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Arrow War



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Description of Arrow War

Collect, Upgrade, Dominate

Defend your castle from endless enemies


● 99+ Arrows

● 999+ Stages

● 9999+ Upgrades

● World domination

● Defeat the World Boss

● Daily Dungeon

● Infinite Dungeon

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More Information Of Arrow War

lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:2.3 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Owings

User Reviews


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Aaron Dixon 2020-12-30

This game is most deff pay to win. Once you get to a certain point, you cant even progress without having to buy stuff from the store. They increase the difficulty 5 fold the higher you get. Plus the prices of the stuff in the store are ridiculous. Hope you guys have lots of extra cash. Other than that its a decent game just cant progress.
Iam Lonely 2021-02-07

So far the game is fine, nothing wrong with it. Simple and straight forward. But at the moment after completing the world map, there\'s nothing else really to do except hell tower and keep climbing waves, which can get boring eventually, all I ask is add something to fix that like guilds and you can do raid bosses for rewards or more content for end game.
Chris Underwood 2020-12-03

Good game with alot of potential. I notice the dev following up on complaints/issues in the comments(not answering with a bot) and that says to me that they are actively working on the game. Looking forward to future updates that give it that 5 star edge. Thank you for the game.
Glen Despaux 2021-01-17

Decent game but deceptive MTX. Bought the $15 pack that promised 7 days of Epic/Legendary arrow unlocks. After 7 days, I have received 0 Legendaries, 2 Epics, and 1 Rare. The other 4 were uncommon. I reached out to the dev and he changed the text on the pack, but no amends to me for blowing $15 on his game, no offer of refund/partial refund or to give the items I paid for. Sorry but I don\'t recommend and the dev has a long way to go to be professional and have decent customer support.
Scott Dicken 2020-12-09

Really appreciate this game. Nice user interface, good game play, do not have to pay cash to advance (outstanding) and the overall feel is a game that is well thought out with a focus on player advancement. I will be looking for more titles from this developer for sure.
xX_Kn9ne 2020-12-31

Its overall great, it has good UI from what i saw and no glitches of sorts nd also pretty funny i think so. I recommend it, it has and easy start, you dont feel forced to buy anything so not pay to win, and overall is easy to get the hang of.
Devon Krey 2021-02-04

This is a fun, grindy game. Some of the translations are off, but I could figure out most of it. I see a lot of reviews that claim this is a pay to win game. I am on level 2005 and haven\'t spent a dime and am easily passing levels without using abilities. Take a week or two to invest in colony production and you will be rolling in gold, crystals, and gems.
Daniel Rodríguez 2021-01-17

... slow, not challenging and not rewarding. Honestly, I\'m not going to say I played enough, but it seems that it\'ll get to a point where you can only progress by watching adds or buying, as the difficulty increases and you get absolutely no rewards. You\'ll arrive there after some time of easy and boring waves. IDK, the gameplay isn\'t even good... Sad to see that most games nowadays are just cash makers for the developer and time killers for those who attempt to play them...
Niall Ireland 2020-12-10

Got this game cause of Baron. Pretty fun overall, the ads are pretty damn rewarding and I haven\'t seen any need for ruby\'s yet. Do find it a bit odd that you can get a rare arrow straight off the bat by watching an ad, but hey, balance is for weebs.
Jessica Doomernik 2020-12-16

so as it is now im having troubles, the game itself seems enjoyable, got it a few days ago, and i thought *lets support a little and remove adds with it aswell* but... i bought the add remove thing and never recieved it... and there is no button to reach support? (i might just be blind i guess) so what do i do from here?