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Description of AppStation: Games & Rewards

The one and only cash app that actually payout. If you like playing games and getting extra cash, you've come to the right place!

Earning money while playing games has never been so easy.

Here's how it works:

👉 Get AppStation completely for free. Our reward app doesn't require in-app purchases and you will not get disturbed by ads.

👉 Choose one or several games among our list and play. You fetch rewards EVERY minute you play. Rewards are symbolised by coins.

👉 On AppStation, check any time your progress: see how many rewards you accumulated and how many left you need to win your gift card! 🎁

👉 To win gift cards and get your payouts, you need to reach a certain amount of rewards. 🏆 Depending on the brand of the gift card, you will need more or less rewards.

Easy, right?!

Don't miss your lucky day: we offer you a welcome bonus of 4444 coin rewards so you will just need few minutes to get your first payout!

Last but not least, here are the gift cards and vouchers you can win on our cash app:

🛍️ Amazon cards

😀 Google Play gift cards

👾 PlayStation vouchers

🎮 Steam coupons

👟 Nike gift cards

🛒 Walmart shopping cards

💳 or get direct payout on your Paypal account!

So don’t waste your time and join the AppStation community, which has already several Million lucky users earning money while playing games!

Here are some tips to fetch extra rewards and earn money faster on our cash app:

🤝 Invite your friends to join AppStation and get an extra +25% bonus.

📈 Choose games where you earn more coins per minute.

We try our best to show you games that best fit your interests. Games suggested on our list depend on your age and gender. To make sure you find your favorite game, we have a huge variety of games: Arcade, Adventure, Strategic, Casual games,

Remember, all you have to do is play and we will pay you for your time. Let's fetch rewards, win free gift cards and earn money!

You're in? Come play games and get lucky!

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:4.3.5-AppStation Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:App Station Company

User Reviews


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Lauren Pilecki 2019-10-10

Used this app pretty easily for a few weeks- got to a point where I could cash out & now the thing will not start up at all. Stays on load screen for several minutes, never loads. Just for good measure, I left the phone for 10 minutes, still didn\'t load. I updated, no change. Based on other reviews, I can\'t delete and reload the app because I will lose all points. I\'m wondering if I finally got enough points for a pretty good cash-out and now its suspiciously not working. I smell a scam.
Diana Harpel 2019-06-14

i really like having games under one app. i just, yesterday, requested my first payout. i\'ve had the app for about 2 1/2 - 3 mos. & i play almost everday but only for less than 2 or 3 hours split among 2 or 3 games. my payout is about $18. not bad for having fun! im anxious to see how long or difficult receiving my payout will take.
C Tannel 2019-04-11

complete garbage. the app was doing well for a few days but suddenly I started getting spam pop up apps constantly. the issue ended up being so bad I had to factory reset my phone. as soon as I tried to reinstall the app it popped up with a \"suspicious behavior\" notice and I can\'t open the app at all. I\'ve tried contacting support several times over the past week and can\'t get any kind of reply.
Melody Hinton 2019-05-22

Ive had this for about a week now, and suddenly it won\'t even open??? i had 31k saved up from gaming and now i can\'t even make progress on any of my games (paying wise) because the stupid app keeps saying `error\' and shutting itself down. UPDATE: So, now it\'s allowing me to open the app, which would be fine and dandy if ANY OF THE GAMES LOADED. It never took more than a minute for my things to load. Now? I\'ve waited 20 MINUTES with NO progress. Ugh this recent update ruined everything.
A Google user 2019-06-15

update: it started working again though i never got the \"make up coins\" for while it didnt work. but now its not again. this app worked good at first but has now completely quit giving me my coins. no matter how long i play im stuck at the same amount. i played one games for hours and got no credit for it. i tried to message them about the problem but no answer and no fix. if it doesnt fix soon im cashing out what i have and deleting it. if you decide to use this app, keep an eye on your coins.
Elaine Kidd 2019-08-14

I was sceptical on reading some feedback but I got my first £2.50 Amazon voucher within days of starting. I have had 5 more but with advice from previous feedback I apply fie £2.50 at a time. Some games are easier to play for longer to get rewards but you can start and stop and it still counts the time. I have found a great game I love playing that I would never had tried if the app hadn\'t paid me to play it. update-still getting paid.
Vic Lastname 2020-08-21

UPDATE: 8/2020: Requiring ID now? 7/2020: Won\'t load. 5/2020: I have been paid about $100 so far, but it has become increasingly difficult. The app offers games and then without warning drops them from the list. I keep getting invested in games and then they stop paying me for playing them. 12/2019: Yay! Awesome! I\'ve been using this app for a little over a week and I just cashed in last night for a $20 Amazon gift card. I just got it in my email and redeemed it. It worked!!!
TONI WOOD 2019-10-09

Great way to earn a few bucks to spend on your favorite game or whatever you want. I hope there\'s a few good strategy games to chose from soon like King Of Avalon, Guns of Glory, etc. So that I can earn some cash and spend it. Lol. Love these apps cause you can earn free money just for playing a game. I don\'t have to go out of my way to earn rewards. I\'m getting paid for what I normally do.
Carrie R 2019-11-22

Terrible app! Do not waste your time. There is not many games to choose from and all of the games offered are boring. I never even got credit for playing. The app kept saying played 0 hours and 0 minutes, stating it may take a few minutes to update. 24 hours later it still shows 0 hours and 0 minutes even though I had played for hours. Skip this.
Rob Collins 2020-08-20

Changed my rating to 1 star. I have not received a response from support about changing my email I never verified the email because I signed up with facebook. I dont have that email anymore. It said as long as you did not verify your email that you can change it. Well I will be deleting this app if I can not get it fixed because it would be pointless to have. Will change my rating if fixed.