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Description of Astrodox Astrology

ASTRODOX is an astrology app based on latest NASA Ephemeris DE436 (2017 update).

This astrology software is brand new. It is developed for astrologers by astrologers and made for everyday practice.

Our application has user-friendly interface, neat appearance and handy menu. It is designed for quick use on mobile and tablet with one hand. Now you can cast a chart in a minite!

Preferences and functions:

• Atlas with 150,000+ locations from around the world, and newest timezone database (2017 update).

• Fast and easy enter of birth data.

• Customize font and interface sizes. Customize chart style and colors. Edit planets, houses, aspects and orbs shown on chart.

• Astrology ephemeris range 1900 to 2999 for following planets and points: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus , Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Lunar Nodes (true), Lilith (mean). Additional ephemeris will be available for download in future versions.

• Major and minor aspects: 0°, 30°, 40°, 45°, 60°, 72°, 80°, 90°, 120°, 135°, 144°, 150°, 180° with option to select what you need.

• House systems: Placidus, Equal, Koch, Equal (Asc), Equal (MC), Morinus, Meridian, without houses.

• Customize display of applying and separating aspects. Show exactness of aspects.

• Aspect table, Coordinates table, Elements and qualities table.

• Switch between tables by sliding.

• Convenient Database (includes examples: charts of celebrities).

• Natal Chart (Radix) and other astrological charts: Transit Chart, Secondary Progressed Chart, Directions.

• Time dynamics for background and foreground data. You can step birth data by minute with open Transits, Progressions and Directions using it for rectification.

We are developing app, and we have a lot of work to do. So we are open for discussion. Your comments and advice would be appreciated. Please send us bug reports, your ideas and wishes via review on Google Play, e-mail or contacts in Settings in app. Thank you!

We wish you good luck and insights in your astrology work!

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:1.5 Publish Date:2021-07-17 Developer:Astrodox Team

User Reviews


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Kyle Hacker 2020-12-07

Wonderful, incredibly useful, easy to read!!!
Rhonda Egan 2019-04-26

This app is a JOKE! It shows you a map where the stars are now. WHOOPIE DO! It wont let you do anything, including Entering/Saving /Editing. Unless, you upgrade, then it may be of use? Seriously there are Better sites that are REALLY FREE!!!+}
Pip HP Backup 2020-11-01

Any update on this app to include Juno? Do reply. Thanks. No update for 18months ago.
LG Lincoln 2018-11-22

I gave you five stars, took them away because I did not understand the permissions. Now I do, so here are your 5 stars back. The thing I like so much is a nice clean look, also the adility to export the charts in various forms. Thanks for the hard work and common sense.
Aniyo Whos 2020-04-24

Couldn\'t find the reason for paying?! There are so many apps where you can get everything free (planetdance astrology for example) including prediction astrology, plus astrological tools that this one doesn\'t support - ayanamsha correction for example which is different world for people studying Vedic!
Kurt Shaffer 2019-01-31

Was hoping this could give me Sidereal. Also how on earth do I even create a new chart?!
Emery Clark 2019-06-03

few issues but I cant live without it. somewhat of a learning curve to use the app but once you get the hang of it it works well. still some russian text not translated yet but regular updates are nice. ive been subscribing for about a year now at $2/month. worth it. waiting for more features and id pay $5/month. professional grade for when i cant be at the computer. animate feature is nice as is the wheel and ui customizations. would like to see a \"dark mode\". good job, highly recommended
Audrey Barria 2020-11-22

I\'ve spent AGES trying to figure this app out and it\'s not use friendly at all!! and when I was trying to put my birth place in, it wouldn\'t show the state I live in. there\'s so many better apps. I recommend UpAstro instead. a much better one <3
Susan H 2018-03-26

Beautiful, pro-grade app with ethical challenges. When people entrust me with their birth data, I need to know it is secure. Website link comes back to Google Play site. I had to hunt online for info on developers. Never found names, just a PO Box in Moscow. I won\'t use app until developers\' credentials and birth data security are verified and transparent. Hope to have that soon- it\'s an amazing app.
Allen Drake 2018-10-07

Fantastic! I can track transits on my phone and do quick natal charts and elections for friends with the free functions. Clean and functional.