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AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera To Plan



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Description of AR Ruler App – Tape Measure & Camera To Plan

AR Ruler app uses augmented reality technology (AR) to tape measure the real world with your smartphone’s camera. Target aim on the detected plane and start to use ar tape measure tool.

iPhone & iPad version:


1) AR Ruler app – allows to tape measure linear sizes in cm, m, mm, inches, feet, yard.

2) Distance meter – allows to tape measure distance from device camera to a fixed point on the detected 3D plane.

3) Angle – allows to tape measure corners on 3D planes.

4) Area and Perimeter – allows to tape measure perimeter and area of the room.

5) Volume – allows to tape measure size of 3D objects.

6) Path – allows to calculate the length of the path.

7) Height – allows to tape measure height relative to the recognized surface.

8) Plan – generates plan projection for drawn objects and exports it to PDF format.

9) On-screen Ruler app – measure small objects directly on the smartphone’s screen.

Try AR Ruler app now – we’d love to hear your feedback!


Please note that AR Ruler app requires ARCore library produced by Google. ARCore is constantly improving, which, in turn, positively affects the quality and accuracy of AR Ruler app.

Customer Support:

Should you have any questions about AR Ruler app or need help, please do not hesitate to contact us via developer email.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.7.2 Publish Date:2021-10-24 Developer:Grymala

User Reviews


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Jonathan Hoover 2020-09-03

Update,: I have no problem with you having a premium that\'s how most apps work, The problem is offering a trial that seems to be built to trap users. The price needs to be up front and center, no cancel or else. Parasitic trial system just like the other app I\'ve tried from this developer tries to get you to agree to a $90 purchase with a 10-day opt-out window they can call it a trial but it\'s not so I don\'t know how many people have been trying to measure their rooms and ended up paying this.
Stewart Lee 2020-07-07

R u out of your f***ing mind? Charging no ads yearly payment of $89.99. That is one of the biggest rip offs I\'ve ever saw. I\'m glad there is a free version. Free version is with the ads. I dont care going to wait 30 seconds of an ad to be done. Ain\'t no way in f***in hell I\'m paying $89.99 for no ads. This is absolutely ridiculous.
Billy Heron 2021-02-08

What a waste of time. I simply wanted the ruler on my screen that was outlined in the description of this app, hell I would\'ve settled for one measurement of anything by this app but all it did was make me look like an idiot while I\'m waving my phone side to side, back and forth waiting for it to recognize a bookshelf which it never did, instead it told me to go measure something else, as if I was just measuring things for fun. To be fair, I\'m looking for a user friendly app, not a pain in the a
Oskar Vihriälä 2021-01-04

Used to be really good and from what it can do it is still way better than googles measure app but I am really ennoyed about the recent way you have been just adding more and more features behind a paywall. Since you don\'t really have added more features in the recent year. I am going to have to install a apk version from about a year ago because this is literally unusable.
Anthony 2021-01-26

This is another example of a decent app being overtaken by greed. Never... Ever force people to give you some kind of feedback data before they can move forward. Your fake rating screen took over. Couldn\'t do anything unless I clicked a star. At that point, you lost me. I recognize you and all the others that do business like that as total scum of the earth.
Gordon Thompson 2020-11-18

You cannot fully open the app, or even hit the back button without subscribing for a cost $90. If you cancel before the trial is over, you won\'t be charged, but there is no free version of this app and it\'s deceptively framed as a free app with optional subscription. Edit: after the developers response I checked again and it\'s possible to exit the subscription screen, but the \"x\" is blocked by the camera on my pixel 4a. Not quite as deceptive as I thought originally but still not good.
Michael Elebiju 2020-12-09

I really don\'t write reviews, but I had to make a special exception here. In a nutshell... let people in and instead of making the free version as good as possible, let\'s just be sneaky and trick people into rebills. Nope. Don\'t waste your time.
Andy 2020-02-12

Warning! I paid £8.99 for the premium version of the app as a one off payment, now i can no longer use it unless i pay £4.99 a month. There have been no major updates or changes to the app, just a massive hike in prices with no warning. This seems pretty underhand to me.
Vic Jackson 2020-03-24

Forced me to rate the app with no option to use the back button or cancel out, then I come to the store and of course it wasn\'t connected to the actual Play Store ratings. I wonder if it\'s against Google\'s terms of service to try and capture negative reviews in app to avoid those negative reviews in the Play Store? Edit: Read the developer response... do you really want anything to do with a developer who responds to criticism in such a way? Dear developer, I wonder if the fact you\'re manipulating the ratings system by having a separate, disconnected from the app store rating system that doesn\'t register negative reviews with Google but \"appears official\" has anything to do with your implication that the \"vast majority of people who use it are happy with it\". Here\'s a free tip (unlike your app, which I hated, so I rated it thusly), take criticism to heart. Figure out where it comes from, and you can make your app better. Always yours, -V
Caleb Martin 2020-10-02

One star because of very annoying nags for premium subscription, and deceptive screens to try and trick you into subscribing to the free trial, then more inescapable nags to try and force you to rate the app. You wanted my rating, so here it is.