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Description of Artful Agenda - Plan, Sync & Organize in Style

Please report all issues to hello@artfulagenda.com or through the app via "report an issue" before submitting a review.


Artful Agenda is free to download but requires a subscription to use. We offer a free two week trial so you can see if our app service is right for you before being charged. You will be prompted to choose a subscription plan before accessing your trial. We offer monthly and annual plans. 


Artful Agenda makes planning enjoyable! You will feel inspired when using this calendar because it’s customizable, stylish, and intuitive!


Artfully Agenda offers these important calendar features:

-View all of your calendars in one app! Syncs with major online calendar platforms, including Google, Apple and Outlook

-Monthly, weekly, and daily calendar views that are easy to navigate and beautiful to look at

-Repeat scheduling for events

-Push notifications for event reminders


What makes Artful Agenda special?

-Choose your own cover and handwriting.

-Check off/cross off monthly, weekly, and daily goals/tasks.

-Identify daily priority tasks

-Create a custom daily task list

-Track your water intake

-Meal plan (daily and weekly)

-Stay inspired with daily, weekly and monthly quotes

-Make planning fun with drag and drop stickers

-Keep track of important information with stylish, customizable lists


Artful Agenda is free to download, but you will need a subscription after your free trial expires. We offer monthly and annual plans.


Be sure to check out our browser-based desktop application for the complete Artful Agenda experience!


If you have any problems, please go to “my account” and “report a problem” before writing a review. Our goal is to fix any issues in a timely manner to make the Artful experience great for everyone! You can also email us at hello@artfulagenda.com

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:1.11.6 Publish Date:2022-05-26 Developer:Artful LLC

User Reviews


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Jennifer Counts 2020-02-27

I did the free trial. This planner does NOT have push notifications. You can set up your events and appointments, even make them reoccurring, but Artful Agenda App will NOT remind you or notify you. What good is a digital planner if it does not have push notifications. If I am going to pay for an app, it should at least have most of the features a free app has.
Lauren Wickert 2020-02-01

only option is paid subsctiption app? No thanks. I can\'t constantly pay for apps within my budget so I\'d much rather have the option to use a version with ads.
Cidalia Martins 2021-01-22

Edited. Cut and paste function has greatly improved since my first review. The ability to drag items on lists (mobile) would be good too. These work fine on the web but not mobile. The app is gorgeous. Great sync with Google Calendar & visually pleasing, but occasionally glitchy including web app (things not updating on first try). Overall great app and a developer who is responsive and constantly improving it.
A Chicas 2020-03-23

I really like the app/online portal but having everything in one does me no good w/o push notifications & I wish this had a widget so I didn\'t have to open the app to look at everything.i paid for this & I don\'t feel like I got my investment back as I maybe use the app once in a blue moon. It looks great but it just doesn\'t work to what I feel is it\'s full protein. I hope you add this & don\'t make me pay for it.
Katie Burris 2021-01-16

I\'ve been looking for an app like this for like 2 years. Good notes is great, IF your an apple user which I\'m not. We really needed something similar for android. I was really excited to see it and was getting ready to just purchase the yearly subscription for $38, until I realized it wasnt s-pen compatible. 😥 Half the reason people like planners is because we enjoy writing with a pencil. It was ALMOST perfect. Uninstalling to wait on the perfect one. Not settling.
Michelle Price Miller 2019-08-02

I wanted to play with it for a few minutes before putting in my payment info. I realize I can cancel, but would prefer to do a quick test first. I
Sarah Jordan 2020-10-10

I love this app and have (almost) been converted to digital rather than a paper planner (and that\'s purely because I enjoy spending afternoons designing and stickering a paper planner). I love the stickers and the changeable covers. I also love that you can pick \'handwriting.\' I\'ve been using it for a few months now and am paying but so far there\'s been no problems with it and it gets up dated with new stuff regularly. Whether you prefer using a digital planner or not, get this, you\'ll love it!
Jennifer Stenman 2020-10-07

I think this is a great start to a product. I would love to see more features. Specifically features that let you link between lists and the planner sections, features that let you have subordinate lists, save information from a website or even be able to create a task or a goal directly from your email or a website.
Super B3 2019-10-05

SLOW on laptop, does not sync with website. No stickers on app, just laptop. I set up my calander on my ohone, then went to desktop. I can\'t open up my calander unlesss I give payment info on laptop. I already set up payment in Google Play. And to get to that screen takes a LONG time.
Brandi Jones 2020-10-17

Great app - on a tablet. However, I have one issue. When I create a repeated task, say to repeat daily, when I check it completed the first time, all subsequent days are checked complete. This defeats the purpose of creating a repeating task. Hope you guys can fix it! Love the service.