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Description of ArmorVax

Note: App is currently only available in select cities in state of Ohio. Nationwide rollout coming soon.

The ArmorVax mobile vaccine app offers convenience, speed, and accuracy for consumers and medical providers, while eliminating the stress of getting vaccinated and keeping your immunization records at your fingertips.

ArmorVax gives you the control you have always wanted with your vaccinations. Streamlining a process that involves calling your provider, scheduling your appointment, and completing multiple forms can now be done at your convenience in a single application.

ArmorVax offers:

• List of available providers based on location

• Appointment availability and scheduling

• Retains health insurance information

• Household/family immunization tracking

• Personalized QR code identification

• Virtual pre-screening and patient consent

• Contactless check-in

• Confirmation with detailed immunization information

• Real-time access to immunization records

How does it work?

Create an account. Download the ArmorVax mobile app and create an account for yourself and if you want, you can also include other family members.

Select, schedule, confirm. Select a provider, select the vaccination you need, and schedule an appointment. Once the appointment has been scheduled you’ll receive confirmation with the time and location details.

Check-in and consent. Within the app you’ll complete the pre-screening and check-in process that you would typically do on-site with the provider. You’ll

Arrive, verify, vaccinate. Your medical provider will receive notification you have arrived, verify your identity and scan your personalized ArmorVax QR Code. Your vaccination will be administered and you’ll follow additional instructions from your provider.

Real-time records. Your immunization records will be available within your ArmorVax account showing the date of immunization, type, lot number, and location. At any time you can open the app to see your vaccination history.

For more information about ArmorVax visit www.armorvax.com.

Have feedback about the app? Email us at support@armorvax.com

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More Information Of ArmorVax

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.0.12 Publish Date:2022-06-05 Developer:RB Sigma LLC

User Reviews


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Tim 2021-03-05

I was able to schedule an appointment and get my vaccine within 48 of signing up. Interface could definitely use some improvement and provide better feedback on what\'s going on. Sign up seems kind of random and doesn\'t provide feedback as to why it\'s unavailable at times.
Richie Heimbrock 2021-03-10

This app looks somewhat modern but is apparently from decades in the past. You can only see a vaccine location pop if you happen to log in when they have openings, there is no master list. I have to go to a specific site and I\'ve never even seen it as an option. There is no excuse in 2021 to not have the ability to select the site you want and be notified when there are new spots. Anyway, this is as incompetent as the entire vaccine rollout has been so I dunno why I would ever expect more
Terry Folk 2021-01-16

Site is not clear on Insurances and how you deal with Medicare and Supplemental Insurances. After being sent an email to say I have no insurance I got through to the end. Then when I entered the code it went to location stuff and says there are No Locations within 40 miles. I live a half mile from the hospital and a mile from the Wood County Health Department.
philip connell 2021-01-05

Does not keep pin after I sign out it. To sign in again it ask for email and OTP, I put in new OTP and it tells me it has timed out, have to do the OTP in short time frame. I give it the address to make appointment and it tells me \"No provider with this address\". I may have more to say later.
Karen B. 2021-03-02

No problems with this app. I was able to get my mom a Vaccine appointment in less than 24 hours. It was a major time saver, I wish I knew about this app sooner. My mom and I live in the same area. Hope this helps some of you out there. Good luck!
Charlie Parker 2021-03-08

When you fill in your insurance information, ArmorVax requires the address for claims submission which it says it\'s \"on the back of your card.\" Nope, wrong, not on mine, just a phone# and website, so I assume it\'s not on everyone\'s which would mean I\'m not the only person who wasted time typing in the numbers from my insurance card only for the LAST STEP to be rejected because of these required fields. Luckily when I started over & it asks \"do you have insurance?\" there is an option to \"skip.\"
James Dugan 2021-02-04

Useless app. Works no better than calling for an appointment and calling is useless as well because I have been trying to call to schedule Covid-19 vaccination for three days and one of three things happens. You are auto disconnected, told to call back later or occasionally you will get the opportunity to get in the que for a call back that never comes.
Bob Pries 2021-01-16

The site does not accept the OTP sent t0 me via email to sign in for the first time. I tried 6 times and each time I enter a number if says invalid or expired. Fix your site, it is doesn\'t work and is very frustrating!
Norman Siegel 2021-02-11

Worst app install ever. No explanations for any errors. Sign up was painful, and l still don\'t know if I am really signed up.
Dionne Combs 2021-01-09

Cincinnati Health Department links to your app to schedule Vaccine. Your app says there are NO Providers in Cincinnati when the CCHMC College Hill location and the Cincinnati Health Dept are both distributing the vaccination supposedly thru scheduling in your App. How can we schedule?