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Description of Asefat Al-Harb

Asefat Al-Harb is a free strategy multiplayer game where you truly control every movement of your troops, fight for survival, build a massive army with advanced war machines, and gather resources in a competitive PVP environment.

In the arid and merciless lands of World War 3, fight for survival in Real Time Strategy 3D game. Compete in a PVP battle by making strong alliances to weaken your enemies with your cunning politics. Combine military power and deadly weapons to gain advantage and ensure a superior army.

- 3D Realistic Graphics: witness a war battle in fully 3D GRAPHICS.

- No Cool Downs: Build your army and get ready to fight a PVP battle in seconds.

- Real Time Strategy: freely control your army in a war battle, attacking or defending your position in PVP.

- Explore the world: explore every corner of the world in search of valuable resources or allies.

- Modern War: fight for survival in a devastated WW3 world lacking resources.

- Conquer the PVP: control PVP battle war zones by attacking or defending your territory from other players.

- War Machinery: choose for the war battle over 100 different types of tanks, warships, and aircraft.

- Battle Ready Soldiers: improve your strategy by choosing between snipers, infantry, and heavy weapon soldiers.

- Resource Control: battle on PVP for the controlling resources is vital for your army growth strategy.

- PVP Alliances: join forces with other players to create a joint strategy to win every PVP battle.

- Military base: protect your army base by building walls, turrets, and fortified bunkers against enemy threats.

- Research: advance your technology to the next era and surprise your enemy.

The world is in your hands.

Unify the world map under your army name, fight epic battles with your alliance in warzones, take control of strategic PVP areas, clear out the rogue factions in real-time combat.

An action-focused RTS without cooldowns.

Wage your wars with great realism and control every moment of your legendary units through the real-time control feature of the game, plan and execute your strategies as you gain full control over your army units. Prove your authority and strength on the battlefield and PVP.

Gather a massive army for attack strategy.

Attack your enemies with mighty power using a vast army. Choose the way you play by using diplomatic or aggressive tactics to conquer each battle and win the war.

Increase the power of your tanks, build a massive fleet of helicopters and aircraft, train elite soldiers for the front line of your infantry, and place strategically nuclear submarines near the enemy base.

Build the ultimate defense strategy.

Defend your base with turrets, strongholds, reinforced walls, and elite snipers. Keep the aggressors out of the reach of your resources and base by building an impenetrable defense.

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More Information Of Asefat Al-Harb

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:5.11.0 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:Babil Games LLC

User Reviews


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Doom Khaled 2020-06-03

Good game but The app keep hanging and crashing. And sometimes graphics goes back and then the app crashes. Also when i rearrange unites in the defense slots or regiments they goes to another place and have to restart the app to find it back at their location. Suggestion please add the option of selling units i do not need or created by mistake for rss even if for 75%or 50% of it\'s value. Thanks
Ismail Achiban 2020-05-02

I like everything about the game so far, except for the fact that sometimes I get extremely frustrated because I get attacked by players at higher levels than I am. I mean, sometimes up to 65 levels apart, which is completely unacceptable. The same way I\'m not allowed access to attack levels lower than me, I shouldn\'t be attacked by levels higher, point. That\'s something you guys in the development department ought to consider next time you feel like doing your job and making some improvements..
Anis Al Jawhary 2020-03-17

1.Game takes way way wayyy to long to load especially when u go to \"مقاطعات الحرب\" even after restarting uninstalling and all this stuff 2. Im level 29. Game is nice and all that but im getting attacked by level 80+ players and thwy destroy my base in like 2 secs while my base survives 90% of the attacks of my level 30+ 3. Language im arabic but still i prefer to play games in english I did this entire review just because i see potentials in this game and it made me remember C&C, good job.
Ultimate Gamer 2020-03-18

A huge difference between the Ad. And inside-game, at least take a photo from inside-the-game. It seems that the Graphic is amazing, but it\'s not. Thanks for your time.
Samir Ghanem 2020-07-28

Exciting game but money thirsty.. when you reach high level, you will be obliged to spend money to buy gold to continue or you will keep struggling without any chance for improving.. Also, I have a suggestion if you can make seperate mode to re-arrange the base layout or to have the ability to choose a layout from two or three options previously saved. After all, its an amusing game with very high resolution and the units are amazing! Thanks
Uni Verse 2020-04-27

Good game, I have played this kind of game alot so i dont need a translation majority of the time, but there are alot of people out who has problem if you could add English language you will help your players, and you will get even more player this game has potentional, another thing you can add is attacking restrction a player should only be allowed at maximum to attack 10 levels below them and if they attack any player higher than their lvl make revenge atk available.
Muhammad Arshad 2020-03-24

A big issue language passing information 0 level understanding 0 level. Suggestions 1st MENA have a large number of players playing are expatriates and they are not familiar well with Arabic specially to understand. but know English very well. 2nd MENA players are more smarter and having best English skills. 3rd dont stop the English version in MENA keep it parallel because I dont want to to left/loose the game at any cast. thanks..... so 5 stars only for ROGUE ASSAULT not for the MENA version.
Ameer A 2020-10-24

This game is a money sucker, I spent months of crazy playing and in game purchasing for over 500 $ in addition to paid subscription thinking that at least I would be able to enjoy the game with a powerful troop. But I only found that the game require more and more money as you progress to develop one buliding you will need hundreds of milions (good luck gathering that even with real money!) . To make it worse they now removed the only event that helps you gather resources.
Fawad Ahmed 2020-02-28

There is some kind of issue with this game. Don\'t know how to change language and it takes too much time to load
Ahmed Sherif 2020-08-01

I lost my Level 12 base after 3 years ,some player logged to my account from Russia and spent my gold and rewards and changed my base after I did play and spend a lot of money , now I log and see level 4 player, can\'t see my base anymore, sent over 15 email to babil support they ignore more than reply, and they didn\'t solve anything and all they did is helped to lose my base forever, I am very sad that Kixeye no longer support this game . Never spend Money in this game take care