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Description of ASTRO File Manager & Cleaner

ASTRO File Manager & Cleaner is the all-in-one app to organize, move, and back up your files easily and clean up your android phone’s memory. It has a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and simple folder management of your internal, external, and cloud storages. ASTRO is being used by 150M+ users worldwide since 2009. ASTRO Organizer is free to use and has no advertising!

Control all your digital files with ASTRO FILE MANAGER & CLEANER

File Explorer

It doesn’t have to be a hassle to organize your files. ASTRO File Manager allows you to:

• Move, copy, share, rename, files on internal storage, SD card, and cloud space with its file explorer.

• Sort and categorize files: Have fast access to all of your files on internal and external memory space. Manage your folders effectively with this android file organizer and browser!

• Easily explore all your images, tools, videos, music, apps, and recent folders from the home screen.

• Manage downloads: view which files were recently downloaded and move them to a different folder.

Storage Cleaner for free

Not enough storage space on your phone for all your favorite apps and games? With the ASTRO File Manager Cleaner you can:

• Free your android phone memory with recommendations for deleting folders and files consuming memory usage.

• Sort and organize files by size and find out which of them are taking up the most space.

• Backup important photos and files with this data manager: securely move, copy and backup files to SD cards or any safe cloud space and clean your storage space.

Storage Manager & File Organizer

Expand your phone storage and manage your cloud accounts. This free manager allows you to:

• Make the most out of your cloud storages and manage them all together in one app!

• Connect, share, and sync up all your favorite cloud tools: Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex Cloud, and soon more!

• Manage apps: easily backup apps to your SD card, easily restore all your apps after a factory reset or delete multiple apps.

ASTRO File Manager is one of the best free file managers for Android. It allows local and cloud storage management and lets you organize files between internal memory, MicroSD, and supports all major cloud services. Also, it combines your data file manager for both online and local. It provides a file explorer that can easily clean and delete any unwanted app or folder, giving clear information about performance and data usage.

Download this browser and file manager and enjoy the comfort of having a user-friendly file commander and storage management app for free!

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More Information Of ASTRO File Manager & Cleaner

lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:8.9.0 Publish Date:2022-03-12 Developer:data.ai Basics

User Reviews


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Philip Jones 2019-05-01

Used to be a brilliant file manager but this got to be too boring for the developers so it got more and more unneeded -\'features\' which made it harder to get to the core of the app. Then with android O it stopped saving to smb shares. Now with android P it won\'t run unless you agree to a very permissive (Lack of?) Privacy Policy. So I\'m off! It was a privilege to use you when you was in your prime but I\'m afraid you\'ve changed and we are just not compatible any more.
Lance Faure 2019-08-19

Decided to download and try this against my favorite ES File Explorer for LAN streaming there is no comparison this app couldn\'t even connect to my Synology media server nor Plex media server nor has a LAN scan feature for finding servers on my network. And when launching the app the splash screen stays up for at least 30 seconds before any file resources are displayed. And this app is award winning? - what a joke...uninstalling... just another s***** Android file manager.
Bert Singels 2020-08-11

This Used to be a good app, NOT ANYMORE! They ask if you Allow them to collect your data, but if you click \"I don\'t want this\" they come back with \"We need market data to keep our business running you can continue or go back and reconsider\" and then only give you the option to click \"I agree\" to let them gather your data or hit the blue square to be asked the same question. No matter what you will not be able to use the app without Agreeing to have your data collected.
A Google user 2019-02-10

Should be labeled as spyware. No ads, BUT: Zero privacy - look at app permissions.. At first running, if you don\'t \"Agree\" for the app to be able to do carte blanche, you\'re prevented from proceeding, in Astro\'s own words: \"We need market data to continue our business.\"
Merlyn Kräutermädchen 2019-02-26

had this file explorer for years, always worked great until recently. it can\'t access the internal memory of my android 9 device anymore, it can\'t copy/move files from my sd card to a network storage anymore too. i can\'t seem to find the root of this problem, the app has all permissions it needs. as of now it\'s unusable for me and i have to switch to another file explorer with a sad eye.
Camron Dunn, LMT 2020-12-09

Has been a good way to manage files and apps - move from internal storage to SD card. I just opened the app and was redirected to the new TOS. Pretty invasive it seems to me. Nobody needs to know my location or what apps I use or what websites I visit unless there is a direct reason for it. A file manager definitely does NOT need that information. Uninstalling. Too bad as you DID have a good app. Alas, it seems more and more app devs feel it is ok to harvest and sell our information.
Neal Bierbaum 2021-02-22

Warning. This app now requires that it can track and monetize all of your tablet app usage! I have used this app intermittemtly for several years. It was reasonably functional. Then I just opened it after an update and it took me to a page that said it wanted track all of the app usage on my tablet. I could say no, but then it took me to another page that could only be exited by agreeing to this tracking. Obviously I can accept ads to pay the developer - but agreeing to spyware? Uninstalled.
Dalton A. 2020-10-25

Can\'t get past the \"we need to read your personal info to help better our program bla bla bla\" screen. Plenty of apps can run ads to support their free apps w/o such invasion. The fact your company won\'t even allow less invasive ads or (and even better) give a 30 day, hell, even 7 day trial and THEN allow an in-app purchase to turn off ads completely SPEAKS VOLUMES as to your companies attitude towards safety, security, and moral compass when it comes to making money in keep the app going.
Charles Hockenbury 2019-08-16

Used to be the best of the best, now they have decided to take and collect mobile data and share it with whoever pays them enough to be a \"trusted client\" under the guise of mobile data research. this INCLUDES data OUTSIDE of their own application. This includes things like how you use your phone, how many calls and texts you get, how many apps you have and how long you spend in each one.
John 2020-11-02

Wants to collect private info when I installed it and won\'t continue unless I agree. I even had to use a task manager to get out of the install screen back to the play store comment then uninstall. Too bad, had it on on older phone it worked good for what I wanted to use it for now but wasn\'t nosey and security risk as much back then.