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Description of AppSheet

AppSheet is the intelligent, no-code platform trusted by over 200,000 app creators around the world including Clearlink, Enterprise, ESPN, Pepsi, Husqvarna, and more.

Build apps directly from your cloud-based spreadsheets (e.g. Google Sheets, Excel, and Smartsheet) and databases (mySQL, postgreSQL, AWS DynamoDB, etc.) to streamline your business operations.

Common use cases include inventory management, field data capture, equipment and safety inspections, custom CRMs, fleet management, field sales, property management, and more.

Build a no-code App in 4 ways: 1) Connect your data sources 2) Copy a sample app. 3) Use an add-on for Google Sheets, Forms, or Excel. 4) Start from SPEC, our natural language declarative programming tool


AppSheets helps teams connect Spreadsheets saved in Google Drive, Box, and Drobpox with remote users through the AppSheet App. Remote users can access the data in rich and simplified ways and are able to edit an add new data for a complete workflow.


Millions of people manage projects using Google Sheets, Excel, and Smartsheet. AppSheet helps project managers display and share project data through a mobile device with other team members and stakeholders. Keep data centralized in a core spreadsheet and share only the parts that their audience needs to see. No more managing dozens of files that go back and forth via email!


Manage study plans, school rosters, grading, and group work with a single spreadsheet. See the data on a mobile device using AppSheet through the interactive app that allows for form entry, charts, maps, text summaries and image galleries that can be shared with students and colleagues. Select customers include Harvard and the University of Michigan.


Keep track of your pipeline on a Google Sheet and access the data through AppSheet for an enhanced and streamlined view. You can also interact with your spreadsheet data in new ways like building maps from your data, calling to telephone numbers listed on the spreadsheet, sending emails to contacts listed in your spreadsheet, and building catalogs using image galleries to keep your customers updated in your most recent offerings.

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lable: Business - Apps Current Version:14.9 Publish Date:2021-09-06 Developer:AppSheet

User Reviews


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team barqiya 2020-06-30

Hello Appreciate this great work! I need to k ow some further details about it.Doese is possible creat app with login activating which means each person has specific login ID and password and need update their app only specific data as one person\'s data not appearig for another one.Thanx for well reply.
mohammed zaid 2020-02-16

We have used this in our company, app is awesome with proper cost. We have captured data for Millions of dollars worth projects with minimal issues. I myself was able to develop and deployed the app.
Emmanuel Mukunzi 2020-07-11

This app is not operating clear, it is slow and some time it fail to open
Josh Vogler 2020-12-16

The idea of the app is great. It definitely wasn\'t designed to be intuitive though, so plan on spending time endlessly searching out the answer for \"how do I do something\" In the end, why not just learn a coding language that will be useful for more things, if you have to manage this steep learning curve anyway, right? I suppose if you have a very specific use case this app solves, and you for sure never want to code beyond the scope of this app, then it\'s a good choice.
Scott Stricklen 2020-10-26

The app is absolutely terrible, and there is zero customer service. I have an issue with my email, and I need to change it, but their customer service continually refuses to help. I highly suggest people do NOT use this app. It\'s a waste of time, and their customer service will not help with anything.
A Google user 2019-03-30

Awesome.. Really helpful for my small business. Thank you Appsheet team
James Katuramu 2020-08-18

It has failed to stabilize,it can\'t oppen up to the end .any help?
GGI565 2019-01-21

Twice I\'ve come here decided to use Appsheet to create an app from my killer spreadsheets on Google Sheets. And twice I\'ve been deterred after reading the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy for the app. This seems to be precisely what I need but why do u have to literally take over our hard work just to let us use ur app? And why others need to look at our files? Is that really necessary? It\'s like in order for us to use this app we have to let u \"own\" our intellectual property. Totally unacceptable.
Graham Ward 2019-05-14

There seems to be a major issue with thus app. It appears to be installed but when you start it, it requests you to sign into Google. Once you do this it prompts you to install Chrome (which is already installed!). It then goes back to requesting signing to Google and round the loop again asking you to install Chrome again!!! So at the end of the day it just does not work.
Tony Bohm 2021-01-21

It sounded like something that could be used to make a GUI for your google sheet, the sheet effectively functioning as database tables, but there\'s nothing there in AppSheet but the name of whatever tab was in focus on your sheet when the \"app\" is made - no way to create and edit forms, connect to additonal tables, etc. Does not show any contents of said tab even. Does absolutely nothing. Tutorials online refer to menus that don\'t exist in the app.