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Description of Astrology Ephemeris

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- Astrology ephemeris of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, North Node and Lilith.

- The app detects location and shows astrological houses.

- Chart and moon phases of the selected date.

- All ephemeris with planet and sign symbols. From year 1582 to 2399.

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:0.7 Publish Date:2022-06-03 Developer:Spinsoft

User Reviews


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Marc 2015-11-07

Precise chart of the moment It takes a bit getting used to the universal time zone = GMT instead of local time. I would also like to zoom out and into the charts as we do when we look at photos, by pinching and separating fingers. This app also does moon phases, great, thank you. When can we buy a version free of advertising? For Scorpio can you change Esc to Sco please?
A Google user 2016-02-07

Nice Straightforward ephemeris. You have to remember to adjust for your timezone and DST on your end. It only shows info for the moment you open app. Can\'t view previous or future time info. I wish it had data on moon void-of-course, I\'d pay for this app if it attended to last two items in this review! ☺
Freeman Presson 2016-02-29

Easy-to-use, accurate Simple and easy. I would really like to have a control to hop back and forth as easily as flipping pages. It\'s also painful for traditional astrologers, since you can\'t filter out the outer planets and asteroids.
Sharon Buker 2019-03-08

I use this program often for various references. I garden, & dabble in astrology. Also people watch. If you want to know where the planets are & what they\'re doing, this THE APP! It\'s precision tuned & user friendly. I have recomended this to family & friends. Best app of this type. Precise 360° ! btw, my humble thanks to the developer!
Alexandra dB 2017-06-20

The Universal Time takes a little getting used to, but it\'s very accurate (I\'ve compared it to my Solar Fire program), and easy to use. For a quick check of a chart or Astro-weather forecast, it can\'t be beat. Highly recommend. Never any issues. Droid User.
phanibhusan nath 2015-11-25

Not for Indian Astrologer. Though nice and cool application but not suitable for Indian Astrologer. If Ayanamsa deducted (Lahiri ayanamsha) is also included in the application.
A Google user 2018-11-10

I totally love the quick and simpleness in it. Just sorta confused on the house system bit. Bec when I tried each, they didn\'t exactly change much. But, maybe it\'s just me. I haven\'t studied other than placidus and whole house. I love the fact that it\'s in a black background bec I\'m wearing glasses and I need less exposure to bright surface. So, that\'s totally a plus from me! One thing I\'d totally love is the option to put asteroids and maybe a synastry. I often check for my ownt transit with progression and solar arc. Kinda miss it from this app. But, can\'t be bothered to open it on the web. I just love it here!! Good job!!!
Bakari B. 2018-04-29

This seems to be a detailed ephemeris, with good options for house types.. but is there a way to set one\'s local time zone? because it\'s UT only, house placements can be WAY off... add a time zone selection method, and this app will be worth 5 stars...
A Google user 2020-01-05

Very good app. But it is not respond to GPRS or location. Even when manual information on location is given. You also need to allow to indicate north or south for the latitude, as well as East and West for longitude for manual input. Then it becomes the best Astro app in the world. I am an astrologer with 40 years experience. Thanks There is need to show in their quarters rather than new and full moon alone, including their degrees. Still a good ephemeris. I am still using it, very good
Anne Windsor 2015-11-07

Excellent Tool Enjoy using this throughout the day as a pro astrologer. Most importantly it is accurate. Since it uses GPS the positions and house cusps are right on the money. Would like to see some additional options: 1/ Koch houses. 2/ Correction for DST -- the US does not follow the same dates to switch on/off DST as Great Britain. 3/Easy cut/paste. Considering that I was hand calculating charts 20 years ago I am most appreciative to the developers. Gold stars all around!