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Description of Applore Asistant - PRO

Full featured premium version of Applore.

Applore Device Manager essential tool that protects your device from malicious, spy apps, unauthorized access & pickpocketing. It keeps your phone clean, locks important apps, stores private media in the vault, removes junk space, fixes duplicate files/contacts, deletes cache, uninstalls bulk apps, improves speed & battery, hides/disable apps, backup/restore app/contact and more!!

Privacy & Security - Find Suspicious apps, Hidden apps, Unsafe apps

File Privacy - Hide any Picture, Video, Audio, or Document files from the file system.

Mental Wellbeing - Keep yourself away from phone addiction with Focus mode.

Anti-Theft support - Save from pickpocket, pick from charging, and more.

App Lock - AppLock, WifiLock, Notification Lock

Manage apps - BulkUninstall, cache, size, settings

File Manager - Daily media view, file finder, explore, file, unzip, move file, recent file

Duplicate finder - duplicate image, claim memory

RAM Cleaner - clean RAM

Junk files finder - Unwanted files and thumbnails

Uninstallation & Backup - Bulk Uninstall, backup apps

Share Apps and files - Send app link and APK to friends

App update notification - App updates finder

Insight of your phone - Total information about hardware condition

Social app manage - WhatsApp and Facebook status files, distribution of files

Password Manager - Create random password, auto-fill using passlock.

Contact - Backup and share contact data access phone.

File manager

Manage your files and folder as you do on the desktop. search, copy, cut, paste, delete, move, rename, share, send, file property, and more.

compress and decompress files

Search and share files

multiple select, copy, cut, and delete files

Find a file by category, size, file type

Picture and video preview thumbnail.

Everyday new files report.

App Lock

Lock individual or group of apps protected with passlock and pattern, Wifi, Bluetooth and Data

Advance lock with PIN, Pattern, and FingerTouch

Lock Private Notification and System settings

Optimize to use minimum phone battery

App Manager

Best tool to find insight of installed and System applications. Find latest, large memory, high cache memory apps and decide to bulk delete unimportant apps. Apps can be backup up and restore from google drive cloud, send/share apk files, check permissions used by the app and hide/disable system applications.

Private Media Vault

Move your Gallery picture video to the private vault that encrypts your files and stores them locally. These files can only be viewed if you have access to a passcode or pattern.

Mental wellbeing

Save yourself or kids from phone addition. Setup maximum time that you want to restrict per day, once that time is over then access to that app will be locked for rest of the day. Super Focus mode allows you to instantly lock these distracting apps for the given time period.

Anti Theft Device tools

The app offers four distinct tools to save your phone from theft. The pick-pocketing ensure that the phone ring alarm as soon as it out of your pocket, while charger protection ring the phone as and when someone disconnects. You need to enter passlock or pattern to stop the ring.

Junk File cleaner

If your device becoming slower, battery draining quickly or device space getting low, this is an effective option to remove junk files, folders,s, and processes from memory and clean your phone.

Permission & Security

The app helps you know about what kind of permission each application accessing so you can make the best decision whether they should be used or removed.

Duplicate Files

Find duplicate files and remove multiple copies to claim the device's internal memory. We find an only exact same file with 100% accuracy.

About your Phone

Know everything about your phone. find out essential device features like sensors, system on your chips, battery, device temperature, camera, network, and a lot more.

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More Information Of Applore Asistant - PRO

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:3.0.7 Publish Date:2021-07-20 Developer:MobileBrain App Studio

User Reviews


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Lucretia Ball 2020-06-25

I love this app! More people need this in their life!! It\'s so organized!
D Love 2020-03-10

I\'ll give a 5 star once I figure out what\'s causing the app the keep crashing, works awesome on my other device, I truly believe in this app, great job Developers.
Bob P Wilson 2020-07-13

Great Application! (via Pro, Upgraded)? This App is part of my \"go to\" apps, installed on all my devices. I highly recommend the App.
Nathon Nash 2020-07-24

Great app and easy to use
Lori Johnson 2020-07-06

Feeling Betta?
Jason Adam Hoffman 2021-01-14

Impressive! Thanks for the hard work.
Tulsi soni 2020-06-26

Best aap i have ever seen. So many fantastic features are there.
Rick Tudor 2020-05-26

This app does everything right......
Brandon Pettit 2020-04-30

Really amazing app
Kylie Newell 2020-06-21

Easy to set up