pressure to keep playing or meet any standards.
Leevi Jordan 2019-11-19

The game is very good, one of the best platformers I\'ve played on mobile. My only issue is that I purchased the armor to get rid of ads, and sometimes I still get them. It has to be some sort of glitch because when I close the app completely and relaunch it normally takes care of it. Other than that it\'s a great albeit slightly short game! EDIT: As of a recent update, I have no longer had any issue. There is also new abilities, weapons, and a new level. Strong recommendation
Godchi1d Von Steuben 2020-10-09

Game\'s got it all. Great sidescrolling platformer, controller compatible, HIGHLY recommended!! You don\'t have to watch ads, unless you choose to, and any in game purchase, even just .99¢ removes adds. As for in game purchases, most of them can be bought with either real money, or coins from the level, making relatively few items behind a pay wall. Ads, and micro-transactions are set up, is by choice, and not necessary. So it\'s not only a GREAT platformer, but really considerate of players.
Jeremy Jones 2020-10-12

*edit* The issue mentioned below has been fixed. */edit* I purchased armor that was supposed to remove ads, but they still show sometimes. I\'m not talking about ads you choose to watch, but ones you\'re forced to. This is a pretty good game otherwise, but not good enough for me go through the trouble of trying to get customer support to fix the issue. I\'m uninstalling and moving on.