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Description of Archero

Archer Heroes!

Enter a world where existence itself is eliminate you! You are the Lone Archer, the only force able to resist and defeat the oncoming waves of evil.

Step up, stack up awesome skills and fight like your life depends on it, for the never-ending waves of enemies will never give up. And remember, once you die... the only way is to start all again! So be careful!

Enjoy creating countless combinations of unique skills all designed to help you survive. Crawl your way through different worlds facing relentless monsters and obstacles.

Key Features:

• Random and unique skills to help you crawl these dungeons.

• Explore beautiful worlds and hundreds of maps in this new universe.

• Thousands of never-seen-before monsters and mind-boggling obstacles to


• Level-up and equip yourself with powerful equipment to increase your stats.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime at: archero@habby.fun

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Archero-1705569912922526

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More Information Of Archero

lable: Action - Games Current Version:3.5.1 Publish Date:2021-11-28 Developer:Habby

User Reviews


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JayBee 2021-01-09

WARNING! DO NOT play the expedition levels until the developer addresses IMPOSSIBLE level 300. Do NOT give the developer the and revenue to keep retrying. They will state you need to grind to get better to beat it - wrong. You can grind for YEARS and still not beat it. Very, very underhanded. However, the game itself is great. Super addictive. However after a while you reach a plateau where you will grind endlessly and never progress, designed to make you watch ads, in the hope to continue.
Alexander Sannikov 2020-12-24

Love the game. Hate the snake boss that pops in and out of the ground, but love basically everything else. Constant updates and improvements, devs actually seem like they give a damn (rare these days), nice additions to the game come regularly. I loved it even a year ago, when the game was way more basic, but now it\'s a complete blast. P. S. Btw, what the hell do I do in the new Christmas event? My dude just doesn\'t shoot. Is that a bug or am I missing something?
Tomzzo 2021-02-10

I love this game. It\'s the only mobile game that I bother playing because it\'s easy to use but also a challenge at times. The equipment is great and the grind is real but rewarding. The BEST aspect of this games functionality is that YOU chose when to view ads. If I wanted to, I could never watch a single ad. I do though, for the epic rewards that they give you. If this feature is ever removed and ads are forced upon me, I\'ll be deleting it and I\'m sure other would too. Ye have been warned!
Death 2021-02-06

I\'ve been playing this game since launch, I\'ve never spent a single penny, the f2p side of this game is a mess, I\'m sorry to say it but I can\'t recommend this game to anyone, beginners might find it fun at first but then you hit a wall, and you gotta grind, and grind, and then grind some more until you are strong enough to beat the chapter you\'re stuck on. After you got past that wall, you\'re gonna hit another one, and so on. These devs are ruining the game with every update. Stay away from it.
Ryan Geary 2021-01-04

So I\'ve been playing this game for a year and a half; my main is a level 73 and I have the best gear. Some I\'ve earned, some I\'ve paid for. I\'ve been stuck at a lvl for 11 MONTHS. Your difficulty scaling needs HUGE work. I\'ve grinded for almost a full year to no avail. I understand progress gating, but this is insane. Please help me some how, from a huge fan of your game. Its the only mobile game I\'ve ever stuck with. I\'d like to see a new level, but unfortunately I\'m not superman, or rich...
Jeffery Oparaugo 2021-01-13

Just like all the most reviewers have said. Game starts off fun. Gets you hooked and the more you play, the more you realize how flawed this game is. 1. Upgrades become unreachable 2. Levels are impossible to beat. 3. Most come up from under the ground and eliminate all your health. 4. Glitches It seems that with each update the game becomes worse! Developers need to read the reviews!!
Ted Burns 2021-02-09

This game is getting kinda wild. New stuff keeps pouring in. Now ya can even bend droprates of items a little... And 1V1 people. Beware the Meowgik.
Pikachu Gaming 2021-01-19

Nothing that bad, the gameplay\'s great and all, but WAY too many features require internet to use. You can\'t upgrade, get talent, or level up stuff without it. Hell, I can\'t even PLAY without internet. If you\'re gonna make a worthwhile game, at least make it more flexible. If you make less features require internet, I will give a 5-star review. Edit: now the app straight up won\'t work. It keeps saying \"repair failed\" when I open it. Please fix this.
Glenn Robinson 2020-12-18

Love the game all around. Easy controls, challenging. The only suggestion I have is for the other characters, if you equip someone with armour could there be an option to keep their original outfit or change their look to the armour you equipped? I really like the 2 new armours from the update but it\'s pointless to get excited because I can\'t see it.
Ieseanu Constantin 2021-02-18

I used to like this game, I start playing it from 2019. However, I did not play it that much lately as I reached a stage that I cannot pass. Is a pay to win game. Is impossible to improve without paying. Weapons drop are almost inexistent now, and they try to sell it for you(for example you need a third epic bow). The epic coffin is a joke, mostly you will get some green rings or spirits lol. You need to watch way to many adds to get some bonuses. Good luck with the game, I guess I will uninstal