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Description of Astrological Charts Lite

Astrological Charts Lite is astrological program for Android, which reports 12 types of astrological charts, contains, besides planets in free version , 13 asteroids and 23 fictitious points, including trans-Neptunian, and several lots in full and pro version.

There is a choice of 11 house systems, 22 types of aspect with customizable orbs (in full and pro version) and database of about 100000 places with specified time zones, so the difference with GMT is determined automatically, besides, you can add new place.

The program calculates exact dates of triggering aspects, periods of aspects by orb, moments of sign changes, lunar phases, void of course Moon, midpoints (in full and pro version) and planetary hours in menu of main page. There are Tropical and Sidereal zodiac in program.

There are interpretations of natal planets in zodiac signs, in houses and in retrograde state, transit planets in natal houses, natal aspects, from transit to natal aspects, synastry aspects, natal Ascendent and houses in signs in app.

Chart types:

- Transit/Natal one radix chart

- Natal + Transit dual radix chart

- Synastry (by selected natal data 1 and 2)

- Secondary Progressions (natal chart + 1 day = 1 year delta between selected natal data and specified transit data)

- Zodiacal Directions (natal chart + 1° = 1 year delta between selected natal data and specified transit data)

- Solar returns ( !!! In Full version - Solar and Lunar returns and in Pro version - returns of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn !!! )


In Full and Pro version:

- Directions for Arcs of the Sun, the Moon or a planet (natal chart + planet distance traveled in degrees for 1 day = 1 year delta between selected natal data and specified transit data)

- Profections (natal chart + 30° = 1 year delta between selected natal data and specified transit data)

- Lunar Phase (by selected natal data and specified transit data from which return dates are calculated)

- Composite (by selected natal data 1 and 2)

- Middle (by selected natal data 1 and 2)

- Harmonics (by selected natal data or specified transit data)

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:10.3 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:rs-astro-dev

User Reviews


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bilal ahmad 2019-06-19

This is a really great app. i use many astrological apps but this is really great i love its accuracy and easy to use,
Ghanshyam Singh 2018-11-13

It stopped all of sudden and not working at all there after
mamaboo cee 2018-09-13

Works flawlessly on my note 9. I study astrology and this app has it all. Progressions, transits, you name it. The only thing I would like would be a nighttime mode with a less bright screen, the graphics could be amped up, but this app is good without the fancy graphics. This review is for the free version, but if you decide to pay money for full or pro versions, it is money well spent! Kudos to the devs! SUPPORT THIS DEV! I AM PURCHASING THE PRO VERSION!
Rose Pedler 2019-09-05

This app is the very best of astrology apps, & I have tried most of them. What impresses me is the accuracy of the charts, plus how easy & intuitive it is to use. I\'d been considering buying a small laptop or tablet just to use for Evolutionary Astrology (Porphory house system) but this app ticks all the boxes, especially how easy it is to check the aspects for each planet on a chart. Very customisable, & money well spent. Thanks to the developer.
Melanie Storey 2020-02-13

I really like the aspect calendar, and appreciate that it has decent interpretations built in already. I also like the sign and house change calculator, and the fixed star calculator. This app is also great for organizing your own astrology notes.
Rima Wassouf 2019-11-01

Great app. Very accurate and easy to use. But I want to ask you about the time a planet stations and retrogrades. I noticed a day delay between the actual time for retrograde and what the chart shows. For instance Mercury retrogades today but that isn\'t shown on the chart until tomorrow. Can you help me with that ?
BigHenFor 2019-01-29

This is a free limited demo for the Full and Pro versions. With that in mind, I\'m impressed with what it does offer. It is a functional app, a workhorse. There is no help file but, neither is there any padding. Every element of the app does it\'s job well. The price for the Full and Pro versions are high for Android, but dead cheap in comparison with its desktop peers. If there is the ability to print and export charts, with ongoing updates I might just treat myself in the future.
Arun Arora 2020-06-21

Tremendous effort by the developers. But Table of aspects can\'t be enabled to be zoomed in. So hard to read. Secondly, for widening aspects, > and for closing in aspects, < symbol should be used. Or you can use +/- resp. But you are using the other way round. Hope you take it positively. All the best.
Mardana Nanak 2021-01-01

No cloud storage. No Galactic Center fiducial. Not the easiest thing to use. And I\'m a professional astrologer and programmer. The developer has responded, and suggested some ways to further make use of their program, which I will try out.
Rosanne Spa 2020-05-23

I wanted to see my natal chart but all I could see was Donald Trumps etc. I didn\'t find it easy to navigate.