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Reach to the end of the water slide, try to be the first. Bump other players during the race and have fun playing this colorful and sunny water slide game.

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:4.5.8 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:VOODOO

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duh_itz_tiff 2020-12-14

Don\'t get me wrong. This game is addictive and fun. But, it just doesn\'t sit right with me that I\'m going against bots. Even if I land somewhere and I\'m first, a bot is somehow infront of me. And the ads are EVERYWHERE. My suggestion would be we could play against friends, family or even some strangers. It gets pretty boring playing against Perfection after the 10 rounds I\'ve been with them ;-;
Josh Thompson 2020-11-23

This game is GREAT. It\'s fun,it\'s not Laggy, I let my kids play every single day and they have fun EVERY SINGLE TIME. The only thing wrong about it is it feels like I\'m going against bots because if I zoom off and land there is already someone behind me and the ads I get are sometimes inappropriate. Overall It\'s a GREAT game and I recommend you play it(If you have kids,let them play this it\'ll keep them off your back lol)
Bangile Mahlombe 2020-12-14

Fun game but anytime I get close to winning the NPCs always either get in front or behind me and I find the quickest way. I don\'t like the constant ads I know y\'all are trying to make money somehow but at least turn down the ads. Don\'t play this game if you have a short temper or get triggered easily. I recommend this game to the people who are calm and won\'t throw their phone at a wall
Potato Wednesday 2020-11-16

The game is fun and competitive at first, and I really liked it. But with all the lag you can\'t aim or even see where you\'re going which is important to this game. And of course who can forget the ad everytime you die or win. I never cared much because I know whatever gets money is worth doing but an ad every five seconds? And even on on the title screen? There is just no need and to me it really lows the quality of the gameplay itself.
Amy Kline 2020-10-19

I like this game so much! It\'s so fun! Although, make sure the life guard is not watching. DON\'T TRY THIS AT HOME. Oh, all the controls work and this game works perfectly well. I love how we can unlock new wardrobe items. I love love love the bear costume. That looks like a panda. That\'s why I love it. Because I love pandas. Thx to whom ever made this game.
Matt Hardcastle 2020-12-17

This game is really fun! I enjoy my self playing it all the times when i feel really bored. But the only problems with the game is that when you go ahead of the other robots, they catch up to so fastly and the second problem is that when you want a skin like for common skins are only 300$ and the rare ones are 700$ and the legendary skins are 1.50! Maybe change the game to a game you can play online or offline so that you could play with your mates, and please change the price of the skins.
Maxwell Toledo 2021-01-06

Very fun controls, but the game looks poor and unfinished and the game has problems. First, the graphics are just awful. Some locations flickr and don\'t load, and others just look like shapes. Second, the place of other players many times does not add up. I could jump off the track in the beginning and land right next to the end with a very large advantage, but then the other players spawn right next to me as if they took the same path but they did not. Every race is \"close\" even when it isn\'t.
Emily Livingston 2020-11-06

The game tries to make it seem like you\'re playing against other players, but you\'re not. If you pay attention to player names you will see the same names over and over again no matter when you play. Plus, it functions exactly the same even in airplane mode! By the way, this is the trick if you want to play without ads. Anyways I got suspicious when all the other players arrive behind me within seconds of me landing somewhere, almost like there was some rubber banding going on...
Tara Baker 2020-12-19

okay so, its a really good game from what i have played and heard but i did see someone complain that you play against bots. I personally dont see it as an issue, as many games do it and get away with it. And as many have said, you can turn off internet to avoid ads which i think is good for a dev to let you do, as some devs dont. Amazing game, would reccomend to anyone for a fun time killer!
Hazel Wilson 2021-01-24

This is the best game ever. I highly recommend the animal outfits.please can you upgrade the money at the finish line to 500.I love the game it\'s so addictive. The new legendary Halloween outfits are wicked. The amount of ads is going up to 1 per ad at the finish line of every slide. Please take the away the ads. I am going on this game every single day.