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Description of AR GPS Compass Map 3D

AR GPS Compass Map 3D - The Augmented Reality 3D Compass with an integrated split-screen map!

Locating landmarks (e.g. via latitude / longitude) has never been easier thanks to a green arrow on top of the compass that always points towards the currently selected landmark !

Our unique fusion and filtering algorithm that combines the values of the magnetic field sensor, the accelerometer, and the gyroscope gives you a maximum in precision and stability of the compass.

A special feature is the ability to measure the height of large objects, such as houses or trees. Check it out, it's really easy.


* 3D Augmented Reality display

* High precision and stability

* Integrated split-screen map of adjustable size with GPS location

* Display various GPS information (latitude, longitude, speed, altitude, number of satellites,...)

* Measure the height of large objects (skyscrapers, trees, ...)

* Measure magnetic field strength (metal detector)

* Magnetic field strength warning (indicates magnetic influences)

* Geocaching: Easily define and find landmarks

* Share landmarks or your current location with other users

* Define landmarks by specifying latitude / longitude in various formats

* Define landmarks by a long-press on the map

* Define landmarks by specifying distance and bearing

* Supports LG’s Real3D technology for stereoscopic displays

This is the Free-Version. There is also a Pro-Version available. Please check our other apps, you can find it there :-)

Have fun :-)

Alex from CodeKonditor

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lable: Travel & Local - Apps Current Version:1.7.1 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:CodeKonditor

User Reviews


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That Guy 2019-04-11

very cool. Never saw the Arrow appear in any attempts whilst using, so a bit put off. Getting coordinates, esp. distance from A to B seems a bit more difficult than described, and we followed the directions to the letter. A great app and would pay for Pro, buf need basic version to operate before investing actual £.
Mark Rawlinson 2015-04-02

Best app of its kind on Android I have found this app to be the most reliable and user friendly app available
Peter Kiryluk 2013-10-29

Fantastic, works better then a compass Love it, well made, and free u are a genius and I appreciate this up, I didn\'t have to buy a compass and I see satellite map, I mean wow, thanks
Denver Berry 2015-09-27

Ham radio/p setup tool. Nifty tool to help set up antennas for portable radio ops, showing global map,degrees superimposed over camera. Throw your wires, and log q\'s. New hams, direction challenged, overcast disorientation... reduce the need to create excuses why you missed that band opening to that rare dx country.
Cassandra Robinson 2020-03-26

This app is wildly outdated & it doesn\'t work on modern smartphones (2020 models or newer). I personally have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ & the AR side of this app won\'t allow my phone\'s cameras to focus on the subject that it\'s looking at.
L- Ros 2016-03-05

Works Developer say he is still developing the app ..! No update since 2013. Were are the developer? But even no update the apps works fine ... still (on Lollipop)
Jim Sik 2017-03-15

Awesome app I use all the time, love it the way it shows compass and bird\'s eye and all its features awesome job! Thank you
Ricky Allison 2016-12-30

It\'s on the mark!! I have 15 Acres all woods and had a hard time finding the property markers but with this app just went to all corners and saved them in my phone now I can find them every time. Thanks for a great app.
Milind Kamat 2017-04-20

A compass app with 3D Display. Not sure how to use the height measurement. Would like to be able to change format of lat/long.
Andrew W. 2017-11-14

This app is awesome. I went hunting this past weekend in Pittsburg NH. I used this app along with my cousin\'s Garmin gps. Just to be sure, because I wasn\'t sure how good this app will work. And let me tell you, this app out perform the Garmin gps which cost well over $100.00. It found satellite much quicker than the Garmin. It has a nice color display vs the Garmin\'s boring black and white. And the most important, it is extreamly accurate. I\'ve used it three different times on three different locations. It got me back to the truck every time. And you don\'t need a cell service, it work off the satellite. The developer did an Awesome job. I loved it. Thank you so much!!