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Description of Arknights

Take on the role of a key member of Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company that fights both a deadly infection and the unrest it leaves in its wake. Together with your leader Amiya, you’ll recruit Operators, train them, then assign them to various operations to protect the innocent and resist those who would thrust the world into turmoil.

Your tactics will determine the future of Rhodes Island. Fight for the Dawn!

・Gorgeous anime-style game with a perfect combination of RPG and strategy elements

・Hundreds of unique Operators across a variety of classes open up countless gameplay options

・Auto Deploy system conveniently allows you to free up your hands

・Carve out a home, just the way you want it, with the Base construction system

・A robust soundtrack and some of the most famous Japanese voice actors and actresses will give you a sublime auditory experience.


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Minimum configuration for Android devices: 2G RAM, 2G free storage space.

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More Information Of Arknights

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:5.0.01 Publish Date:2021-11-18 Developer:Yostar Limited.

User Reviews


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Kien Nguyen 2020-01-31

After 2 weeks of playing and clearing all of the main contents, I have to say the game has very little left to enjoy. There\'s very little interaction with the game. I just log in and auto for 15 minutes a session and log out. Rinse and repeat twice a day. Stamina is also a huge issue as well because it only takes a total of around 7-8 stages a day to completely deplete your stock which takes about 30 minutes on auto. This is an issue because the game has no other modes that doesn\'t require stamina. Even their endgame mode costs a significant amount of stamina which then forces you into a tradeoff between doing that and farming for necessary materials (which has abysmal drop rates). The base upgrades like Office also gives such minimal bonuses that it actually doesn\'t even matter. You also can\'t recruit more than once every day anyway because of the permit shortage wall that you will eventually hit so what\'s the point of having more slots? Events are also being rushed and I\'m not even sure new players would be able to clear the stages with the limited amount of time and opportunity to play the game that they have. Not sure how long this game would last with this kind of stamina model. I spent a few bucks supporting the devs but not sure if I should continue now. Could have been a 5 star game, but as of right now it\'s just ok. Docked 1 star for the stamina system, 1 star for everything else.
Who Me? 2020-01-17

Now THIS is what I\'ve been looking for: slick user-interface, a story I can actually get behind, goregously drawn characters and a tower defense concept that\'s as good as it gets. Dialogue is really spot on (despite very minor grammatical errors). And racking up currency for summons is definitely not a cash grab. The app is in its infancy but so far it has managed to grip my attention with little effort! Great job guys! This is a great product!
Tactical_Pepsi 2020-10-03

Not your typical tower defense game. Unlike most tower defense games, you collect amazing anime waifus to have in your team. The overall layout, art, music is phenomenal. There are many key aspects in this game like you being able to create your own base and daily/weekly tasks that keeps you playing day after day. I highly recommend playing this game.
Henry Nguyen 2020-01-23

Love this game! The amount of grinding to level up your units isn\'t too hard nor too easy. In fact, everything in the game is pretty simple. The UI is simple, searching for the materials and farming for them is simple, the only thing that can be \"hard\" is using your brain to plan out your defense in the game. Characters have unique information/story to them, even the story in the game is amazing too. Wish i can give more stars
Justin Rogers 2020-02-14

Wow. Gotta say I\'m glad I found this game early. 1. This game is not Pay to win. Probably one of the best examples I\'ve yet to see of dev\'s not being greedy. 2. The amount of dedication and care that went into the dialogue and story is unmatched. At first I was annoyed with how much text there was, and then I began to appreciate it. It\'s not just mindless dribble. They really care about the story. 3. Great art on the Waifu\'s and backgrounds, etc.. Tactful, but still maximum waifu. 4. Music is very well done. 5. Gameplay is strategic and fairly fast paced. Good take on tower defense. My only concern goes back to point #1. This game is going to blow up fast, and will probably be one of the top Gotcha\'s within a couple months. When games blow up that\'s when the greed usually kicks in. Please devs, keep up the good work and stay true to your current format. I spend money when it isn\'t expected or necessary, and I know a lot of others are the same way. I\'m happy to support this game in it\'s current state with my $.
WinterWisps 2020-11-27

This is one of the best mobile games I ever played. For a tower defense, it is amazing. The gacha system isn\'t horrid either! The events are amazing and the developers are very generous with giving out pulls. The best part is that you can best any stage without needing a certain operator. Which makes it even better for F2P players. Also I love the character designs and boy is Matoimaru so visually appealing. Another thing is that you don\'t have to spend hours and can play 29 min sessions!
Hello World 2020-05-21

Great game. It\'s fun and challenging. I love the art too. The game is pretty generous with the gacha rate. I wanted to give it five stars to be honest but the stamina problem is stopping me. It costs so much stamina to farm resources and the regeneration time is slow for f2p players. And for people who pay for the game they can only refill the stamina ten times. Since it doesn\'t have the pvp system, I don\'t know why they are trying to slow down players\' progressions.
Victoria Schipani 2020-04-04

Honestly, I love the game to bits. It\'s fun, not too hard to understand or play, and the art is amazing. But that\'s not the only reason I came to write this review. I honestly never write reviews, I think this is my first on here? The reason I came to write this review was because of the wonderful customer service I received just a few moments ago. I thought I had completely lost my guest account because I accidentally reset my android simulator without fully reading the warning, but I went to customer service with a google receipt order from an item I had purchased from them hoping to get my account tracked down from it. I actually got a response immediately! I had honestly thought I wouldn\'t get an answer until the next day, and a negative one at that, but the response was swift and THOUROUGH. They actually asked me multiple questions to make sure I was the account holder! I was very impressed that they made sure to do so. With their quick response I had my account back in under an hour (most of that time was spent logging in on a new account and getting through the tutorial so they could bind my old account to the new one lol)! So, thank you sincerely to the YOSTAR employee who helped me so quickly and thoroughly and though you told me you didn\'t have a customer service survey I could fill out for you when I asked, I came and wrote a review for you: Five Stars! Thank you!
eleanor julius 2020-09-22

This game is a really good game, good graphics, good story. You always get a hero between 3 - 4 star after playing a level. The story is endless? I guess, i don\'t know if there is going to be an end in this story. But, overall the story were good. Sometimes the story is just too long, so i have to skip some of the part. But the story is good, it\'s just too long for 1 level and another. Luckily there\'s a skip button. Worth 1 gb actually. There\'s so many waifus there. It\'s recommended :D
WisDooM 2020-10-26

Full disclosure: If you don\'t want to think too much to play a game, then this isn\'t for you. Okay, gameplay is solid & unique, strategy is a must to beat harder stage. Story has potential, but as of right now has problem with storytelling focus, it\'s all over the place. Gacha is....better than the worst, i guess... Hey, you can farm the currency fairly easy. I\'ll admit that I\'m struggling with some stages because I\'m a dumbdumb.