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Description of Art of Conquest: Dark Horizon

Slay nefarious dragons with a band of legendary heroes, besiege enemy strongholds to expand your kingdom, and challenge players around the world to epic real-time battles!


• EXPLORE the fallen continent of Drake

• JOURNEY between realms for new challenges

• RAID dragon lairs to collect eggs and train your own dragon

• SUMMON dozens of mythical heroes with powerful abilities

• CHOOSE from five mighty races to raise your army

• CONTROL hundreds of warriors on a breathtaking field of battle

• CHALLENGE your friends to thrilling real-time duels

• BUILD your stronghold and besiege the enemy

• DISCOVER a beautiful, hand-crafted continent

• DEFEAT evil bosses and loot unfathomable rewards

• CONQUER the six kingdoms and become Emperor of Nore



Official Website:https://aoc.lilithgames.com/en

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lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:1.24.78 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Lilith Games SG Pte. Ltd.

User Reviews


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A Google user 2019-05-07

I havedhanged my rating from 5, to. 1 star and will also request a full refund. they have been messaging my wifein server 3138 for the past 23 days and still jave not recovered her account. terrible customer service and every response you send they take 3 days to respond to it after. Extreme inbalance in marketplace for asian players. the asians have extremely low bundles compared to other countries
Liquid 2020-01-15

This is a very well made and highly addictive mobile game. I cannot praise it enough and that is coming from someone who is mainly a PC RPG / strategy gamer. The only downsides it has (i won\'t knock any stars off it for these) are as follows:- - What games refer to as \'noob bashing\' is easy to exploit. - Formations for some races leave too many squares unfillable. - One of the best heroes can only be obtained via real money and only if you are lucky with him appearing in the shop.
Christopher McLennan 2019-02-18

I\'d be willing to do 5 stars if you hadn\'t decided to make shop pack 100 dollars omg really? slow paced game take it back to 10 dollars and let people grow why will you kill your game because of greed
Matthias Schreck 2019-04-02

i like how the game combines various parts of other genres: there\'s a bit of real time tactics, a bit to search and explore, some strategising with fellow gamers, and some good old tech tree exploration. never gets boring, lots of challenges on lots of levels.
Metal Detecting With PulltabFever 2019-05-01

its ok. one thing they need to change or should i say fix is people challenge you to duels and if you decline you lose stamina and cant attack and, it says you retreated. amd thats retarded as fuq. if i dont wanna duel, dont freakin punish me. people twice my freakin size challenge me. only pansi ass people do it. FIX IT.. another thing. support for this game is the worst ive ever seen. dont try to chat because they want. the only thing they care for is you buying overly priced stuff.
Duende Infeliz 2021-01-05

It was a fine game, fun for a while. Then \"the merge\" happened and... it was not as fun anymore. It\'s kind of hard to find entertainment in a game when one single player can destroy your city walls and send you back to the capital (where you HAVE to stay until you recover enough health, something that can take WEEKS) on ONE. SINGLE. ATTACK. 1 ATTACK BY 1 PERSON ALONE, AND YOU\'RE DESTROYED. Kinda takes away the amusement, don\'t you think? I\'m angry that I ever spent money in this crappy game.
Mohammad Fakher 2021-01-16

Still 5 stars, but you should\'ve noticed that in every realm, there 3 groups of people, P2W, ProF2P, F2P when a new realm launched, first people who enter are ProF2P people who know everything about the game and start earlier than others and play 24/7 for a week to take a place in rankings, then after the first day of the realm passed, new people start entering including f2p and p2w people, p2w people start buying all heroes and stuff, f2p people who are not pro stop playing or start a new realm
Dario Juric 2019-07-30

very entertaining just choose a server that suits you. There are still lot of unexplored strategies and lot of unanswered questions that keep me playing, trying new things, new strategies. Only game that keeps me coming back, very social, dragons are awesome, easy to navigate in the game, it\'s not overly intrusive on ur time but at the same time you can spend hours in the game. Events are also good, overall best strategy game 5stars. I tried them all.
dan hunter 2020-12-21

Of all the pay to win games I\'ve played, and I\'ve played a lot, this is the worst if your not spending the most. 200$+ in the first 3 days and I wasn\'t even 1/2 the power of the front runners and its set up especially to emphasize that if your not on the top of the power rankings you might as well be last so if your not ready to blow huge sums of money, enjoy being the punching bag for those that do with no hope of reprieve.
Luxuria Unus 2019-10-19

The game is immensely fun and promising, but a problem that existed before returning has become even worse. It is unfortunately very hard for English speaking players like myself to find a realm to enjoy the game. Whilst this isn\'t the majority of Chinese players, some can be racist, and unwelcoming. It would help the have a rating system, telling you what realms are toxic or not. Until this issue is fixed, it\'s almost unpayable. I\'m unable to find a house, and thus I lose out on cities.