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Description of Art of Strategy

You are the general of the state of Wu. Warriors under your command belong to 3 different groups. They are spear warrior, archers and sword warrior. Real strategy war takes place in the battle field. The warriors from each group has different skills, and different costs to deploy. The spear warrior are the weakest but lowest costs to deploy. The archers cost more and have long distance killing reach with their arrows. The strongest and most costly are the swords warrior who are most experienced and skillful in the battlefield. They can easily kill enemy’s spear warrior and archers. Their swords are deadly.


*** 40 Levels

*** Lots of bonus coins

*** Use correct strategy will win


There are 3 types of warriors:

spear warrior costs 3 coins

archers costs 10 coins

sword warrior costs 30 coins

At the top of the screen is a buy warrior panel. Tap at a warrior to select. Then tap a location in the battle field to position the warrior. Every 15 seconds you earn bonus coins. Every kill earns you either 3, 10 or 30 coins depending on which enemy is killed.

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:1.0.0 Publish Date:2021-06-13 Developer:JustRelax Games

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