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Description of Arar

You can open text/image/zip/PDF/epub files of yours containing images or texts like a book.

※ We don't supply contents files basically.

1. Text Reader

- various file extensions : txt, csv, smi, sub, srt

- support epub (text and image)

- open compressed text files without decompressing (zip, rar, 7z)

- embedded fonts and support custom font

- adjusting text size/line space/border with intuitive UI

- auto-detecting charset encoding

- fixed or custom text/background color with intuitive UI

- various paging way : arrow button, tapping, dragging, volume button

- various animation of paging

- various way of fast seek : seek-bar, dialing, page number

- add/sort/manage bookmark

- support text-to-speak(TTS) : language/speed option

※ the commercial version (named ARAR) support background mode of TTS

- support text slideshow

- text searching : one by one or all at once

- text editing

- support 3 type of text alignment, 2 column in landscape

- support alignment of sentences and splitting text file.

2. Image/PDF Viewer

- various file extensions : jpg, png, gif, bmp, webp, tiff, zip, rar, 7z, cbz, cbr, cb7, pdf

- open compressed image files without decompressing (zip, rar, 7z)

※ can open double compressed image files

- selecting which left/right side of image to see : left first, right first, two file at once

- enlargement/magnification

- various paging way : arrow button, tapping, dragging, volume button

- various animation of paging

※ webtoon scrolling is best suitable to very long images

- various way of fast seek : seek-bar, dialing, page number

- add/sort/manage bookmark

- support slideshow : idle time option

- support keeping the ratio of enlargement

- support animated-gif

3. File Management

- file coloring about history : red(most recent open), green(read partially), blue(read all)

- image preview mode : tile(big,small), detail

- selecting file extension for display

- sorting file : by name/size/date

- deleting file

- renaming file

- searching by name/content(text)/image(preview)

4. Other Features

- support FTP(file transport protocol)

- support SFTP(secure file transport protocol)

- support SMB(server message block)

- support Google Drive

- support Dropbox

- support MS OneDrive

- support locking with pin number

- support backup/restore of settings

- support samsung remote spen(paging, pause)

- support headset button's pause

- support management of applications' shortcut

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More Information Of Arar

lable: Comics - Apps Current Version:2.2.5 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:마루치아라치

User Reviews


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Charmed Espada 2019-03-13

love it just wish there was an auto rotated function for the pics that are wider than the length
망아지 2019-10-26

What a great app! ;D I downloaded it after using \'maru\' for a long time. It is extremely easy to see text and image files. Besides, it\'s very comfortable without ads!! But I\'m sorry that the \'hwp\' ,\'docx\' files are not available :(
Sunnie Chang 2020-04-17

Absolutely love using this app. Easy to use!
Euidam Noh 2019-07-28

무료버전 쓰다가 좋아서 구매함
SeungJoon Hyun 2013-07-07

좋아요!! 처음에는 무료로 쓰다가 광고때문에 구입했어요. 개발자님이 꾸준히 업데이트까지 해주니 좋네요
안아현 2017-05-14

(수정) 이제는 invalid license 가 뜨면서 강제중지 되는군요. 갑자기 정상적인 설치/실행 이 아닙니다. 라고 하면서 계속 실행 중지 됩니다.....
Hanbin Lee 2020-03-02

사실 무료버전 잘 쓰고 있었는데 고마워서 구매합니다.
Rin Okumura 2018-09-11

Ahyoung Roh 2018-08-05

This app is the one oglf the best app in my whole life. Easy to use, lite, and so comfortable. 개발자님 감사합니다!! 너무 잘 쓰고있어요
Sam SUH 2017-08-15

I can say it. It is the best. Simple, comfort and easy to use.