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Description of ArcGIS Collector

Easily capture and update data in the field, even while offline. The intuitive interface allows field workers of all experience levels to fill out forms, capturing and returning accurate field data that integrates seamlessly into ArcGIS.

Key Features:

- Collect and update data using the map or GPS.

- Download map areas to your device and work offline.

- Collect points, lines, areas, and related data.

- Fill out easy-to-use, map-driven forms.

- Attach photos and videos to your features.

- Use professional-grade GPS receivers.

- Search for features, coordinates, and places.

- Streamline field workflows by integrating with other apps on your device.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:20.2.2 Publish Date:2022-05-14 Developer:Esri

User Reviews


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Sam Allen 2020-07-11

This app is not optimized well for Android. It is constantly failing to connect to servers. Constantly crashing. It takes sometimes up to a minute for the external GPS to sync my location with the app. Coworkers with iOS do not have any of these issues.
Chantelle DeLay 2020-06-11

Disappointed. Downloading offline areas is frustrating. Once a magic number is hit, it stops downloading. Some areas download, others don\'t. I\'m on area 41 and it continues to error. The webmap is fine since other areas download. Drawing polys in app, why do i have to move the map instead of placing points like the old app? This is inefficient, confusing, and annoying. Uninstalling the app also deletes tpks. Those need to be kept on the device for the reinstall. So many issues!
Nathaniel Barber 2020-05-12

Crashes frequently in the field, unlike its predecessor.
Speaker Of Truth 2020-07-08

Can\'t even log in to this or Explorer, and yes my login details are correct. ArcGIS apps are extremely glitchy and barely work at the best of times. Very frustrating.
D the Bear 2020-04-02

Android version crashes when location profile is changed from Default to (WGS 1984 - British National Grid - WGS_1984_TO_OSGB_1936_OSTN15)
Subhash Kumar 2020-07-06

I am not satisfy about this app because app is very useful but it\'s have worst condition they may taking so much time to log in and work is going on worstly in this app
Gabriel Sasala 2020-09-29

This is by far the worst app I\'ve ever used, the app constantly crashes. When you download maps it will throttle itself, no matter how fast your internet is it will not download fast, if the app experiences 1 millisecond of not being on internet it will cancel the download and you have to start from beginning
Benjamin Nash 2021-01-27

Complete garbage! Doesn\'t show all of the features on the online map. Signs me out and deletes points, crashes while syncing (every time). Okay, doesn\'t crash anymore. Enable sync... fails to update. Fails to download offline maps. Gotta recheck the offline box. Now there\'s 2 sets of layers. Can\'t delete points without geometry. Why the heck wouldn\'t they have geometry?! Useless on 2 different phones. Delete cache, delete data, uninstall. Install only on one phone. Where\'s my map? Okay finally... wait \"No maps\"? I\'m in the map right now, it all still exists online?! Probably have to delete the map and the layer and start all over again. Worst app I\'ve ever used. Period. FYI, I\'m very tech savvy.
zainab adamu 2020-04-16

The app has been really helpful but please, how can I edit a related table linked with a feature class it doesn\'t seem to work
Tim P 2020-12-02

Stop starting when online but once mobile signal goes becomes hopeless so MUST go to offline mode. This must be downloaded before going into field which can be fiddly and take up large amount if storage. Even this stutters from time to time which if not careful means you do not record all the events. Also will keep all photos on own mobile after backing up to live system creating unnecessary memory usage.