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Archery Master 3D

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Description of Archery Master 3D

The World's #1 Archery game is now on mobile! Archery Master 3D is the hottest and most realistic archery simulation game for you.

Archery Master delivers ultra realistic archery experience that features stunning 3D graphics, amazing animations and simple intuitive controls. Shoot arrows at targets generally set at various distance to earn coins for new bows, arrows and upgrades. Get ready for the intense challenges from Olympic Archery champions. Take a breath, aim the target, shoot the arrow and hit the bull's eye now! Will you be the best archer or bowman?

Game Features:

- 4 picturesque locations: Pine Forest, Archery Field, Deadly Desert and Rain Forest

- Polished animation and realistic 3D graphics

- 20+ elaborate designed archery equipment

- 100+ addictive levels in normal mode

- Compete 1-on-1 with real players all over the world in online mode

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More Information Of Archery Master 3D

lable: Sports - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-08-10 Developer:TerranDroid

User Reviews


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Kimberly Skidmore 2020-08-15

Love the game, but I am ready to remove it, because you can not play against someone without them talking dirty to you. At least 75 % of the males who I have played against talk dirty the whole time and when you do not respond, they curse you. I have never felt so violated by playing an online game. Where do these people come from? Were they kicked off of an online dating site, so they all flocked to this game? Someone needs to do something about this. Disgusting!!!
Frequent Flyer 2020-06-29

The game is terrific, but there are a couple of drawbacks. One is that there should be a way to sell equipment you have replaced. Like the aiming scopes and the bows, for example. Once you purchase an upgraded version you should be able to sell the outdated item for half or even a quarter of its original purchase price. And the stabilizers should be a permanently item that can be equipped or unequipped. Otherwise a very good and challenging game.
Layne Delaney 2020-09-08

This is as good as anything else but sometimes the bow will move as soon as my finger touches the screen but heads in opposite direction and shoot when times up. It can also head in the opposite direction as my finger as soon has I touch it, then I can let go and it still moves on its own even if I put my finger back own. Good luck fixing that it does it about round 30 and more.
KelleyDawn Blackman 2020-05-17

I really enjoy this game. I have never made it past the first section,,, but, I keep trying and I install it on all of my devices. I\'ve spent countless hours playing this game. It\'s alot of fun and really helps to pass the time if you are a passenger in a car or on public transportation. I think it\'s great entertainment and, I give it 5 ⭐\'s. 🎯
Gloria Schryver 2019-09-26

Awesome graphics, and it\'s easy to control the target shots. Lots of fun and it is so addicting. I think everyone should at least try this Archery game at least once. Go ahead and see for yourself. You\'ll love it .Enjoy and have lots of fun. I do.!
David Taylor 2019-02-10

Downloaded a lot of archery games. This is by far the best one I\'ve found. Least adverts. No time wasting between goes against the games opponent. As you play more and get better the sets get harder. Five Stars!!
Shiv Shankar 2020-10-09

So many problems in this app 1. I shoot 10 or even 12 but after some seconds my score show 0 2. Even I have not get my chance to shoot and my score show 0 3. Sometimes I just touch my bow it launched any where like 2,4,7 or even missed At the time of this review my level is 82 but I lost to very low level players ( level 1,3,7, etc.) So today I delete this App and suggest to all of you never install this app.
ayodele Lawal 2019-09-14

The game is nonsense i wish i could give it zero stars. After you finish the first stage you will need tk buy a new bow because \"your range is not enough\" that\'s so stupid it is not easy to even get coins in the game you get like 10 coins per game and they expect you to buy a bow that is 5000coins. I feel like the people who made this game are just after the in-app purchases because there is no way you can progress in the game without buying stuffs with real money. **WARNING DO NOT DOWNLOAD**
Kailash Wanti 2020-06-30

I love this game ! This is something like ... Full fun . I just love it\'s features it\'s functions and everything . One thing that I don\'t like in this game is that the game takes too much time to get loaded otherwise Everything is nice . I would love to recommend this game to everyone. PLAY AND HAVE FUN !!!!!!! 🥰

Game was pretty good. The music was a bit too loud. Okay heres the problem I\'ve noticed since ive played this game, the pointer moves too slow. I move the moving pad, the pointer is slow and then the bow just moves everywhere. This is just really annoying. Please fix