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Aquarium Farm - water journey

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Description of Aquarium Farm - water journey

🌊Plunge into a beautiful ocean farm, meet with farm ocean friends: mermaid 🧜‍♀️ turtle 🐢 dolphin 🐬 octopus 🐙 crab 🦀 and shark 🦈

Create your own farming story: grow hay and harvest sea plants, feed animals every day, trade with friends, build amazing ocean city from township, evolve your fishdom! 🐠

Use ancient magic and modern technologies to save the ocean paradise from poison.

Explore ocean secret together with a brave diver to build a perfect city here!

Become a part of an underwater love story in a magic aqua world! 💌

A beautiful mermaid is greeting you and asking for your help! Her aqua land is full of toxic waste now! But a wave of change is coming! We dive to the ocean bottom to save this place and create a great magic space for the mermaid princess.

Download for free and play anytime even offline:

- Build your own underwater township and Zoo with sea animals and fish living nearby

- Harvest sea plants!

- Explore mystery locations: cave, temple, sunken ships

- Find chest of treasure and gems

- Complete collections of rare artifacts

- Use decorations to improve your landscape!

- Swim with mermaids and create a love story

- Look after cute ocean animals

- Help to protect ocean nature

- Find new reliable friends to discover deep depth.

- Take part in fancy events and open a romantic storyline

Do you want to become a part of the best team in the ocean now? Then join us and welcome to the world of magic and farming!

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.36 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:foranj - farm day games & paradise township hotels

User Reviews


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Kelly Kendall 2020-03-13

I am stuck. I cannot upgrade my storage and I barely started playing the game the ads pop up. Right after that is the want it add free then support us. I have seen more Support the creators in this game then of the actual game. I am staying with Hay Day
April Handsone 2020-03-08

It was a good game until I realized I couldn\'t delete/sell items in my storage. Since I couldn\'t do that, I no long could collect other things. All which put a major hault on the game. Could no longer play because I could no longer make a move.
tin metica 2020-03-14

its a good game with good graphics. easy navigation. the only downside is production time is too long, storage capacity is too limited, its hard to get materials for upgrading storage.
Debra Labier 2020-03-13

The game is okay except for the ads never in any other game that I playdo I have to watch a video after claiming my daily way too many ads if I had the money I would pay to remove the really not sure I\'m going to keep
Mandy White 2020-04-01

Update: I downloaded the game again because I did enjoy it. Storage seems to be more agreeable and I did figure out to the missing crops, wait. Don\'t do anything until the white light flashes that it\'s been added to storage. Only takes a few seconds. I look forward to seeing where the game developers take their games. Fun game but needs some improvements. It has potential.
Sylvia Biste 2020-08-13

Loving this game. Fun farming under water. It gives you a break from above farming. Lol. Relaxing soothing you name it. Need to do more like these. Thank you. 🙂👍
anna cuckow 2020-03-18

This game is awesome I love how you get to build your own farm and I also like mermaids so that\'s another cool thing about it
CM Lemmus 2020-06-17

Like many recent \"farming games,\" this is really just inventory management. Very limited farming plots, you either have too many crops (which you can\'t easily sell) or too few (crops are their own seeds, so you need to keep some). Worse, storage is limited and upgrades are rare drops -- which take up storage space! to;dr: It\'s not a bad game, but for me it was more frustrating than fun.
Brandi Bordelon 2020-11-10

I need a way to throw away in wanted items. I only have 207 storage space but have 1087 items in my storage from spins. I can\'t collect anything right now 2nd review... no I can not rush my items to sell in the export I need a way to delete them once I have them up for sale. Or just a trash can to throw items away. I still am not able to play.
Jana Kassis 2020-12-18

Waaaw amazing almost thank you because is missing a fish