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Armored Aces - Tank War

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Description of Armored Aces - Tank War

Battle other online users from around the world in authentic tanks.

World tank war rages in teams of 6 vs 6. Join the battle in one of more than 100 different tanks. Improve your tank and destroy your enemies. Cooperate with friends and win the battles!


Choose from over a hundred authentic tanks.


Upgrade your cannons, armor, engines, crew and optics.


Use a Tiger or M1A2 Abrams to attack enemy.


Play with your friends in a platoon or join a veteran clan.


You can be victorious with great missions and game play.


The game features excellent graphics and effects.

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lable: Action - Games Current Version:3.1.0 Publish Date:2022-06-11 Developer:i6 Games

User Reviews


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Vondoobie420 2020-11-24

I play for about four years now very good game, like all games there\'s problems but just the same it has a nice social component.....there is a chat available but you have to play several games in order to earn the right to chat. After you earn the chat privilege be nice to people don\'t fight and you won\'t get banned.
Michael Tighe 2020-06-05

Another update, still crazy that the no skill players can steal kills and get more coins and gold. Also this new burning tank garbage is crazy. I have not problem with taking hits on my tank, but the burn damage is ridiculous. Why do I have hit points if it doesn\'t matter. Additionally, no response from creator. On other games they are responsive.
Pawel Krym 2019-02-18

It used to be a great game. With every update rolling out the game is getting worse and worse . It becomes a joke after the latest update when tanks are not recording damage, tanks are blowing up again and again after being killed. Zombie tanks are driving by itself at the battlefield. It is just a big joke what developers has done with AA. Lots of players has spent lots of money on in game purchases and now the game become almost not playable anymore. Fix all the issues with your game engine.
Ika Musume 2019-04-06

I thought of coming back to play this game again, did then later saw the new \"greedy\" upgrade system. I liked how the guns would look different, but timers for each upgrade when you already have to pay twice? to buy the upgrade, then pay to install it, then wait or pay for gold? what\'s the darn point of the install fee if you\'re going to have to wait in the end lmfao. Just going to go back to WoTB. Armored Aces got ruined by greed like tanktastic.
T Farrell 2020-05-07

I\'ve played this for years. Probably best tank game and least pay to play tank game out there. Not as much fun as it originally was. Noticed a lot of players dropped out since then. Now they completely messed it up by selling gas tokens. They even charge you gas tokens when you have no opponent. Getting to be a complete waste of time. Still has good controls and much less of a pay to play than any of the others.
Enrique DeLuna 2020-03-20

Update 1-28-2020 New update , no difference. Game crashes at lobby for all 11 people logged on to play this game. Outdated menus, music, Tanks sound like Honda Civics with tomato can mufflers. Maps still lacking in every way.. Just can\'t compete with WarGaming. To the DEVS of this game, Banning trolls from your FB page doesn\'t change the fact that this game badly sucks. This game is deader than a doornail. I\'ve seen more people playing Croquet than this lame outdated tank game! 😂🤣🤣🤣
A Google user 2019-02-17

Great game good graphics and awesome selection of tanks the thing that I found to be most interesting is the ricochet rates every tank has its weakness every negative critic step your game up you can\'t win if an enemy exposes the thick frontal armor while your tank has its engine showing its common sense start thanking the developers for what they put together here.
Chinh Vu 2020-12-06

I used to be a mad guy playing this game, the time the game owned by Krieg. New Owner, new ridiculous ideas of developing game, Cost to buy and upgrade too expens... The procedure of upgrades too complex and not neccessary. I gave up playing since then. 2 years come back, still old issues. (IGN Tanklegend. HI Voodoobie420 How R U ? )
Turtle Tipper 2019-07-01

really easy to learn the controls and the game is pretty good. I prefer the modern tanks over the world war 2 tanks especially the Patton tank. although being said something I\'d like to see is a few more maps added into the game.
Roger Fritchman 2020-06-03

There\'s a large playing Fields you can go just about where you want to go. There\'s no time limit I played for about 20 minutes on one game. That doesn\'t usually happen. But somebody\'s gotta win before the game\'s over and you might have 10 people on each side. If somebody is good at hiding it can take a while.