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Description of Astrology Master

Astrology Master is an advanced free astrology program / application that takes NASA data, shows the locations of the planets, and computes astrology charts and reports that compute with the help of various astrological formulas.

The program is prepared with the logic of astrology as a professional and it is a unique source for those interested in astrology. The application is very easy to use. You can easily create reports, read comments and print out if you wish. Astrology is also suitable for those who want to progress and learn.

In the Astrology Master application, the user can make various calculations by entering the information of the people to do the calculation. You can use the same information in different places by saving the contacts you look for in your account and you do not have to enter the contact information again and again.

The Astrology Master program is not a simple astrology application, it is an advanced application that provides more in-depth calculation and analysis. In practice, natal chart, transit chart, progress chart, synastry relationship chart, sabians symbols, planetly hours, chart of the now and a glossary of terms.

You can select the desired date on the charts for transit, progress and now. In this way, you can get daily personal astrology comments or look at the charts of a different history.

Astrology Master is an ideal helper for those who want to do astrological calculations thanks to their fast and accurate results.

Astrology Master has been tested with the help of professional astrologers and has a highly developed user experience and ease of use.

It helps to develop advanced charts based on different criteria and systems with advanced calculation techniques.

You can also easily export the resulting results, comments, charts to pdf.

Hope you can help in your studies ...

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:4.2.5 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Sistemkod

User Reviews


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Ulrika \'Elide\' Kuylenstjerna 2019-12-02

Brags that it\'s the preferred app of professionals and asks for a review immediately after a mandatory sign up to use the app the first time. Loud video ads that pop up and ruin immersion. You can pay to remove them, not a one time fee but a monthly one. Instant uninstall. Vote with your buck and don\'t support grifters.
Kymbrlee Oden 2019-06-07

The app is okay. I\'ve had no problems so far and ive had it for about 2 hours. I\'m only leaving a review to say that the creator of this app is sassy in the replies to the reviews here. Pretty funny in my opinion. But just saying, if you want people to support your app and say good things about it, you might wanna try being a little more helpful and a little less sarcastic and rude.
Beck pencapchew 2020-05-19

This app is amazing. So detailed and accurate. I love that each aspect is explained in detail. It gives you the positives but also the negative traits we all like to avoid sometimes. I\'m just really impressed with the layout, simplicity and detail. The time and effort put into the interpretations is telling. Thanks for making such an awesome app 😁
Ari Keeper 2019-10-08

I just got this app, and wow wow wow! Its aesthetic is gorgeous, it\'s smooth and logical to navigate and the the depth/complexity of the info offered is awesome. definitely will be keeping and using it. UPDATE 10/8: I use this app almost every day, and I love it so much, I don\'t even mind the ads. I can\'t believe an app w this much info is free! So useful, I have all my fam and friends\' natal charts at my fingertips.
Layla Yankle 2020-03-03

Wonderful and accurate app! Thank you so much for creating an app that brings super helpful info regarding how my natal and progression charts relate as well as how current transits influence each of them... I am adept in the field of Astrology, however, no matter how extensive my ability is to interpret natal and transits relation to them, I could never create progression, solar return, Sunastry, etc charts that include accurate planetary and Luminary placements this quickly 👏👏👏 Thank you !!
krista capstin 2020-01-03

I love this app!! It has helped me understand my birty chart and gives me so much information about myself! It\'s kinda mindblowing to see how accurate it is! You should definitely try this if you want to learn more about your Birth Chart!
Samantha H 2020-11-08

I really love this app, but my natal chart doesn\'t load anymore. All of the other charts load fine. I\'ve logged out and back in, cleared the cache, changed my password, deleted and redid my profile and I still can\'t get it to load. 😔
Shoshana Bochner 2020-12-29

EDITED REVIEW: they\'ve fixed the bug and it\'s a nice app. the progressed chart is missing some interpretations but it\'s a solid app and I think I\'ll keep it for now. reporting a bug; my first house is listed as both Sagittarius and Scorpio in a chart. it\'s definitely Sagittarius in the illustrated chart, but in the ascendant description it says Scorpio. I\'m using the whole house system. I\'ve reported it thru the app but they\'ve ignored my email...
Adam Stephens 2020-06-08

I was asked to write a review of the app prior to engaging with it in any capacity. Minimum rating. Then I get to look. Sabian symbols? 😓 But it gets worse. First thing I notice in the first chart I pull up is Chiron. 😒🙄 Seriously? However, the app earns a star for calculating planetary hours. That\'s awesome. Everything else is Modern BS Astrology. Go read a book. Preferredly one written prior to the 17th century.
Amy Hitchcock 2020-06-15

The content is very detailed compared to most astrology apps. Some of the content is a little confusing though. For example, the synastry info. I am no expert, so I found it difficult to consistently tell what info belonged to whom. My only other issue is the amount/frequency of ads. While I understand their purpose, having them pop up every single time a selection is made is extremely excessive. Overall, the pros do outweigh the cons for me, and I will continue to use the app.